What is a sachet?

Being interested in what a sachet is,that this word came to us from France. And it is true! After all, in French, "sachet" is a bag or sachet. But what it fills depends on the purpose of the sachet itself. Bags, once invented by the French to flavor their home, came into use by many wishing to approach nature, to feel the scents of fields and forests. It is enough to fill with pleasantly smelling herbs and enjoy.

Sasha for the aromatization of bed or room

For those who want as a flavoruse only natural herbs and essential oils, can make the original cut, embroidered or with a pattern of small sachets. They do not need to be hidden, such sachets can become a part of the interior.

Sachet for repelling moths

The design of such a sachet does not have to be exquisite. The main thing is that the filling should be from dried lavender, so that the bag would exude a pleasant aroma.

Sasha as an amulet

Since ancient times, sachets have been used for these purposes,made of leather and often not only hung at the entrance to the house or near the marital bed, but also sewn into clothes. So people drove away evil spirits, protected from evil eye and diseases. Today, too, you can find protective sachets-amulets, made by hand by people who believe in the power of herbs and dried flowers.

Sasha is usually bought ready-made, which are made by skilled hands, from skilled workers, or people studying the benefits of herbs. Someone prepares a sachet for himself.

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