Why dream of school and classmates?

Why dream of school? Many dreamers ask this question after waking up. Do such night dreams always mean memories of native walls in which almost all of your childhood passed? We will talk about this in our article.

To see school in a dream

Such a dream can have different meanings. For example, if the dreamer is a student, this means anxiety before the upcoming exam. To an adult, such a vision comes when he is not satisfied with the situation that occurred in his life. Perhaps he reproaches himself for not being wise and competent in solving a particular problem.

why dream of school

Also, such a dream can mean a feeling of insecurity and fear of the test. You are afraid to get down to business, about which you know practically nothing. In this case, the school personifies mistakes and warns that you should carefully consider every step.

What if in a dream you see a school and schoolchildren? This suggests that you are waiting for promotion on the career ladder.The educational institution in this case represents your desire to work and move on, in a new direction. The authorities will thank you for these positive qualities.

The appearance of the school

What dreams of school old and abandoned? This suggests that in the near future someone will teach you a lesson. Perhaps due to the fact that you can not grow up, the people around you and ganged up on you. Dream interpretation is advised to learn how to make adult decisions and stop falling into childhood. After all, such behavior you harm not only yourself but also your loved ones. It also means that there will be discord or quarrel in your family.

In your dream, did you see how the school suddenly caught fire? This means that you are waiting for trouble, which in the end will bring a good profit.

What if you watched the school build or finish building? This dream suggests that ahead of you is waiting for hard and useless work. Your works will not bring any income. Dream books are advised to think carefully before starting work.

In your dream, did you see how the school suddenly collapsed? This is a very good sign.Finally, all dreams will begin to come true, and you will move from a dead center. And all this will happen thanks to your dedication and ability to work. Apparently, it is because of these qualities that the higher forces decided to reward you according to merit.

Being in school

Why dream of a school in which he slept? If you are within the walls of your former school, then it means that you are saddening for a bygone youth.

what dreams of school and classmates

Have you visited a school in a dream that is unfamiliar to you? This means that in reality you risk making mistakes that will greatly complicate your life.

In your dream, did you get lost in the school? This means that you have not yet decided on life. Dream books are advised to stop listening to the opinions of others, even if people close to you. It's time to learn to make adult and independent decisions.

If you find yourself in the corridor of your school, but you feel that there have been obvious changes, then this indicates that serious changes are awaiting you in reality. Whether they are good or not depends on the emotions that have enveloped you in the dream.

What dreams of school, from which you are expelled? This means that soon you will ruin relationships with people around you.Perhaps the insult will be that you have never listened to the opinions and advice of other people. Dream interpretation advises to reckon with the decisions of others, otherwise the risk that you can be lonely for life, will be quite large.

what is the dream of a former school

In class

Why dream of school? If you dreamed of a class in which you cannot find your place, this means that you take on quite a lot. Apparently, so many problems fell on your shoulders that you stopped controlling them. Dream bookses are advised to take help from their loved ones and try to get some rest, otherwise depression and stress are not far off.

Do you see yourself as a student? This suggests that you want to feel the feelings that covered you during your first love. You may have a chance to fall in love again.

What if in a dream you dreamed about yourself as a teacher? This means that you will not need your education. We'll have to look for work in another higher paying field. Also, this dream may mean that you do not like the specialty that you received. Do not despair, because you can try yourself in other, more interesting projects.

What is the dream school in which the dreamer studied? If you see yourself in dreams, sitting at a desk, and there is a two in your diary, then soon you will receive a well-deserved punishment.

In a dream, it seemed, how do you fix mistakes in a notebook? This means that you are properly raising your child. It is thanks to you that he will grow up smart and secure.

Do you hold a pointer in your hand? This suggests that the person you were previously friends with will irritate you. Perhaps this is due to the increase in your teammate or his success on a personal front. Dream books are advised not to envy, because this person can come to your aid when difficult times come to your life.

What is the dream of school for an adult from whom he was expelled? This means that all your life you will be in the background. To fix this, try to be harder and more confident. This is especially true of people whose lives are fairly controlled from all sides. It's hard enough for you to say the cherished word "no." But this should be learned, and the sooner you do it, the better for you. Do not let strangers treat you like a servant.

In your dream, the teacher called you to the blackboard, and you do not know the lesson? This means that you give up your positions because of self-doubt. Also, this dream can be interpreted depending on some details. For example, if at the same time you felt confident and told a completely extraneous story, you can not worry, because soon everything will be fine. Well, if you were standing with your eyes down and you didn’t say a word, the result is unlikely to console you.

what dream school in which he studied

A very bad sign is a briefcase seen in a dream. That means you make a terrible mistake. Other school supplies have the same interpretation.

Why dream of a school you are late for? This indicates dissatisfaction on the part of your superiors. Also, such a vision can mean that you get into an awkward situation, because of which you have to blush.

If you are dreaming about an exam, it means your desire to get close to someone.

Did you attend the prom? This is a very good sign, promising good luck and happiness.

People who were at school during sleep

In your night vision, did you talk with the head teacher? This suggests that someone will teach you a lesson.

Why dream of school and classmates? This means that you remember the school and carefree years spent in the building of this educational institution. Also, this dream can talk about an early meeting with classmates.

Seeing the director means that your life is overly controlled. Perhaps this is your significant other or boss. Are you talking to him in a dream? This suggests that you have a great chance to get a promotion.

A large number of students dream of troubles and problems.

If in your dream you were watching students in black attire who were indoors, this means the death of the teacher.

In your dream you saw a former teacher? This means that you prefer a quiet and peaceful life.

why dream of school for an adult

The parent meeting in which you participate means a tense relationship with the boss.

Do you see yourself as a school employee? This indicates family problems. Dream books recommend spending more time in the circle of relatives and friends.

School years

If you dream of fragments from your school life, it means that you make a mistake in your work. Also this vision can be interpreted in a different way.Your naivety and childish gullibility can play a cruel joke. Dream books recommend becoming a little stricter and firmer

Have you dreamed that you were walking with your school love? This means that you have cooled to your second half. Such a dream personifies your desire to fall in love again.

Why dream of school and classmates who are discussing something vigorously? This means that in your life there is quite a lot of control from relatives and friends. Dream books are advised to be a little more independent, otherwise in life you are not destined to achieve something.


If in the school yard you have seen a huge number of noisy children, then this suggests that in reality you will experience serious fright.

why dream of school for an adult

At night, you dreamed how the schoolchildren abruptly ran to the lesson? Wait quarrels and scandals with households.

What if you saw yourself playing in the yard with schoolchildren? This means that you will soon climb the career ladder. Perhaps the proposal will arrive as soon as possible.

What dreams of a former school, in the courtyard of which the line runs? This means that a meeting will take place at work. For you, it will be just wonderful, because the authorities will lead you on as an example to other employees and, perhaps, will offer a promotion.


The dreamed educational institution always symbolizes our life, which consists of continuous lessons and lessons. In this school, we constantly learn about something interesting and comprehend some new peaks. In any case, such a dream is only a pleasure after waking up, because sometimes we want to remember those years when we had fun and gathered in the evenings with our classmates. I wish you successful dreams and more pleasant memories!

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