What do guys think about us?

Yana Merichenko
Yana Merichenko
July 9, 2014
What do guys think about us?

Many girls dream of meeting with the perfect man: reliable, intelligent, loving. But few people think that men also put special priorities in the search for their darling, often guided by unpleasant stereotypes for women. So what do guys think of us?

Stereotype 1: Girls are vulgar and easily accessible

Some of the fair sex unduly pay attention to their appearance, putting on open vulgar outfits in the hope of seducing a wealthy man. Unfortunately, based on the behavior of "glamorous beauties" men make conclusions about all the girls in general.

Stereotype 2: Girls love to make trouble

A strong half of humanity claims that women have forgotten how to love. The lack of deep feelings in lovely ladies often leads to quarrels in family life. In the opinion of men, women sometimes complicate simple problems and discuss things that have no special meaning for too long. Often, girls put pressure on men, not interested in their opinion: do this, do this.

Stereotype 3: Different Thinking

Basically, a man can think and do only one thing at a time, and girls, on the contrary, do several things. Recall, for example, how a girl drives a car while at the same time holding the wheel, putting lipstick on her lips and talking on the phone. Why is this happening? When thinking, women use both hemispheres of the brain and therefore cope with several things at once. The only minus of such a whole brain activity is that many girls cannot instantly tell where is left and where is right.

Stereotype 4: Girls talk a lot

Girls can talk on the phone for hours and gossip with their girlfriends. The fact is that women need to share what is happening in their lives, they are not so much waiting for advice, but simply speaking out. Women are much more emotional than men, in addition, they have a more extensive vocabulary. In this regard, we need to talk and communicate more acutely than men. There is nothing wrong with that.

Stereotype 5: Finding a good hostess has become difficult

Another unpleasant statement of men is that many girls do not know how to cook and are absolutely not accustomed to domestic duties. But everyone knows the old wise saying: "The path to the heart of a man lies through the stomach."Strange as it may sound, in the twenty-first century, a man forgot about delicious dinners, being content with convenience foods and a bit tired scrambled eggs for breakfast. A neatly ironed shirt in the eyes of the guy is a kind of rarity.

We are all different, so you just have to be yourself and accept the man as he is. In relationships, the most important thing is sincere feelings, because they destroy all prejudices.

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