What drink absinthe?

Anna Mikhailova
Anna Mikhailova
April 8, 2013
What drink absinthe?

Absinthe is a magical, alluring, enchanting and burning drink of a green hue. Many do not understand this elixir, and only its true connoisseurs know how to enjoy it, because they know what absinthe is drunk with and how to properly dilute it, otherwise you will have a cruel hangover in the morning and burned receptors.

Properly consumed absinthe

There are many ways to use absinthe. However, to taste this charming drink you need to be attuned to positive emotions and be relaxed. Absinthe can be mixed with juice or water or in pure form. However, in the second variant, it must first be cooled, otherwise the receptor burn will not take long to wait, however, as well as a strong hangover in the morning.

The classic way of drinking absinthe

On the question of what absinthe is diluted, you can give a classic way to use this elixir. This will require absinthe, a glass and a cube of sugar. On the glass should put a spoonful of cube of sugar, and through the sugar in a glass pour a little absinthe.After soaking sugar with absinthe, it must be set on fire. Since melted sugar forms caramel, it should be dipped in a glass. Also in the resulting mixture will need to pour water, after which its greenish tint to change to whitish. Now you can enjoy a cocktail.

Absinthe with juice or “Drink and inhale”

Absinthe can also be diluted with juice. It is necessary to fill a glass with juice in half, pour a small amount of absinthe into another glass and set it on fire, and carefully scroll the glass with contents. After that, the contents of the glass should be poured into a glass of juice, and turn the glass on a napkin. Then absinthe with juice is drunk, and the vapors from the upturned glass are inhaled with the help of a straw. This method of cooking is quite complicated in execution, but due to its effect it promises to get great pleasure.

What to eat absinthe

Many people ask, and what to eat absinthe? Since this drink has a fairly rich flavor range, then true connoisseurs do not bite it. However, it is quite difficult for lovers to sustain its 70% strength, therefore lemon or chocolate is allowed as a snack.

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