What good is VKontakte?

Tamara Sidorova
Tamara Sidorova
April 1, 2013

The world of the Internet is diverse and over time delays. Here you can not only read the news and learn something incredible, but also chat with friends, former classmates and fellow students, find new friends. Usually, all this can be found on social networks: "Vkontakte", "Classmates", "Facedook", etc. Below we suggest finding out what good VKontakte is, why do people like or hate it?

Let's start with the pros, there are certainly more of them.

  1. On this portal you will be able to find most of your friends, classmates, former fellow students. Some even find "lost" relatives. Many interest groups, different communities.
  2. A simple and convenient interface, a small amount of advertising, the ability to upload your favorite photos to your page, insert your drawings from Paint. You also see which of the "friends" is currently on the site.
  3. Fans of games online will find many applications of various subjects. The site has a large selection of audio and video files. If you use scripts, the problem with downloading music to your phone and MP3 will be solved.

The disadvantages include the following: a large number of spam, strangers who want to meet (and often it is a spam bot), someone periodically hacks your page. That's probably all. Although, if they ask the question: “What is better than classmates or a contact?”, It is definitely not possible to answer. VKontakte more young and inadequate contingent, Odnoklassniki more older people. This is someone like that.

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