The value of the card "Justice" (Tarot)

11 Tarot card "Justice" denotes harmony, the triumph of truth and balance in our lives. It is also a reminder that honesty and good as a result will surely overcome untruth and evil. Higher Justice is objective and incorruptible, therefore, at some point everyone will receive only what he deserves.

justice tarot


It depicts a woman who sits on a throne between two columns: retribution and mercy. The red color of her clothes indicates her intention and willingness to act.

Tarot card "Justice" value is very interesting. In the left hand of the woman depicted on it, there are scales - on them she weighs lies and truth, virtue and vice. In her right hand she holds a sword that can punish anyone who deserves it. These attributes - sword and scales - accurately convey the nature of true justice: hardness and accuracy.

It is curious that Justice, unlike, for example, Themis, is not blind on the Tarot card.She does not hide from the world, looking at him with wide eyes. It is worth noting that she has the integrity of the highest quality. Unlike earthly justice, which is capable of being subject to greed, temptation, passion or other influences, Divine Justice (embodied in this card) does not need to hide its eyes from the rest of the world. She notices everything that does not affect in any way her ability to distinguish lies from truth. At the same time, having distinguished, - to pay everyone according to his merits.

justice tarot value

Straight position

Arkan "Justice" (Tarot) in a straightforward position says that it is time to assume responsibility, return the debt and pay the bills. At the present moment, a person needs to repay his debt to society, while everything that he will do is passed through a “correctness” check.

For some people, the Justice Tarot may turn out to be a really good card, while for others it may be negative. It all depends on the actions of the person that he carried out before. Arkan warns that it is time to get what he deserves and pay the bills. If you have caused evil to other people, it will return to you.If you were pious and kind, only a good future awaits you.

In addition, the appearance of the card in the scenario says that this person receives an assessment of absolutely everything that he had done up to that time. It can talk about interviews, exams, a trip to the doctor. In addition, the “Justice” (Tarot) that fell out is of the following importance - it says that at the present moment a person acts according to the rules, as it should.

If an individual decides to deceive the Universe and outwit his fate, the card emphasizes that this will not work for a person. For a trial to deceive the higher mind, then a rather serious retribution will follow. The emergence of the card "Justice" in almost any scenario demonstrates that at the moment you can look at the world soberly and are able to perceive any situations clearly.

tarot card justice

Upside down position

“Justice” (Tarot) in the inverted position acts as a negative card, predicting the emergence of dishonest companions, as well as violation of obligations and established rules. This can be interpreted as the emergence of problems with the law, as well as problems in relationships, complete disregard for a person.

Quite often, the situation can be described as follows: a person tries to achieve the desired by illegal means, using various questionable methods, besides, he tries to justify it by not being able to call the system perfect, and periodically it is necessary to take the risk to get it. But as a result, the individual himself is a victim of violations and dishonesty.

In addition, in the inverted position "Justice" (Tarot) is of such importance - the card indicates a long legal process, an unlawful rupture. This can be interpreted as a divorce, a man and a woman after which they continue to live under a common roof.

It is worth noting that in ancient interpretations it is noted that this lasso can have the following meanings: negative attitudes, subjective opinion, timidity, intolerance, shame for the act, lack of support, aggression, instability of character, criticism, anger that destroys the entire human world.justice tarot combination

Finance and work

"Justice" (Tarot) says that you will receive as much as you could earn. Here everything is fair. Only by fair means promotion or receipt of a large amount.Any fraud is useless to carry out, because they will not be crowned with success.

In addition, you have a chance to resolve your tax problems, get compensation, pay back debts. People identified with the card "Justice", it is desirable to choose a profession related to the legal profession, jurisprudence, refereeing. These individuals are perfectly able to realize themselves in the police, in the role of an official or financial inspector.

Due to the fact that such a person can not afford to be biased in something, he will always be honest verdicts, therefore, in society, he is able to win a good position. If he works conscientiously and follows the destined path, then he can actually become a good professional, move up the professional ladder, make a fortune.

"Justice" (Tarot): Relationship

"Justice" has a dual meaning in terms of relationships. Arkan emphasizes that everyone will always get what they deserve. This does not mean total harmony, since equality of forces happens even among rivals. If we talk about gender relations, then each side is ready to enter into a marriage, as well as maintaining stable relations.But this card does not always speak about strong feelings, passion, it is rather considered a symbol for assessing a person’s character, cold calculation, a sound approach to marriage.

This will be expressed especially clearly if one person is identified with the "Hermit" and the other with the "Magician" (if there is a Tarot card in the layout). Significance in relations for partners in marriage is the opposite - it indicates a rapid rupture of relations, in addition, the distribution of property. Often in such a relationship is probably a feeling of remorse, guilt. If there are positive cards around, it speaks of an objective approach, besides, of the absence of fantasies.justice tarot relationship

Health status

"Justice" (Tarot) focuses your attention on the fact that balance is necessary in everything. If you do not care for your own health all your life, then as a result do not be surprised that you will feel unwell and many chronic diseases.

If you led an active lifestyle, played sports, refused bad habits, then the result will be appropriate. If the goal of the alignment is to identify the disease indicator, this card demonstrates avitaminosis, metabolic disorders, liver disease and severe intoxication.

What else is interesting "Justice" (Tarot)? The combination with a variety of cards of swords indicates a possible surgical intervention or hospitalization of a person.

Combination with other cards

In order to interpret the alignment correctly, it is necessary to pay attention to a separate card, as well as to what is located around it. This will allow to assess the situation in more detail.tarot card justice value

The combination of tarot cards. "Justice" with older lasso

The card, along with the older lasso, has the following interpretation:

  • "Magician" - fraud, fraud, an attempt to break the law.
  • "Jester" - do not neglect the established rules, it can affect the reputation of a negative.
  • "Empress" - will need to make a decision. Mistakes are not allowed.
  • High Priestess "- someone is trying to deceive you, there are ulterior motives.
  • "Hierophant" - the emergence of a strong patron, building relationships, be merciful, because it will play into your hands.
  • "Emperor" - it will be necessary to settle the problems, this can be done only if we act in accordance with the existing rules and regulations.
  • "Chariot" - it is impossible to sign an important contract because of disagreements.
  • "Lovers" - fear, weakness, making mistakes, lack of self-confidence.
  • "The Hermit" - imprisonment, problems with the law.
  • "Strength" - legislation, submission.
  • "The Hanged Man" - a subpoena is likely.
  • "Wheel of Fortune" - a very unfavorable set of circumstances.
  • "Devil" - around a lot of corrupt people, fraud.
  • "Death" - the execution of the sentence.
  • "Star" - an attempt to defeat the enemy, hope for the best.
  • "Tower" - the gap arrangements, divorce.
  • The "sun" is a likely conclusion.
  • "Moon" - defenselessness, weakness.
  • "Peace" - there is a chance to conclude a contract with a good companion.
  • "Court" - in order to move further, you need to recognize the mistakes you have made earlier.
  • "Ace" - luck will be on your side.


In combination with rods:

  • "Troika" - an understanding of the truth.
  • "Two" - before making a decision, weigh any option.
  • "Five" - ​​lawsuits, complaints.
  • "Four" - a marriage of convenience, a wedding.
  • "Seven" - a problem for a long time.
  • “Six” - success, victory.
  • "Nine" - a lawsuit in court.
  • "Eight" - the conclusion of the contract.
  • "Page" - review the attitude to the situation.
  • "Ten" - the ability to defeat enemies.
  • "Queen" - it is time to take responsibility for their own actions.
  • "Knight" - news that can knock down.
  • "King" - will be able to challenge your sentence.


"Justice" with the tarot bowls:

  • "Two" - a waste of money, ruin.
  • "Ace" - payment of bills, justice.
  • "Four" - good luck is not on your side.
  • "Troika" - a witness of an important incident.
  • "Six" - a meeting of old friends, the impact on people.
  • "Five" - ​​the announcement of the will, receiving a large inheritance.
  • "Eight" - news about a missing friend.
  • "Seven" - a lawsuit in court, arrest.
  • "Ten" - profit.
  • "Nine" - you need legal advice.
  • "Knight" - a dangerous event.
  • "Page" - a small victory.
  • "King" - humble sin.
  • "Queen" - taking part in the court.


The value of a lasso in case a sword map is near:

  • "Two" - the division of property, divorce.
  • "Ace" - payment of bills, punishment.
  • "Four" - loneliness, caution.
  • "Troika" - problems, payment of taxes.
  • "Six" - changes in life.
  • "Five" - ​​poor health, damage.
  • "Eight" - a relative disease.
  • "Seven" - the decision.
  • "Ten" - aggression, insult.
  • "Nine" - fraud, mistrust.
  • "Knight" - mistakes, negligence.
  • "Page" - escape from justice.
  • "King" - a number of angry people, he can not be trusted.
  • "Queen" - the wrong solution to the problem.


Together with the pentacles:

  • "Ace" - problem solving, support of loved ones.
  • "Two" - a fair repayment, the receipt of punishment.
  • "Troika" - the transfer of someone else's property.
  • "Four" - giving a bribe to an official.
  • "Five" - ​​a divorce.
  • "Six" - health problems.
  • "Seven" - a complex relationship with your companions.
  • "Eight" - a dishonest game, fraud.
  • "Nine" - flight from orders.
  • "Ten" - luck.
  • "Page" - the appearance of the student.
  • "Knight" - excessive responsibility, tediousness.
  • "Queen" - disregard for their duties, contempt.
  • "King" - a man who holds a high position.justice tarot value in relationships

The "Justice" card accompanies a person, returns to reality, makes him take a sober look at his whole life, as well as deal with all the accumulated deeds. Arkan insists that when making decisions it is necessary to be guided by common sense, and not to listen to emotions.

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