Treatment of lichen in cats is important and necessary

Such a disease, as in cats, is foundquite often, especially in stray individuals. It can cause two kinds of fungi: trichophyton and microsporone. The incubation period can last from 1 week to a month. The disease is quite contagious and easily transmitted from the diseased animal to another. Infection is possible and through litter, toys and other similar items, as well as soil, because spores of the fungus remain for a very long time - up to several years. People who care for cats, stricken with lichen, so as not to become infected, you must follow all known rules of hygiene.

Before starting treatment of lichen in cats,clarify the diagnosis by contacting a veterinary clinic. This disease has a lot of similarities with some other skin diseases, so it's very difficult to determine which of them has arisen from your pet. To make a diagnosis, experts are assigned to conduct such studies:

  • analysis of urine and blood;
  • study of wool with a microscope;
  • sowing.

A typical sign of the occurrence of lichen is bald patches that have a rounded shape. The skin in the lesions looks somewhat inflamed and, as it were, covered with scales.

Treatment of lichen in cats can continuelong enough because of the possibility of repeated infection and high viability of fungal spores. To treat affected areas, many experts recommend using the "Yam" ointment, salicylic ointment or alcohol solution of iodine. All of the above means should be applied from the edges to the center. Often, veterinarians prescribe the use of various ointments, the composition of which depends on the condition of the cat and is prepared individually. Apply and special shampoos.

Treatment of lichens in cats is carried out by suchspecific means as a vaccine against dermatomycosis - Microderm, Vakderm and others. But they are used as an additional means. Vitamins are prescribed, which will help to increase the immunity of the animal.

Antibiotic griseofulvin given with food. It gives a good effect, but it should be remembered that when using it, it is necessary to conduct blood tests to avoid side effects. If the cat is pregnant, then even before the start of treatment should be told this to the vet. Treatment of lichen in cats involves the use of other drugs, which include ketoconazole and itraconazole.

If the diagnosis of ringworm is confirmedcats, treatment should be combined with a thorough cleaning of the room, where there is a sick animal. This is necessary to avoid re-infection. All the items used by the diseased animal must be disinfected, and if there is not much need for them, it is better to discard them. Qualitatively carried out cleaning with a vacuum cleaner and disinfectants, will get rid of most fungal spores.

Many cat lovers prefer the method of vaccination. It can be used for systemic treatment of ringworm or as a preventive agent.

How to treat deprivation in cats, of course, decides the owner,but the advice of a veterinarian will help to cope with this ailment much faster. As a prevention of this unpleasant disease, contacts with stray animals should be excluded. Lishay often appear in young cats or kittens, whose immunity is weakened, so it is very important to pay attention to the proper organization of a balanced diet of your pet and monitor his health. Currently, there are feeds, which contain additives that have a beneficial effect on the protective functions of the animal's skin.

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Treatment of lichen in cats is important and necessary Treatment of lichen in cats is important and necessary Treatment of lichen in cats is important and necessary Treatment of lichen in cats is important and necessary Treatment of lichen in cats is important and necessary