What are values?

Every cultured and educated person knows what is of particular value, both in his life and in the life of society as a whole. The word "value" is akin to the concept of "price." Many people have the following associations: value is something that has a price. Therefore, even the child does not need to explain what values ​​are in a person’s life.

Qualities of values

Any value has several qualities that make it truly so. This is the importance, benefit, significance of any subject. The more they are, the higher its value. For example, take a simple spoon. If it is not made of silver, then it has less material value. But without a spoon you will not be able to eat soup, so it has great value during lunch. From here we conclude that the value is tied to the situation, time and place. To make it clearer what the value means depending on the area, consider simple water. On the banks of a large river, its value is small, because there is a lot of it. And in the desert, the value of water rises tremendously!

Cultural values

Cultural values ​​also have a very strong link to the locality, more precisely, to the country in which they were born. Therefore, each state precisely defines with its legislative acts what cultural values ​​are, what applies to them, how they can be exhibited, sold and so on. Cultural values ​​include works of art, architecture and sculpture. It also includes antiquities, antiquities, poetry, literature, painting, and others. Cultural value is even any science and its achievements. Arguing about what relates to values, it is impossible not to note the phenomena that exist for a very short time - performances, performances, shows, choreography and ballet, as well as cinema, animation. Explain what the values ​​of culture can be as follows. Everything created for the spiritual development of a person is a cultural value. For example, icons were created for spiritual enlightenment. They, even modern ones, have great cultural value. Pushkin's books will always be of cultural value. And what about the books of the authors who appear on the shelves of the stores and in a month even those shelves forget about them? They will never be of any value.

Material values

A simple man in the street is very well aware of what material values ​​are. This is all that belongs to a particular person. Remember in "Ivan Vasilich changes profession"? "Suede jacket - three, imported tape - three." This is the material of Shpak. Everyone has their own. An apartment, a car, everything that was bought inside the apartment, clothes, shoes, all this relates to the material values ​​of a person. State material values ​​can be attributed to factories, factories, buildings, minerals, which are mined in the depths of state land. And what is this - the land itself, water, rivers, seas, meadows, forests, fossils? These are natural resources, which also belong to material.

Spiritual values

Of particular importance for a person, as for a person, are spiritual values. This kindness, love, sympathy, self-sacrifice, respect, faith in the best, as well as in God for believers, are all spiritual values, without which a person cannot live. They bring him into a harmonious relationship with others, give meaning to his life. No living being can understand what spiritual values ​​are. This is the most beautiful thing a person has.Those who are deprived of them end up either in the dock or outcasts of society.

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