What eat butterflies?

Perebasova Evgenia
Perebasova Evgenia
June 20, 2012
What eat butterflies?

Butterflies are the most amazing insects. The life periods of a butterfly are described in the article: How many butterflies live? The same article about what butterflies eat.

Most butterflies feed on the nectars of flowering plants, some of the juice of overripe fruits, moist mineral clay or charcoal, urine, and animal and human excrement. There are even predatory butterflies. Some butterflies do not eat at all due to the absence of a proboscis, they consume the accumulated caterpillar energy.

Before that, we talked about butterflies in the wild, and as for the “domestic” exotic species, they will be happy for sweet nectar, read the recipe below. However, it is worth relying on the diet of your particular butterfly species.

Homemade nectar: ​​recipe

Mix 2 teaspoons of water (room temperature) with 1/5 of the same spoon of honey / sugar, you can add pieces of juicy fruit. Feed the butterfly should be once a day.

You can also give pieces of overripe or rotted fruit, let's just the middle, as the fruit is often treated with insect chemicals.From fruit any juicy fruit will do, but those fruits that grow geographically in the homeland of your butterfly are better.

Now you know how to answer your child the question about what butterflies eat and how to feed your new pet. Let it bring you only bright emotions!

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