Useful properties of gooseberry. Harvesting gooseberries for the winter

Gooseberry is a well-known green berry. It is quite juicy, aromatic and tasty. Few have heard of such a jam, which is also called emerald. However, not everyone knows that there are more than a dozen varieties of this berry. It can be not only green, but white, yellow, black, purple, etc. In addition, each variety is divided into separate varieties. The result is that there are about 1,500 thousand very different varieties of this berry. What are the beneficial properties of gooseberry should pay attention? Before you begin to describe all its qualities, you should learn about the history of the berries.

Historical summary

gooseberry beneficial properties during pregnancy

Gooseberries in Europe became widely used only in the 19th century. However, in those days in France, he bore the name "Mackerel Berry". This is due to the fact that it was mainly used to create a sauce served with mackerel fish.In England, the gooseberry was called "gooseberry", since the sauce from it was fed to the goose, duck or game. Holland also used gooseberry in combination with meat dishes. In Germany, they tried to make wine from berries. And it almost did not take into account the beneficial properties of gooseberry. It was used only as an additive.

In Russia, the berry began to be widely used since the 11th century. She was called "agryzom." In those days, the gooseberry played the role of a ripening plant. At a time when people in Europe were just beginning to recognize some useful properties of the gooseberry, in Russia it was almost destroyed by the sphere of libraries. Naturally, then thinking about restoring this culture. And today the gooseberry is cultivated not only in Russia, but also in Belarus, the Baltic States and Ukraine.

Vitamin rich berry

Berry is rich in vitamin C, because in 100 grams of gooseberry it accounts for about 50 mg. The vitamin complex also includes such vitamins as A, PP, B1. Everything else in the berries includes phosphorus with iron, pectin, salt, magnesium, sodium. According to its caloric content, the berry comes immediately after the grapes. Due to the high water content it is actively used during diets.

What benefits can the body get from gooseberries?

What are the beneficial properties of gooseberry? This berry is characterized by laxative, diuretic and choleretic action. It should be included in the diet, if there is anemia. If there is anemia, gooseberries should be consumed along with honey. It should be noted that the juice of the berry charitable effect on the metabolic processes in the body. Gooseberries are also able to excrete toxins from radionuclides.

beneficial properties of gooseberry for humans

This does not end the beneficial properties of gooseberry for humans. If there is hypertension or heart disease, then you should also start to use this berry. It will bring benefit and atherosclerosis. The antitumor properties characteristic of ripe gooseberries are widely known. In addition, the berry greatly strengthens the blood vessels. There is no doubt about the benefits of gooseberry in the presence of chronic constipation and gastroenterocolitis.

If there is a shortage of phosphorus, iron or copper in the body, then the required reserves can be replenished with this culture.What other secrets does the gooseberry hold in itself? Its useful properties will not be lost even in the case of drying.

How can gooseberries be used and is it useful during pregnancy?

beneficial properties of gooseberry

What recipes can be used if one of the above problems is observed?

  1. Broth in the presence of constipation. It is necessary to chop the berries. We will need one tablespoon. Chopped gooseberries need to be filled with one glass of cold water, after which you need to bring to a boil. Just remember that it should be done on low heat. Then the berry should boil for about 10 minutes. Ultimately, the broth should be cooled and filtered. Drink 4 times a day. One serving should be equal to 50 ml. If desired, add sugar. Suitable for this and honey.
  2. The beneficial properties of gooseberry leaves can help with osteochondrosis and arthritis. To do this, they (one tablespoon) are required to be filled with boiled water (one glass) for 1 hour. Take already filtered infusion should be 3 times a day. One portion should be equal to 0.3 glass.
  3. It is possible to use gooseberry juice, which is mixed with honey in a 2: 1 ratio, if you have angina.It is also a good prophylactic agent if there is a sore throat or colds.

In the old days, this berry was used to prepare a decoction. They were treated for burns caused by poisonous plants. This broth was necessary to rub into the affected place. The effect of such treatment could be noticed immediately.

What else can be said about such a berry as gooseberries? Useful properties during pregnancy can also fully manifest itself. For girls, the berry can become an additional and sufficiently effective vitamin complex. Therefore, the gooseberry during pregnancy is better not to neglect.

The benefits of green and black gooseberries

green gooseberry beneficial properties

What exactly can save the green gooseberries? Useful properties of this berry will help protect the body from radiation, maintain immunity. But the black gooseberry useful properties are not expressed in a positive effect on the body. Why is he so good? What is the secret of such berries as black gooseberries? Useful properties of this culture provide an opportunity for breeders to bring new varieties. In addition, the berry will not lose its qualities even if you are late with the cleaning.It will not crumble from the bushes for a long time, preserving its integrity in any weather.

The use of leaves for medicinal purposes

We now turn to the description of what good and bad gooseberry leaves (useful properties and contraindications). Making a decoction or infusion of them, you can get a good tool that will help in the fight against obesity, arthritis, osteochondrosis, and tuberculosis. In order to prepare the broth, you will need to take one tablespoon of leaves, pour boiling water (1 cup), insist for an hour and strain.

When can not eat berries?

Above the advantages described by the berry itself and the leaves of the gooseberry, useful properties have been described. And there are also contraindications. But there are not so many of them. Berry can not be consumed if there are diseases such as diabetes and gastric ulcer and 12 duodenal ulcer. In addition, gooseberries can be harmful in the presence of allergies.

Cooking berry jam

gooseberry beneficial properties and contraindications

Now you know a lot about gooseberries: useful properties and contraindications, as well as basic recipes for making decoctions of berries. However, how can it be used in cooking? With the help of unripe or half-ripe berries you can make jam, jam, compote, jelly and sauce. Ripe berries can be eaten without doing anything.In addition, they can freeze or make juice.

Probably the most common gooseberry dish is considered jam. In order to cook it, you will need unripe berries. From them should squeeze the seeds. To prepare the decoction for pouring gooseberries, you need to use cherry leaves. They need to pour water and boil for 10 minutes over low heat. Pour the berries of gooseberry until the broth is completely cover them. After that, the mixture must be cooked for 5 minutes. In the broth berries should be about a day. The next morning you want to remove the gooseberry, and the broth must be cooked until it turns into a syrup. The resulting consistency should pour berries in a ratio of 2: 1. It is necessary to cook the jam on low heat for 15 minutes. Periodically need to remove the foam.

What else can be cooked from gooseberry?

With the help of gooseberry can make a variety of blanks, both sweet and savory. The sweet, as already described above, is jam, marmalade, jam, compote. Unsweetened is marinated gooseberry, which can be used as an additive to meat dishes.

Using gooseberry, you can make excellent jam.This will be especially convenient if there is a microwave. On the preparation of sweet billet will take about 45 minutes. Use for jam only ripe or overripe berries.

Gooseberry compote has a rather interesting taste and smell, which slightly resembles grapes. Prepare a drink should be from ripe berries. And it is advisable to do it on the day of harvest. Be sure to pin down the berries so that they remain intact and do not lose their shape.

Great additive

As already mentioned, with the help of gooseberry can be made not only sweet blanks. Marinated berry will be an excellent snack to the meat dish. It will be well combined with fish. Also, this berry can be added to salads. The recipes for making gooseberry sauce are quite simple, but the result is capable of striking.

No less pleasant and unusual, appetite appetizing snack is pickled paprika with gooseberry. Such a delicious vitamin snack can be served with meat dishes.

About national recipes do not forget

So, above was described such berries as gooseberries: useful properties, harvesting for the winter, contraindications.It remains to discuss only folk recipes, one of the main elements in which this culture is.

  1. If you regularly use the berries of this culture for 5 weeks, then you can not only get rid of a large number of skin diseases, but also significantly improve metabolism. In just 3 weeks of eating gooseberries will help get rid of kidney pain and destroy the lines of fat.
  2. If you need a choleretic agent, you can make a tincture of gooseberry. To do this, 2 tablespoons of berries should be poured with boiling water and infused for 5 hours. Eat broth should be with honey. This delicious drink should be drunk about 4 times a day for half a cup at a time.

Can gooseberries be used as cosmetics?

gooseberry beneficial properties billet for the winter

Gooseberry can be successfully used for cosmetic purposes. Ripe berries are perfect for dry skin. They should be kneaded and applied to the skin for about 15 minutes. If the skin is too dry, to the resulting mass of gooseberry should add olive oil no more than one tablespoon.

If the skin is oily, it is better to use the unripe berries.In order to obtain a whitening effect, a fermented milk product should be added to the mashed mass.

Using mashed berries of gooseberry, you can make a face mask. To do this, in the resulting berry mass, you need to add milk no more than one tablespoon. After the resulting texture infuses about 15 minutes, you will need to drain the excess liquid. The face mask is ready. It should be applied to the skin and do not wash off for about 15 minutes.

What can you protect yourself with gooseberry?

So, to summarize all of the above. Due to the use of gooseberry berries can:

  1. Avoid the development of diseases such as anemia. It will be possible to raise hemoglobin levels in the shortest possible time.
  2. Align the level of sugar due to the fact that the berry contains special substances. They contribute to the development of insulin.
  3. Reduce the likelihood of stroke. This is due to the fact that the gooseberry in large quantities contains vitamin PP.
  4. Get a choleretic and diuretic effect.
  5. Return to normal the level of acidity of the stomach.
  6. Protect the body from the occurrence of cancer due to the significant content of vitamin E.
  7. Strengthen immunity.

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