What does the dream book say? Baby

Dreams, in which the baby dreams, worry, beforeall, women. Looking through a lot of dream books, you can be sure that the interpretation of such dreams basically has a favorable value, with a small exception, not differing in its interpretation.

If you look at any dream book, the baby is a sign of the birth of new beginnings, spiritual awareness, potential development, care, and care.

A newborn baby has dreamed up - very soon you will have a pleasant surprise or there may be a great surprise.

Sit at the crib with the newborn - pleasant troubles associated with family changes.

Feed the child - to troublesome affairs, which will bring moral satisfaction and material.

Breastfeeding - care and support.

The newborn girl is good friends, the boy is a new fan if the boy's head was clearly visible in the dream.

Bathing a baby - you will find a way out even from a difficult situation, emotional relief.

If you see a clean and well-groomed baby - unexpectedly you can please some event.

A beautiful and strong kid is a symbol of mutual love and strong friendship.

What else does the dream book say? The baby in his arms, whom you lull him, will take a lot of energy on the way to success.

Weeping baby - will have to solve small problems and can still mean health problems.

If you dream of a strange child - do not be tempted by provocations related to your kindness.

If you dreamed that your little child was dead, then everything will be the other way around. As the dream book says, the baby will recover.

A sick crying child should be kept on his knees - one must change his attitude to the world and the place in it.

We look further dream book. The baby is on his hands, he has a fever, he is sick - sadness and heartache.

Seeing yourself as a baby means that you can feel yourself helpless in a situation. Sleep warns against tackling those cases in which you do not understand much.

To see a small child of someone you know is to solve other people's problems.

Sleeping baby - you are trusting and shy onits nature. A dreamed child can talk about some of your naivety. A person with this perception of the world around him often has to face troubles in his life, as he sometimes behaves like a child, being already quite old. As the dream book interprets, the infant seen in a dream can not foreshadow events, but only indicate your attitude. In this case, sleep is a reflection of your personal traits. It is also likely that in your life something is happening much more successfully than you thought. Sleep in this case is a confirmation of successful real events.

If you are dreaming that you care for the baby and show warm feelings towards him, a new business is waiting for you and it will bear good results if you are patient.

Dream cradle with a child or without it - you have an excess of internal strength.

All time to see children in a dream - it is quite possible subconscious desire to give birth to a child.

But, as another dream book explains: an infant - when a man and a woman have a dream of the opposite sex, then men have a lack of softness, and women have a lack of stamina.

According to Ivanov's newest dream book, to see a newborn in a dream is a harbinger of a new idea. For mature men, such a dream means problems in business that they will solve with success.

If you, reading a dream book (the interpretation of dreams,baby), found not quite a pleasant interpretation of their sleep, then do not take all the interpretations literally. Maybe this is a kind of caution that needs to be taken into account. If you are superstitious, then you can take some steps to prevent a possible negative. And most importantly - do not think about the bad, do not program yourself for unpleasant events. Think only about the positive.

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