VAZ 2120 - the car is not for drift

Infrequently, you can see the family type of machine. They do not cause great sympathy because of their size and shape, so the concern, who ventured on such a truly brave act, deserves at least some respect. VAZ 2120, or "Lada Nadezhda" - this is the brave one who provides his services to large families. For this he is honored and praised, but do not forget about the sad realities. Is “Lada Nadezhda” good on the road?

Short story

All plants have cars that save the concern from downtime. In the CIS, this is Gazel, which has provided its manufacturer with orders. But there are also such models that did not take on the heavy "burden" of popularity, and remained in the shadows. Just such a car is a VAZ 2120. It has not collected the reviews, but it is impossible to throw a stone into the garden of the Lada Nadezhda.

A minivan cannot be called a car from scratch, because the G20, as well as many other engineering solutions, was taken from its sister, the VAZ 2131 Niva.VAZ 2120Why "took"? The fact is that because of its low popularity, the VAZ 2120 was no longer produced in 2006, citing the crisis and lack of funds. So ended the eight-year history of the family car.By the way, over the years of release only 8,000 models managed to see the light. Therefore, it is very difficult to meet “Nadezhda” on the roads, and sometimes such a task becomes completely impossible.

ugly duck

When you first see the VAZ 2120, you can unwittingly be horrified: “How can this even ride?” Yes. Wide feed, narrow and low nose, front grille looks out of place (similar to the mouth of a monster). The back of the little glazed: the doors reach the level of the chin. Because of this, it seems that you are riding in a steel box, and you also have to constantly look out to see at least something. Cars of the first release can be easily recognized by the headlights.VAZ 2120 specificationsThey got them from the old car "Lada" model 2106: two round lamps on each side. But the "four-eyes" did not live long, they were soon replaced by headlights from the model 2110 - flat and narrow. This did not improve the situation much, but at least somehow modernized the front view. The wheel arches are too big for those small wheels that are hidden deep beneath the hull flooring.

Now the exterior design of "Hope" can hardly be called attractive. And very few people can like it.Even in 1998 (model year), no one was delighted with the "beauty". But still, do not forget about the purpose of this car - transportation with the comfort of a small group of people. Therefore, the main mission of the “Lada Nadezhda” is not to show off on the catwalks, but simply to do its own thing, which is what it turns out to be.

Interior view

We can not say that the internal appearance of 2120 is gorgeous. Everything in its place, at hand. For this thanks to the rational designers. The interior trim is quite cheap, the seats are not made of leather, the panels are not made of wood, what to say - a budget car is a budget car. It looks cheap. But nevertheless it does not interfere with quite comfortable spending time in it.

Landing behind the wheel of "Hope" is quite vertical, but it can be fixed by adjusting the seat. It can be changed in the longitudinal direction and the angle of inclination. The seats themselves are soft, without lateral support. The shape of the steering wheel (two-spoke) is borrowed from the VAZ 2110. This type of “donut” is considered the safest, protecting against injuries in the area of ​​the hand and fingers.vaz 2120 PriceThe center console is shifted to a greater distance from the driver than you would like. Because of this, it is necessary (especially for people with small stature) to lean to the side.But there are pluses in the Lada Nadezhda salon. It is independently folding chairs. Each unnecessary seat can be tilted by adding space to the rest of the passengers. On the back of the backs there is a plastic surface that turns into a table in a “magic” way. In the same place it is possible to find deepenings under glasses.

VAZ 2120 - technical specifications

Once again and again, you need to repeat to yourself that “Lada Nadezhda” is not for racing and tracks. Therefore, you should not criticize VAZ 2120 so much. The technical characteristics of this car should not be at its best, since this does not require an idea. In general, in the presence of a gasoline engine with a volume of 1.7 liters. Little, even if we consider that the maximum power of such a unit is only 80 horsepower. But pleases the maximum speed - 140 kilometers per hour (although it is not worth the risk). The brand of gasoline, suitable for the engine, has an AI-95 index. By the way, the consumption of the same fuel per hundred kilometers is 12 liters. For a minivan, this is normal. The gearbox is manual, with five modes.

VAZ 2120 - the price of "happiness"

You can’t say exactly how much Lada Nadezhda is. There are reasons for this.Release 2120 ended a little less than ten years ago.VAZ 2120Therefore, all options without exception are second-hand goods. In addition, there are few copies: this is in the hands of speculators. But you can say an approximate price. Good, on the go "Hope" can be purchased for 4,500 dollars. For the modernized "Lada", and such options are sometimes found on the market, you will need to lay out more - about 5,700 cu

VAZ 2120 - a car for a large family. Therefore, all the disadvantages: bulkiness, weak engine - automatically become a plus. After all, what is needed for relatives? More space, but safety on the road.

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