Ultrasonic bath for dental prostheses: overview, features and types

Cleaning dentures is an integral part of dental hygiene. It allows you to avoid specific deposits and remove dirt from the surface of the prosthesis. In addition, proper cleaning produces disinfection, thus avoiding inflammation and infection. Traditional methods involve spending a lot of time and effort. In case of severe pollution, it is necessary to resort to additional, not always harmless to human health, means. An ultrasonic bath for cleaning dentures is a great alternative.

ultrasonic bath

It is necessary to get used to the new prosthesis, and at first it brings discomfort, especially during sleep. The addiction occurs faster with the constant wearing of the prosthesis, and therefore dentists do not recommend taking it off at night, especially since in sleep many people have a displacement of the articular heads on the jaw bones.And yet, most people prefer to sleep without dentures, so that nothing interferes with normal rest.

How to store the removed prosthesis? First of all, it must be very well cleaned with a brush and rinsed in boiled water. Then a disinfectant solution is poured into a glass and the denture is placed there, where it remains until the morning. The product must be completely covered with a solution, otherwise microorganisms may remain on the protruding parts of the liquid. Using the same solution twice cannot be done for hygienic reasons.

Description of the device

The main principle of the bath is the application of oscillations at high frequency, which comprehensively affect pollution by cavitation. With the help of such oscillations, harmful microorganisms are eliminated by ultrasound. When using these devices do not worry about the state of the prosthesis. Purification involves the use of distilled water or completely harmless, natural solutions. Thus, it is safe to say that this type of cleaning prostheses will not affect human health.prosthetic ultrasound bath

At first impression, it seems that the use of an ultrasonic bath for artificial limbs is absolutely simple, however, there are certain nuances.Basically they concern the choice of the apparatus itself and the adjustment of equipment for specific purposes. Characteristics of the device when buying should play a significant role. Particular attention should be paid to ensure that the cleaning is carried out as efficiently as possible, and the design of the prosthesis itself is not damaged. It should be borne in mind that the materials used to create prostheses are rather fragile, especially for metal ceramics and acrylic plastic. In such cases, it is better to provide for sparing processing modes.

To obtain the maximum effect from the process of cleansing by ultrasound, you must observe the following tips:

  1. The bath must be filled with clean water.
  2. The prosthesis should be completely covered with a solution or water.
  3. The standard cleaning time is five minutes. If necessary, a more thorough processing time is prolonged.
  4. After the bath has cleaned the denture, the remnants of the plaque can be removed with a soft brush.
  5. After completion of work, the device must be wiped with a dry and clean cloth.

ultrasonic bath for dentures

What are ultrasonic baths for dentures?

Top manufacturers

Today, the cleaning of dentures with ultrasound is becoming increasingly popular. However, choosing the most suitable option from those on the market is quite difficult. Below we consider the most popular manufacturers of ultrasonic baths, so that everyone can make the right choice, taking into account the individual characteristics of the device.


The manufacturer claims a device that is capable of disinfecting and pre-sterilizing cleaning of prostheses and instruments. To this end, it is proposed to use a special solution that will clean the surface under the influence of ultrasound. The tub is capable of holding 150 ml, while the solution requires from 50 to 100 ml per application. Ultrasonic bath equipped with a timer for three minutes. The average cost of the device is about 12 thousand rubles.

ultrasonic cleaning bath


This manufacturer offers a wide range of devices with increased frequency of ultrasound exposure. This contributes to a deeper and thorough cleaning of the prostheses, as well as the pre-sterilization procedure and disinfection of dental instruments.

The sizes of ultrasonic trays of this manufacturer are quite compact, they are equipped with a stainless steel tank. The timer is designed for 10 minutes. The design of the bath of this brand is equipped with a 40-watt piezo-ceramic converter. The undoubted advantages of this device are:

  • High quality materials.
  • Automated control.
  • Cleanable tools can be placed directly on the bottom of the tank.

Worth Euronda from 18,500 rubles.

Soltec S.R.L

Suitable for presterilizing cleaning prostheses. The device works on the innovative system Sweep, in which ultrasonic waves of three frequencies are used. This cleaning method allows to achieve maximum results.

ultrasonic bath for cleaning prostheses

The device has a membrane control panel and an electronic timer designed for a 15-minute cycle of operation. Heating is up to 60 degrees. The cost of an ultrasonic bath for cleaning dentures of this manufacturer is much higher than the previous options - 56 thousand rubles.


The manufacturer offers trays for presterilizing treatment and cleaning of prostheses and dental instruments.The main feature of the device of this company is the frequency modulation mode. Thus, cleaning can occur in the most optimal way. Pathogenic microorganisms are subject to elimination even in the hidden and internal cavities of the denture.

The price of ultrasonic trays is of interest to many. We will consider it.

The device is equipped with a timer and provides for the regulation of temperature. The body is made using stainless steel, which makes it resistant to rust and fungi. The display shows the remaining cleaning time. The device is well equipped. The cost is about 44 thousand rubles.


The dimensions of the devices from this manufacturer are quite small, which makes them compact and convenient. The device is equipped with a special basket for tools that ensures the safety of the tank flask. Its cost is relatively low and amounts to 7,100 rubles.ultrasonic bath Price


Specializes in cleaning tools even the most complex configuration. Effectively disinfects and cleans dentures without the use of potent agents. The ultrasonic generator is included in the package.The device works on environmentally friendly technologies. Details and components of the ultrasonic bath for cleaning prostheses are made without dismantling.

High cleaning efficiency is achieved through a high-performance ultrasound transducer. The unique technology allows you to evenly distribute the waves of ultrasound in the solution. The price of the device reaches 22 thousand rubles.

"Ferroplast Medical"

The device is of different capacity, the largest - 27 liters, equipped with a heater. The device is suitable for presterilizing processing of dental instruments and dental prostheses. Able to clean the pollution of various origins, including mechanical, biological and medicinal. Suitable for disinfecting metal and glass instruments.

ultrasonic bath for cleaning dentures

Inside the tank is a metal grill for tools. The body is made of stainless steel. The price of the device reaches 37 thousand rubles.


This new generation of ultrasonic trays from the digital series. The advantages of this device are:

  • Increased tightness.
  • Large viewing window.
  • Innovative case design.

The cost of the device is 3100 rubles, which makes it very affordable and attractive.


Instruments originally from Italy. The electromechanical timer implies a time range of up to 30 minutes. The solution does not heat up. The cost is about 65 thousand rubles.

We reviewed the most popular ultrasonic baths for cleaning dentures.

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