Why dream of death?

Vladislav Rogovsky
Vladislav Rogovsky
August 10, 2012
Why dream of death?

In many dream books at the same time consider several types of "death in a dream." Let's try to make out all kinds and finally find out why death is dreaming. If it was your death that dreamed up, then, in many dream books, this does not mean anything bad. For example, if we take the basis of the dream books of Dennis Lynn, Nostradamus, Vanga, we can say that you will live a long and, most likely, happy life. That is, your own "death" foreshadows the rebirth of your body, your soul. In general, there is a lot of your energy, therefore you, say so, are reborn. Many dream books speak about it.

What dreams about the death of loved ones

Let's now consider a dream with the death of your loved ones. There is a split of meaning. Maya, for example, said that if you saw the death of loved ones in a dream, then a curse lay on your loved ones. But, the Nostradamus dream book says that it symbolizes a long life for your loved ones. It all depends on you, your dream and your belief in this or that truth.

What dreams of death of man

Now let's talk about why you might dream of the death of a stranger to you. Esoteric dream book says that if you watched the death of a stranger, then it is time to philosophize about the meaning of life. It can also mean the death of old ideas and stereotypes. That is, the "death of a stranger" still shows you that it is worthwhile to conceive of life, your ideals and the foundation of your worldview. Maybe your ideology is built on erroneous ideas and ideals. But all the dream books say that if you dreamed of the death of a large number of people, then this could only mean some terrible epidemic that could take hundreds of lives. This is of course very unpleasant, but do not forget that this is just your dream, and it can even depend on the mood with which you went to bed or your personal problems. Do not try to find symbols and signs everywhere, unless, of course, you do not have prophetic dreams and you are not a prophet. To begin with, try to remember, maybe this is all you dreamed about because of your experiences. And contact the dream books only when you cannot give yourself a logical explanation for your dream.

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