Waterpark in Borovichi: description, services and reviews of tourists

Olimp is a unique sports complex located in the Novgorod region, in the central part of the city of Borovichi. Clients are offered such services as an aqua park, a game of billiards and bowling, a visit to the Turkish hammam, sauna or Russian steam room. For everyone, the doors of a cafe and restaurant, a gym with fitness equipment and a multifunctional gym for fitness enthusiasts, a spa, and a conference room are open. Guests of the city have the opportunity to comfortably sit in a local hotel.

Back in 2007, thanks to a specially prepared project, a complex of modern sports direction, Olympus, was erected. It is worth noting that today it is a favorite place for sports and recreation, not only borovichans, but also visitors to the city.

general description

Borovichi water park

The highlight of this complex is the Olympus water park (Borovichi), from which not only small but also adult visitors are delighted. The water park allows you to spend your leisure for all tastes.What are you going to try out happy customers? Hydromassage in a special bath, in addition to which underwater geysers and fountains are installed, the Kamikaze and Tobogan slides, for special connoisseurs - two Finnish saunas. You will not notice how the day flies into a sea of ​​pleasure and bliss, away from everyday worries and problems.

The slide “Tabogan” is an extreme for those who want to feel a surge of indescribable emotions. For extraordinary visitors, the descent from the Kamikaze Hill is suitable. Adrenaline and a flurry of emotions will not keep you waiting.

Rest in the water park

water park Borovichi prices

Do you dream of a relaxing relaxing holiday? Then you should pay attention to the hydromassage jets of water, which will bring peace not only to the body, but also to the soul.

Relieve stress, get rid of insomnia, put in order or keep the body in an active physical state and just to increase vitality guarantees a visit to the sports pool at the complex.

This pool has 4 lanes 25 meters long. Everything for your comfort: the temperature of the water is maintained at 28-30 degrees. Healthy lifestyle activists are offered aqua aerobics classes,wishing spectacles and feelings of rivalry - competition among athletes who, by the way, are open to viewers from the stands ready to seat 150 visitors. The section of sports swimming is always working with the purpose of health improvement for children and adults.

For children

aquapark Olympus Borovichi

The children's pool at the Olymp sports complex will teach your child how to swim. Children with genuine delight will appreciate the water slides, rugged waterfalls and the beating fountains. For children it is especially important to maintain the temperature, the water is not lower than 32 degrees. The depth of the pool is 0.6 meters.

Other services

For a crazy breakneck break, the water park organizes rental of various swimming equipment, including inflatable toys and even a bumper-rider.

If it is time to relax, you can immerse yourself in the hot tubs with various effects, with a pleasant water temperature of 35–37 degrees.

The cozy Finnish sauna, which is simply necessary after swimming in the pool, unlike the Russian steam bath, has dry air. The original design, the traditional "heater" - all this inclines to peaceful communication and intoxicating rest.Your body is not easy to warm up, but it will also be cleansed of everything superfluous and negative. Guaranteed elevation of mood and recuperation is noticeable immediately after the procedures.

In order to preserve the memory of your vacation, a professional photographer provides services at the water park.

Security measures

Borovichi water park mode of operation

For the safety of the health of visitors, a thorough purification of water in the pools is carried out, its quality condition is monitored. All the required standards have been observed, thanks to the rather new method of water treatment by hard ultraviolet irradiation and cleaning with chemical reagents, there is no smell of chlorine. You have the opportunity to take the help of specially trained trainers, instructors and medical specialists.

When you visit the water park in Borovichi (the phone is provided on the official website), a dressing room and cabinets with electronic keys on special bracelets are provided at your service. It is also possible to use the shower.

Cafes and bars

For guests there is an excellent service of a restaurant with a classic interior, a cozy atmosphere and excellent cuisine.

A lighter snack in the form of appetizing pizza and cooling ice cream on its menu will offer a cafe. An abundance of drinks for every taste is presented in the complex’s bar.

Other infrastructure

water park Mr. Borovichi

As mentioned earlier, in the water park (Borovichi) in the pool you can hire a variety of equipment and equipment. These include inflatable mattresses, flippers, masks, and, of course, bumper boats.

In the complex "Olymp" work halls with gym, fitness center, hairdresser, beauty salon and massage, bowling and billiards. On the territory there are sports fields for football, basketball and tennis.

The water park (Borovichi) is daily “attacked” by visits by local residents and guests of the city. The whole area of ​​the complex ensures year-round maintenance of the optimum temperature of water and air. Even in the cold season, you will certainly experience the sensation of summer warmth and bliss.

Borovichi water park working hours: from 9 am to 10 pm. Guests are waiting for a pleasant, active, wellness holiday and just an unforgettable weekend. Convenient location in the visited area of ​​the city, will allow you to quickly get to SK using public transport.literally from any part of Borovichi. Nearby there is a bus stop, regular taxis and buses run regularly. Visitors with their own cars have the opportunity to use free parking.

Prices water park in Borovichi offers moderate. The cost of one hour stay for adults will be 190 rubles. For children - 110 rubles.


water park Borovichi phone

Visited aquacomplex especially recommend a look here in the evening. Even on holidays there are not many people here, everyone feels quite comfortable. For residents of the hotel discounts are provided, at check-in with the keys issued coupons.

There are several pools with different water temperatures. First, it is recommended to swim in the sports pool, then try slides and hydromassage. There, the water is much warmer. The hydromassage is equipped with an automatic shutdown after a certain period of time, but you can also turn it on yourself by pressing the black buttons on the sides of the pools. Pleased that there is a pool for the little ones with the corresponding slides. In the hot tub water is relatively hot. There are two saunas where unobtrusive music plays.Between the pools are sun beds.

Some inconvenience to visitors is caused by lockers with an electronic lock, which is difficult to immediately understood. It is necessary to take into account the peculiarity: if you swim before the closure of the complex, you must leave the pool on time; lockers can unlock and they will be open. The shower, unfortunately, is not equipped with curtains, the clients of the complex do not feel very comfortable in front of everyone. It is desirable to have a towel with you (it is issued, but for a fee). We were pleased with the opening hours from 6 to 22. Outside the aquacomplex there is a restaurant and a cafe. Prices for visiting the water park are reasonable. The room is clean and comfortable, in general, everyone is very pleased.

Here you can identify children in a small water park. It is equipped with:

  • only two slides (high and lower);
  • several whirlpools;
  • jacuzzi;
  • sauna;
  • small children's pool;
  • large, with tracks for adults.

You can go to play bowling - quite decent and fairly inexpensive. Also missing and other entertainment. Unhappy child just will not leave, but that really there, and adults - too. After the fun, you can have a nice and tasty snack in a cafe in the same building (a cafe of an average level, but there are a lot of desserts with fruit, this is for children - healthy and tasty).

Guests of the institution noted the following positive points:

  • Quite a large dressing room and a lot of shower stalls.
  • Pleasantly surprised by some closed locker rooms with curtains for particularly shy.
  • Swimming pool with 4 lanes, there are 2 slides.
  • There is a children's pool and a separate nook with different fountains and a jacuzzi for 6 people.

In the reviews they write that you need to be careful on very dangerous descents from the hills right into the pool.

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