What is arah?

February 4, 2015
What is arah?

Many words in everyday life is almost impossible to hear. Some of these words can only be heard in certain areas of use. These words include the term "oras", which you will not hear in everyday speech.

Let us take a closer look at what are ory, and list them.

What does the word "ory" mean?

The word itself appeared a long time ago, and it is associated with Greek mythology and Olympus, where the gods Zeus, Hermes, and others lived. Translated from the Greek word "ory" means "times." The goddesses of the seasons were called Horams, who followed order in nature and were the gatekeepers of the divine gates of Olympus. They could open and close the gates of Olympus, as well as harness the horses of Helios.

The different nations inhabiting Greece at that time, the number of op could be different. This was due to what the local people preferred to read. In total, there are more than twenty in modern history. Here is a complete list of op:

  • Avkso, Evporia, Karpo, Orphosia, and Ferus were the oras and daughters of Zeus and Themis;
  • Arct, Disis and Mesembriada were the servants of the goddess Harmony;
  • Auga (Dawn), Acte, Anatolia (Sunrise), Hesperides, Gymnastics, Dicke, Evnomiya, Eiren, Mousik, Nymph (Ablution), Sponde (Retrieval), Fallot and Elete are also eras from ancient Greek mythology, but less well known the rest.

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