What is a decade?

Alexander Smaznev
Alexander Smaznev
January 25, 2015
What is a decade?

Listening to the weather forecast, we often encounter, for example, the expression: "The frost will only weaken by the beginning of the second decade of January." Some people who are not well aware of the meaning of borrowed foreign words begin to ask themselves and others questions: "What is a decade?"

Decade: definition

A decade is a period of time equal to ten days (sometimes ten years). The word "decade" comes from the Greek word "decados", which translated into Russian means "ten". Thus, it turns out that each month consists of three decades. And the speaker's words that the frosts will stop at the beginning of the second decade of January mean that it will warm by January 11 - 12.

When they began to use the term "decade"

For the first time, instead of the seven-day week, they began to use the decade in France during the Great French Revolution (from 1793 to 1806). She was refused a seven-day week because she has a religious Christian background. This is in the biblical Book of Genesis, describing the creation of the world, there is a legend that God created the world for six days, and rested on the seventh.

After the revolutionary upheavals gradually subsided, people returned to the usual week, which has been used for centuries. However, in some areas of life, the term "decade" has been fixed and is still used.

Where the term "decade" is used

Most often, this term is used in the description of economic processes. A classic example: "The average rate on ruble deposits in the 3rd decade of December increased by 1.33%." Also, this term is often used to describe weather changes (an example was cited above) or social events lasting ten days: "A decade of the Russian language and literature has passed in many schools dedicated to the works of the poet A.S. Pushkin."

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