What does 3G mean?

In the age of high technology, communication does not stand still, it requires the emergence of new and new technologies. There is a third generation mobile communications. What does 3G mean in our fast-moving age?


3G is a high-speed mobile Internet access, a radically new approach to communication, access to information. The user will be able to understand what the Internet is 3G and now will not only communicate with his interlocutor, but also see him on the videophone. It is also possible to conduct business, conduct training and study for yourself, watch movies, and TV programs on a mobile phone.

An important element of 3G services will be business, mobile e-commerce - you can also pay for goods and services via a mobile phone. In addition, a program is being developed for medical diagnostics.

Commercial services require high-speed data. In this regard, the modernization of mobile communications is being carried out: instead of narrowband, broadband data transmission is used.

IP technology

IP technology is becoming the basis of mobile communications. This technology makes it possible to be constantly on-line, only the information received and transmitted will be paid for. Now paid connection time.

3G standards

There are 5 3G standards: IMT-2000 (DECT, UWC-136, UMTS / WCDMA, CDMA2000 / IMT-MC and TD-CDMA / TD-SCDMA (China’s own standard)). Now, basically, two 3G standards are used: CDMA2000 and UMTS (or W-CDMA). CDMA2000 is common in Asia and the USA, and UMTS is in Europe.

Currently, there are 3G networks in Europe in test versions, and they operate in Asia and the USA. But, the most impressive success in 3G was achieved in Japan.

In the third generation mobile communication systems, global unified standards work:

  • voice quality is comparable to wired networks,
  • communication security is comparable to wired networks,
  • roaming,
  • support of local as well as international operators,
  • packet and channel switching,
  • efficient use of the frequency spectrum
  • increasing the transmission speed up to 2 Mbit / s,
  • interaction with satellite communications.

3G in the tablet

In order to understand what 3G means in a tablet, one must have either a built-in 3G module or connect to a 3G modem.

If there is a built-in module in the tablet, then it is enough just to get a SIM card, enter into an agreement with the operator to connect this service for the type of tablet that is available.

If there is no 3G module, then a 3G modem is purchased separately and connected.It is difficult to make it on your own, it is better for a specialist to do this.

Iphone 3G

IPhone 3G is not only the name of the new device, but also a larger amount of memory, it is GPS (the ability to see geographically its position on the map), and higher speed of work with the Internet.

Now you know what 3G means. Unfortunately, while 3G is not available everywhere, but in the near future this high-speed transmission will definitely become available to everyone.

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