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Career Valery Storozhika began in the early eighties. For more than thirty years, the actor has appeared on the stage of the Mossovet Theater. He made his debut back in 1979 in the play "Day of Arrival - Day of Departure". This popularity came to him after participating in the rock opera "Jesus Christ - superstar."

Valery Storozhik

Way to the stage

Valery Storozhik was born in the village of Kotelva, Poltava region in 1956. In many sources, December 7 is listed as the birthday of an actor. But colleagues in the theater congratulate him on January 1, as indicated in his documents.

Valery's passion for cinema began in childhood. At one time they lived with their parents in a military camp, where almost every evening new films were brought. He loved to watch French and Italian films, and, of course, his characters were wonderful actors who played them. So there was a dream of a movie.

But in the beginning there was a directing and choral department in the Tver Music School, where he entered at the insistence of his mother.They often took part in student skirts. Then he “fell ill” with the stage, when he came out to speak and saw hundreds of eyes fixed on him. He entered the Gnesinka and in parallel to the drama school. In GITIS in the third year failed, but in the school named after Shchepkina entered.

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First failure

He graduated from college in 1979 and, refusing an offer to stay in the Maly Theater, came to the Theater of the Moscow City Council. His first role as an actor simply failed. It was a performance "Black Midshipman" with the participation of famous actors. Today, recalling those days, Valery Storozhik says that after the Maly Theater everything was unusual. There they, students, holili and cherished, and in the Moscow Soviet, he lost it. It seemed that no one here loves him, felt like a stranger and no one needed.

The role played by youthful ambition prevented us from asking for help from our famous colleagues who were involved in the play. He was young and wanted to achieve everything himself. Unusually demanding of himself, Valery Stepanovich was interested only in acting skills. Such dedication is rarely found, so his every acting job is interesting.

Time proved that Valery Storozhik made the right choice in favor of the Moscow City Council. He lived here an interesting life and loves this theater very much. The actor proudly recalls the masters with whom he was lucky enough to play together - Plyatt, Ranevskaya, Zeitz. All his major successes and achievements were held in the Moscow City Council.

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Theater life

The debut on the stage took place in 1979, Valery Stepanovich played a cameo role in the play “Day of Arrival”. At the beginning of his career, he played mainly minor and bit parts. Storozhik participated in such performances as “The Factory Girl”, “The Conspiracy of the Senses”, “The Brothers Karamazov”, “The Guilty”, “Ornifl”, “The Man as a Man”, “The Mother of Jesus”, “Braking in Heaven”.

One of the main acting characters participated in such performances as “Maxim at the End of the Millennium”, “Noise Behind the Scene”, “The Devil's Apprentice”, “Scandal? Scandal! ”,“ Errors of one night ”. In 1990, Valery Storozhik received an offer to play in the rock opera "Jesus Christ - superstar."

Success has come. But later. And at first, it seems to an actor that he lacks talent. He is frightened by the unusual material of this work.And after several rehearsals, he refuses to participate in the play and leaves the theater just before the premiere.

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Rock opera

In 1996, the play “The Game” was staged in the theater, where one of the leading parts, Valeriy Storozhik, sang. The actor agreed to the main role in the rock opera “Jesus Christ is a superstar” when he was again invited to take part in it. Questions of religion were new to him. But by that time, he had repeatedly voiced biblical films, where each actor brought something new to the role of Jesus.

Therefore, he approached the execution of this role with full responsibility: he studied historical materials, read the Gospel. The first performance was somewhat unexpected, very worried and spent twelve hours in the theater. But the performance was a great success. During the six years that Jesus played, he was very attached to this play. He even grew hair and a beard.

Then he gave way to a new generation and now plays the role of Pontius Pilate in the rock opera Valery Storozhik. Photos from his participation in this famous performance above.

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The path to the cinema

With twelve years Storozhik starred in children's films.But he got into his first adult picture by accident. For the actress of their theater, Larisa Kuznetsova, they wrote the script, and the director A. Mitta came to them to play “Sashka”. Then he offered Valery to play along with the actress on samples. It so happened that she was not taken, and he got a role in the musical film “The Tale of Wanderings”.

The first film, in which Storozhik starred, was “The Solar Wind”. The role was small, but everything was interesting. In the theater, you play your role yourself and you can cover it entirely. On stage, you understand what you can and cannot do. But the film is different. You do not immediately see the captured episodes, how good or bad you have turned out. An experienced artist always knows how he will look better. For Valery, then everything was for the first time.

Today, Valery Stepanovich has more than sixty film workers in his track record, among them are Earth Joys, Second Chance, The Shore, Filed Revolutions, Full Moon Day, It is Yours! On the account of the actor's role in the historical production of “Boris Godunov”, in the drama “Tales of the Old Arbat”, in the tragifarse “The Testament of Stalin”.

Artistic aristocracy, nobility and the charm of this actor can not be confused with anything.He remarkably plays the main roles in the films “Such an Ordinary Life”, “Icy Passion”, “Uncertainty” Valery Storozhik. Films, where he is the main character: “Joconda on Asphalt”, “The Empire of Pirates”, “Repete”, “Mediator”, “Joker”, “Tutor”. Takes leading roles in the series: “The Flavor of Rose Hip”, “Autumn Detective”, “Revelation. Revenge ”,“ General Therapy ”,“ Alice's Adventures ”.

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Actor today

Mystical film “Forever and Eternal” is preparing for the exit. This is the second project of the Watchman with director V. Chubrikov. For the first time Valery was filmed in his film "Ice Passion." On the set of a new film, the actor had to lie down in a coffin, from which many actors refuse. But Valery Stepanovich says that he is a simple person and does not believe in omens.

Moreover, the film turned out very beautiful, and mysticism was even on the set, the actor jokes. Olga Makeeva, a film partner, came from the same tiny village in Ukraine, where Valery Stepanovich was born.

The second work of the actor - the historical series "Bunches of grapes." Beautiful story from the life of the Cossack village, starting back in 1953. They filmed the series in the Rostov region.Valery plays the role of agronomist on a collective farm that grows grapes.

The actor is involved in voicing roles in foreign films and computer games, which account for more than five hundred. “The theater is my family,” Valery Storozhik answers evasively to questions about the family. Personal life is a topic that he does not want to talk about. He has two sons from his first marriage with actress Marina Yakovleva.

Some manage to "build a nest" and keep everything, but he has not yet succeeded, the actor frankly. But he does not lose hope, wants to have a family and, like everyone, be happy. Well, we wish the talented actor creative success and happiness!

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