What are hiccups, features, disposal methods and recommendations

When some functional abnormalities occur with our body, it tries to inform about it as soon as possible. For example, a cough should signal the presence of infection in the airways, and an upset stomach and intestines tell us that something harmful has been eaten.

One of these warning signs is hiccups. There is such a belief among the people that if a person has hiccups, it means that someone remembers him. And if such a reaction arose from a young boy or girl, then they could not get rid of annoying relatives with their inquiries about their personal lives.

But what is hiccups really? Where does she come from and what is she talking about? You can find out about this by reading this article.

What is this phenomenon?

What is hiccups? This is a breathing disorder that occurs due to contraction of the muscles of the abdominal cavity and in particular the diaphragm.

Scientists who are supporters of evolutionary theory, explain its function by the fact that it is designed to eliminate excess air from the gastric cavity. Under normal circumstances of the body, this process should take place after reaching its goal. But unfortunately, this is not always the case. Often there are cases of pathological hiccups.

The main causes of this problem

The causes of hiccups in healthy people can be completely different. For example, hiccups can be a consequence of hypothermia, especially for young children, since homeostasis functions are still poorly developed in an unformed childhood organism and the immune system is not formed.

Hiccup is a true companion for overeating, because when you stretch the stomach it is such a protective reaction that works. Not excluded are those cases where hiccups result from irritation of certain nerves in the abdominal cavity.

A famous case of a similar problem was in a man named Charles Osborne, who had hiccups for almost seventy years, and very often. In his entire adult adult life, not a single minute passed when he had not experienced hiccups.

Also, long-term attacks can be the result of serious chronic diseases, including various inflammations and tumors. Well, and, probably, many faced with a situation when after drinking a certain amount of alcohol, they noted that they start hiccups. This suggests that the body is trying to cope with excess toxins trapped in it.

hiccups causes

In such cases, it is worth listening to your body and not drinking anything extra. Although some scientists are trying to describe the causes of hiccups, looking for its useful properties. But all the majority believes that it is absolutely useless.

Baby hiccups

Hiccups in a newborn baby are especially common, but then pass away with age. For many mothers, this is an extremely important issue. After all, everyone loves his child, and wants him to be healthy. There is a misconception among adults that hiccups give babies the same discomfort as adults.

how to remove hiccups from a newborn

But it must be admitted that this is just a fallacy. Children hiccups are absolutely not embarrassed, and they can even sleep peacefully during this process.

There are significant differences between adults and children.And what's more, babies hiccups are fun and amusing. So do not worry, since everything is absolutely normal. But still it is necessary to understand the causes of this process in the children's body.

Why does the baby hiccup in the womb? Possible reasons

So, we figured out what hiccups are, but why does a baby hiccup? Probably, many mothers noticed a similar phenomenon in a baby who was still in the womb. This process begins at different periods of pregnancy. There is no specific and exact start date of hiccups.

However, according to statistics, on average, this process begins in the second trimester. In the abdomen of a pregnant woman, you can sometimes hear a pulsation similar to the hiccups in an adult. Obviously, this baby hiccups, swallowing the amniotic fluid that surrounds it from all sides.

 how to get rid of hiccups in a newborn

The reason why this happens may be biased. Most often, the baby begins to absorb the surrounding liquid. In the brain, the sucking reflex begins to be produced, and as a result of it, it unconsciously absorbs all the fluids that are around it.

Infrequently, but still sometimes it happens that hiccups occur due to the fact that the umbilical cord winds around the baby's neck a little, thereby limiting the access of oxygen.As a result, there are spasms in the diaphragm. However, do not be afraid of this phenomenon. The umbilical cord is constantly moving and sometimes it can be brought where it is not needed, but from there it will also be removed soon.

But still, if a caring mother worries about her child, then she will never refuse to go on an ultrasound scan. Thus, it is possible either to make sure once again that everything is in order with the baby, or to prevent the development of pathologies already in the early stages.

Causes of hiccups in infants

Some begin to worry about why there is frequent hiccups in the newborn. You need to understand that, most likely, this is due to the immature diaphragm. The latter will grow with the growth of the baby.

Overfeeding is also a common cause of hiccups. Although it is better to overfeed a little baby than he would be lacking in nutrients.

During the consumption of milk, the baby often swallows air, because it does not yet know how to eat. He takes food only on the basis of instincts and conditioned reflexes.

Another reason why hiccups in newborns happens is because of a decrease in body temperature.In young children, thermoregulation is not yet developed, which is why they can easily freeze. Therefore, you should always monitor the comfort of your baby and avoid overheating or hypothermia.

what is hiccups

Feeding a mother who is breastfeeding also significantly affects all processes in the baby’s body, including her hiccups. Often hiccups in babies occur when the mother eats sweets, foods that contain caffeine, citrus fruits or nuts. Nursing always need to remember that what she eats gets from the milk and her baby.

Perhaps among the causes of hiccups in newborns should be mentioned air. The children's respiratory system is very sensitive to any irritants that fly in it.

Hiccups in newborns. What to do to help the child?

Often, young mothers can hear remarks with a hint of panic when the baby starts to hiccup. Well, for starters, you need to understand that such a phenomenon is harmless in nature, there will be no negative consequences from it.

However, if there is a desire to facilitate this process, then you need to know how to get rid of hiccups in a newborn.There are many ways to do this, and they are all quite diverse and interesting.

The first method, perhaps, can be called breast milk of the mother, but only in small quantities. A moderate amount of milk will lead to the redemption of the activity of the diaphragm, but after drinking it too much, the baby will receive an excessive load on the stomach. This will only aggravate the hiccups. A common way to pay off this phenomenon is sugar. It is necessary to give the child a little of it, quite a bit, literally a pinch.

why hiccups in newborns

If the child is already relatively adult and solid food enters his diet, then you can simply give him sugar for sucking. If the child is still quite small, then it is necessary, first of all, to prepare the sugar syrup and a drop to give the baby. Giving such a "medicine" is necessary at the tip of a finger or dummy. It is necessary to thoroughly wash and disinfect them. Sugar will have a softening effect on the diaphragm, thereby removing or weakening the hiccups.


Massage is also a great way to get rid of hiccups. To begin with, make circular strokes on the back with soft and gentle movements, and then you should do all the same movements on your stomach.

"Hold the child with a column"

For many mothers, it is a very uncomfortable problem when the baby begins to hiccup after drinking breast milk.

hiccups in a newborn baby

Then the question arises how to remove the hiccups from the newborn after feeding. Faced with a similar problem, many do not know what to do, but the answer is quite simple.

When milk enters the stomach, air enters along with it. Last baby swallows during feeding. It gives babies discomfort and discomfort. In order for this air to go out, it is necessary to hold the child upright until burping occurs. This provision is also called the "column".

After all, many have probably heard such a phrase as “holding a child with a column”. The "eruption" of air usually occurs about a few minutes after the baby is placed in such an upright position.

frequent hiccups in the newborn

For prevention, it is recommended to hold it for about ten minutes. This will benefit the baby and save the mother from unnecessary problems with the child's digestion.

Switch the child's attention to something interesting.

The old and reliable way to remove hiccups from a newborn is the usual distraction. Spasms in the diaphragm are caused by some kind of nerve irritation in the abdomen.

If you distract the child, then the center of his attention and nerve impulses will be moved to other places. Then the hiccups must pass. You can distract him with anything: a rattle, grimaces, stories, etc.

Dill water is a good way to get rid of hiccups

The most common way for some reason is dill water. It is often given to children during hiccups, although scientists have failed to prove its useful properties. But there will be no particular harm from her either, at least not for the majority. So dill water will help calm the nerves of parents and give them hope for healing from the icon. But remember that you can give it, but first it is advisable to consult with a pediatrician.

Small conclusion

Now you know what a hiccups is, where it comes from and how to treat it. The article provided many ways to eliminate it. It is important to remember that you should always remain calm and not panic.

Many parents are beginning to use all the methods to eliminate hiccups at once, which makes them worse. Because they begin to load the immature body of the child.

Apply one or two ways at a time, but no more.And the main thing is always to keep calm and not lose self-control. Otherwise, the child will be more likely to do more harm than good.

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