Why dream of tulips?

Igor Gorbatyuk
Igor Gorbatyuk
August 8, 2012
Why dream of tulips?

Tulips are the favorite flowers of many people. The appearance of tulips in a dream is usually not accidental and foreshadows the future. And the future, as a rule, is cloudless and bright, because tulips are very beautiful, delicate flowers. Most people associate them with spring and happiness.

Why dream of tulips?

  • Red tulips symbolize light feelings;
  • Yellow tulips can both symbolize separation from a loved one, and wealth;
  • If in a dream you see a whole field of tulips, it means that a certain event in your life will very soon touch your feelings, and very much;
  • If you are cutting or tearing a tulip in a dream, it means that you will have a very frank, but not very pleasant conversation;
  • If in a dream you admire a beautiful tulip, it means that your innermost desire will come true very soon;
  • If in a dream a person waters tulips, it means that frivolous feelings await him in life;
  • If you see a faded tulip, your plans will not come true;
  • Tulips in the house - usually to well-being.

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