Specialized technology is very popular in the modern market.
The Volvo plant in Kaluga has become the sixteenth enterprise of the company and the seventh in terms of excavator manufacturing. At the opening of the plant, the head of Volvo Construction Equipment Pat Olney said that their corporation considers cooperation with Russia very important. Last year alone, imports of construction equipment increased by 21%. A very important task for Volvo is environmental protection. That is why a new enterprise in the city of Kaluga was built on the basis of innovative technologies, due to which carbon dioxide emissions are reduced.
The plant will produce excavators D-series. The capacity of the enterprise is 2000 cars per year. Components are delivered to our country from South Korea, engines - from Sweden. But the assembly process takes place completely in Russia. Now the company employs 60 workers, but their number will be expanded to 250 people. The demand for such a technique is easy to explain.Volumes of construction are growing worldwide. Excavators, which you can read more about here, are involved in excavation work. In this case, this special equipment can work in any weather and on any kind of soil. And mini-excavators are capable of high-quality work where it is impossible to attract heavy equipment.
With the help of excavators carried out the development of soil. Methods of excavation may be different, but they all ensure the reliability and durability of the future structure. After all, the creation of a foundation pit, the digging of necessary ditches and trenches, as well as the alignment of the site for construction are procedures without which the construction of the object is impossible.
The quality of the Volvo excavator was noted at the opening of the plant and the head of the regional administration, Anatoly Artamonov: "I remember that a rainy autumn a few years ago, we were building then, and the construction equipment attracted to this building just sank in mud, only VOLVO equipment worked. There were days when only she could work, no one else. I think that this is just the best indicator and a clear demonstration of quality in the industry. "
The editors of Uznayvse.ru hope that the new Kaluga plant will successfully fulfill its production tasks.

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