Top 10 fastest cars in the world

The production of cars is a process,requiring high costs. Because of the decent price, many luxury supercars are issued in a number of pieces. Many of them can be found only at exhibitions. However, many leaders of our Top of the vehicles are serial representatives of their manufacturers.

Car lovers have always been interested in the question:"What is the fastest car?" We have selected for you a list of models of world automotive companies that are leading in speed characteristics. The names of many "beauties" you probably know ... And if not - our article for you!

№10: the car with the unique engine Noble M60

At the end of the list of the fastest carshoused a car manufactured in Britain Nuble M600. With this monster will cope only a professional rider. Due to the frequency of vibration at high speed, the behavior of the car requires a high concentration of the driver. One of the features of the supercar is the motor casing, which is made of stainless steel and carbon alloy.

The engine Yamaha engineers worked on is unique. Electronic filling allows the motor to have different power (450, 550 and 650 horsepower).

This medium-engine vehicle worth 330 000 $ accelerates to 362 kilometers per hour. Thanks to this, he was among the ten fastest cars in the world.

No. 9: Italian Pagani Huayra

sports car Pagani Huayra

The only representative of the Italians in our Top is on the penultimate place.

Pagani Huayra confidently develops its ownmaximum 370 kilometers per hour, with a mark of 100 km / h, he overcomes in 3 seconds. The automaker equips its offspring with the engine Mercedes-AMG, which has a capacity of 720 horsepower.

Huayra, translated from the ancient language of the Incas, means"wind". Auto attracts the looks to yourself with a truly original body design. Remotely resembles the Porsche Carrera GT, which, despite its performance, did not make it into the Top 10 fastest cars in the world.

A distinctive feature of Huayra, however, like allrepresentatives of Pagani, is a body that is completely made of carbon fiber. Such a constructive solution allowed the developers to reduce the weight of the machine to almost one ton.

№8: powerful Zenvo ST1

sports car Zenvo ST1

Hypercar Zenvo ST1 with a motor in 1205 horsesoccupies the 8th place. The developers created only 15 units of the car industry representative in Zealand. Due to limited circulation, demand among elite sports car lovers is very high.

A feature of this machine is the possibilitydisable the electronic control, which, in turn, will allow the engine to show the true power of the "herd of horses". The stunning look of this "monster" draws the attention of every passer-by.

№7: car with a gold motor McLaren F1

sports car McLaren F1

In the Top of the fastest cars entered and McLaren F. Sportcar has a memorable modern design, the cost of which is impressive: 970 000 $. The racing car of British manufacturers until 2005 was considered the fastest in the world. The sports version accelerates to 386 kilometers per hour in the presence of 627 horsepower.

The engine engine has a unique layout,if compared with other representatives of the sport class. The motor is ideally located in the center. And the unit itself is covered with a film of gold. This is done for better heat dissipation.

An interesting fact about the model. The rarest color of the McLaren F1 body is yellow. In the whole world there is only one car of this color, which was sold at auction for 1.7 million dollars.

№6: beautiful Koenigsegg CCX

Car Koenigsegg CCX

Sixth place is occupied by one of the most beautifulmachines of the world - Koenigsegg CCX. Although the beauty of this car does not prevent him from being considered one of the fastest. The model was made specifically for the implementation in the United States, therefore, meets all the requirements of American motorists. The only thing that the Americans found fault with is the high cost of a sports car - half a million dollars. Speed ​​limits are limited to 370 kilometers per hour. The first versions of the model developed 405 km / h, but because of the owners' complaints about the insufficient clamping force the manufacturer installed a rear spoiler made of carbon fiber, which improved this figure, but the maximum speed of the supercar decreased.

No. 5: German Porshe 9ffGT9-R

car Porshe 9ffGT9-R

The second half of Top opens the monster Porshe 9ffGT9-R. Again we have a representative of tuning, only the German automotive industry. This Porsche is the fastest production car of the company. His characteristics are as impressive as those of the previous handsome men. The engine with a capacity of 1120 horses accelerates the device to 414 kilometers per hour. The appearance of the car is truly elegant and beautiful due to its shapes and bends. The company managed to reduce the weight of GT9-R to 1600 kilograms due to CFRP and composite materials. German carmakers have always been famous for the quality and beauty of their cars.

# 4: auto for pros SSC Ultimate Aero

car SSC Ultimate Aero

The first representative of American production -SSC Ultimate Aero - entrenched in the fourth place of our top ten fastest cars. At maximum speed, the sports car did not reach the Frenchman, think only 1 km / h. This car, as the producers assure, not everyone will be able to control. Only professional drivers will be able to cope with a 6-liter engine with a capacity of 1287 forces. Acceleration to 100 kilometers per hour takes a little less than 3 seconds. The appearance of this handsome man is remembered. Elegant non-standard opening of the doors makes it special in its own way.

The most interesting thing is that this representative of our Top was "stolen" from the Lamborghini Diablo chassis. You can even notice the external similarity of sports cars.

№3: ceramic Bugatti Veyron Super Sport

car Bugatti Veyron Super Sport

Frenchman Buggati Veyron Super Sport by rightreceives bronze. His technical performance is only a small fraction of the worse than the representative of the American tuning. Hypercar, whose cost is $ 2,400,000, with a 1,200 horsepower engine reaches a speed of 431 kilometers per hour.

In 2010, this model established itsspeed record and was considered the fastest production car in the world. The production of this version of Buggati is complete. For all the time the manufacturer was able to sell 450 units of Veyron. If you decide to become the owner of Super Sport, the company will send you to a special driving school for learning to ride a monocoque from the French.

This car is known to a huge number of people, because its name was on hearing for many years. Each car collector wanted to have a copy painted in ceramics in the garage.

№2: the miracle of tuning Hennessey Venom GT

Hennessey Venom GT car

In second place is the product of the Americantuning company Hennesey Performance Engineering. The company specializes in changing production cars. Hennessey Venom GT is based on the well-known Lotus Exige. Employees of the tuning studio were able to place in the sports car engine from Chevrolet Corvett ZR1 with small improvements in performance. This vehicle accelerates to the limit of 435 km / h, which in its own way makes it one of the fastest cars. In comparison with the power of our top leader, Hennesey Venom GT is inferior to 260 horsepower. If you have expressed a desire to buy a miracle of a tuning company, you will have to spend about 1 million US dollars.

# 1: ultra-fast Bugatti Chiron

used car Bugatti Chiron

On the first place of our list has settleda representative of the well-known French company Bugatti. This automaker has long been a leader among the manufacturers of sports cars. The concern specializes exclusively in passenger cars with a large supply of horsepower.

Bugatti Chiron 2017 to date isthe fastest luxury car in the world. This sports car accelerates to 463 km / h. The most amazing thing that spends handsome on this is just over 3 seconds. All these figures are achieved thanks to a 16-cylinder engine with a capacity of about 1500 horsepower. Not surprisingly, the cost of this device is almost $ 3 million.

It is noteworthy that even a non-professional racer can manage this car. Automatic speed control systems themselves recognize the manner of driving the driver and adjust the performance of the car.

Separately, we need to talk about one featuremonocoque from Bugatti. The wing, which the manufacturers have designed, is automatically adjusted according to the speed of the car. Along with this, it is an aerodynamic brake.

The thirst for speed is what drives allmanufacturers of sports cars. Imagine for a second: before people moved at a speed of less than 30 kilometers per hour, and for them it was considered insane. In the modern world, cars can reach speeds of up to 500 km / h. Although this is by no means the limit in the presence of models overcoming the speed of sound. But this is the topic of another conversation.

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