What is a flame, why do people flame?

Communication on the Internet involves a certain amount of freedom and impunity, and many users abuse it. At the same time, everything begins with erratic messages on forums and blogs, in comments, and at some point a moderator appears and demands to stop the flame. What are we talking about? What is a flame, how does it differ from flooding and offtopic?

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The subtleties of networking

Despite the apparent freedom, without rules on the Internet would begin a real chaos. Mindless messages and mutual insults already form a solid part of the network life. At the same time there are universal principles of communication, and also each network resource specifies its own rules that must be followed.

What is a flame? In the overwhelming majority of cases, this is the name of a heated discussion, in which no one pays attention to propriety. Most often, such discussions arise under provocative articles or blog posts with a large number of subscribers.

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What is a flame?

The concept itself came to us from the English-language Internet, when the discussion begins the classic “controversy for the sake of controversy”, with the transition to the individual and a pronounced desire to outperform the opponent by any parameter. In this case, trolling, as such, does not necessarily take place - often we are talking about purely emotional perception, flavored with mutual insults.

The definition of flame itself, the meaning of which is usually translated as “flame,” quite accurately expresses the essence of the heated discussions that arise. In the overwhelming majority of cases, the cause of the quarrel does not concern the topic of fasting, it arises spontaneously. The reason may be personal insult, political or religious differences, artistic tastes, age, education, and anything else.

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Flame or flood?

The most common feature of the Runet can be called the metamorphosis of terms. We often value flows from one concept to another and in fact replaces it. What is a flame? If you ask the younger generation, the majority of users will not even understand the meaning of the question and in search of an answer will open "Wikipedia".

Flood is called the indiscriminate sending of meaningless messages in order to quickly fill the information space. In fact, this is the usual network hooliganism.In Runet, the flame quickly became known as a flame; a kind of absorption of one term by another occurred. Now even special sections of forums created for non-thematic chatter are called “flood” or “fludilka”.

Why do people flame?

“Dispute for the sake of argument” arises for a special purpose only if it is started by trolls. In other cases, this is an expressive discussion, which rolls into mutual reproaches and attempts to "gain the upper hand" and "put someone in place." What does flame mean? If the original topic of discussion has already been forgotten, and the chaotic exchange of dubious arguments begins, then the best option for a painless exit is to close the browser tab. Why do people remain in dispute, even if they experience negative emotions?

Perhaps the whole thing in adrenaline attack and emotional arousal. In this case, the debaters often communicate anonymously and can afford frankly offensive statements. The feeling of own superiority, when someone managed to win in such a dispute or just crush the number of messages, like many users. It is not surprising that they want to repeat this feeling and get involved in new holivars.

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Polite offtop

Not every deviation from the topic flows into hot battles.The notion of “offtopic” (off topic English) in the academic sense includes both flame and flood. In RuNet, you can politely apologize and simultaneously discuss some topics that do not correspond to those stated in the topic. Someone else’s comment, the presence of all those involved in a non-thematic discussion of persons, or any other reason may lead to this. If the flame is like an uncontrollable flaming flame, then a calm, polite offtop resembles a lively conversation, in which the themes smoothly flow from one to another, forming an interesting conversation.

Methods of dealing with the flame

Despite the rules laid down for the majority of network resources, users regularly arrange disputes and discussions that may go beyond the limits of politeness. If the site is moderated, then the holivar is stopped by the moderator. In this case, the topic can be simply closed from the possibilities of commenting, or all inappropriate comments are deleted. In some cases, the topic is demolished entirely, along with the start-post.

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On holivarny anonymous communities, the opposite tactic is used. Since they were created specifically so that you can anonymously communicate on any topic,This moderation is carried out exclusively nominally. Flashing discussions unfold without interference and sooner or later burn out. The direct meaning of the word “flame” is a flame, and any fire goes out when there is nothing to burn. Here comes the human factor. No one can take part in online disassembly around the clock with unrelenting heat, I want to eat, sleep, need to go to school or work. Debaters diverge, and the conflict fades away by itself.

Finally, ordinary users can take part in the elimination of the flame. First of all, it is better not to get involved in such heated discussions - the less a person participates, the easier it is to stop the quarrel. While emotions are not overwhelmed, the voice of reason is still heard, but everything is heading for holivaru, you can simply call on all those present to stop. It doesn't always work, but it's worth a try. Finally, you can not wait until the administration independently detects the problem, but use the special function “Report a comment” or simply call the moderator in the subject with a personal message.

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