Viva condoms: comfort, reliability, availability

In the modern world it is difficult to find a person who does not know about the most reliable method of contraception. In recent years, condom manufacturing techniques have improved, making the products more practical and thin. In addition, most latex products are supplemented with lubricant, and for people prone to allergic manifestations, they come up with protection from condoms

But contraceptives must perform not only the function of protection. They serve to obtain maximum pleasure from intercourse. And not every brand products are able to provide this.

Solvable tasks

Thanks to the abundant assortment, each person can choose a suitable product for himself without compromising his own health. But even many representatives of the adult generation, not to mention young people, do not know how to choose the necessary product for themselves. What kind of questions need to be asked to product met all expectations?

When choosing a latex product, you need to be able to find the differences between expensive and cheap means of protection. And if you do not get it, do not worry, because there are brands that, by definition, quality.Viva condoms reviews

Find for buyer

Fortunately, the Viva brand is a godsend for a buyer who cannot make the right choice without specific clues. This is not just a brand. It is reliability, durability, safety and availability. Undesirable consequences will not be felt if you use Viva condoms. No one tells you that this product is ideal for everyone, but it is one of the best, and everyone should be convinced of this. With your Viva products, your partner and you will be protected from undesirable consequences, and you will get maximum pleasure from romantic meetings.

This brand is popular mainly due to online reviews. Excellent opinion formed by most buyers. Viva condoms reviews are positive, and this applies to sensations during sexual intercourse, and the degree of protection against unwanted pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases. Even many experts have confirmed the best quality products from this manufacturer.condom for ultrasound viva

Product Features

The advantages of the products are that they can be purchased at affordable prices.All products for intimate health have a quality guarantee, without which they would not be so popular. In addition, before the sale, all products are thoroughly tested for allergic reactions and durability. You have no reason to worry about the reliability of your chosen product. The range of Viva pleases even the most advanced users with the number of products.

Viva offers its customers an extensive range that is worthy of attention: ribbed, ultra-thin, flavored, colored, pinpoint, classic. You can buy condoms using the Internet, as well as in pharmacies or other stores where this product is sold.Condoms viva ultrathin

The most popular brand in Europe

Today, Viva brand condoms are the most popular brand in Europe. The quality of this product is achieved through the technologies that are used to manufacture the latex product. The Germans have long established themselves, putting practicality and safety first. In addition, condoms number 1 in Europe have exceptional sensitivity, which is important for an intimate life.


Simplicity and accessibility provide an opportunity to purchase a latex product for everyone, regardless of financial status. But which condoms are better? How to make the right choice in favor of a product? viva classic condoms

Choosing the right product is always easy when you know what to look for:

  1. Condoms Viva classic. Transparent, smooth, with a drive, with silicone lubricant - your choice and taste. There is nothing better than a time-tested classic.
  2. Point. Cylindrical transparent condoms with a hopper. Because of the pimples present, the erogenous zones of the woman will be further stimulated, which cannot but please the man. A silicone grease provides a comfortable feeling.
  3. Ribbed. Products with ring grooves, accumulator, silicone grease, cylindrical or transparent - the choice is yours.
  4. Condoms Viva ultra-thin. With cylindrical storage, silicone lubricated, smooth and transparent.
  5. Flavored. Condoms, smooth to the touch, red. Such products diversify privacy and provide a comfortable feeling.
  6. Condom for ultrasound Viva. It serves as a protection for the patient during the research.Such latex products are manufactured using the latest technologies. The basis for remedies take particularly durable, so as not to harm the patient.

Memo to the consumer

Before you buy condoms, you should pay attention to the shelf life of the product and the material from which it is made. In addition, look at the product packaging. If it is slightly damaged, the quality of the product may be condoms

When purchasing a product, you must be sure that your personal life will not be subjected to unnecessary stress from the appearance of unwanted external factors. And remember that condoms are one of the most reliable types of contraception. Only abstinence from sex is safer. Its use is a 97% chance that you will avoid unwanted pregnancy. And 99% that you will be maximally protected from the appearance in your life of unwanted sexually transmitted diseases.

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