Biography of Timofey Bazhenov

Timofey Timofeevich Bazhenov is a journalist, naturalist, zoologist, author and broadcaster about wildlife, telling about amazing facts, adventurous adventures and incredible experiments.
Animal lover - Timofey BazhenovAnimal lover - Timofey Bazhenov
With his participation, filmed more than five hundred unique scenes, including one of a kind footage of the birth of a lynx, a snake bite, communication with polar bears. Many viewers admire the courage and ingenuity of the presenter, the ease of dealing with wild animals, but there are also those who call him a liar who uses deception and forgery in the programs.

Childhood Timofey Bazhenov

The future TV host was born in Moscow on January 25, 1976 in a family of journalists. His mother was engaged in upbringing and grandmother, a former doctor. Father left the family when Tim was still a child. And it happened after his mother was in a car accident, in which her face was severely disfigured: her nose was blown off. Therefore, this act son can not forgive his father to this day.
Journalist Timofey BazhenovJournalist Timofey Bazhenov
According to Timofey, he studied poorly at school, felt like in prison, and, in his words, “the fascism of his teachers was comparable only to fascism in the dungeons of the NKVD”.
Before the third grade, he didn’t have any friends at all because the teacher called him the smallest in the classroom and promised to donate a nipple. But he loved physical labor, especially carpentry. In particular, at the age of 9, he allegedly independently built a steam room in the bathhouse in the country.
Despite the allegedly poor academic performance and terrible cruelty of teachers, after school the young man successfully entered the journalism department of Moscow State University, but to the evening department, which he graduated in 1998 with a red diploma. At the same time he studied at the biological faculty of this prestigious university, where he did not become an excellent student.

The beginning of the career of Timofey Bazhenov

As a student, Bazhenov worked as an animal trainer, radioed a music program, was a special correspondent for Radio Russia, and a news officer for Golos Rossii. After graduating from the journalism department, he was accepted on the NTV channel.
Timofey Bazhenov’s height - 178 cmTimofey Bazhenov’s height - 178 cm
On television, Timofey mastered many professions - the administrator, the prompter, the announcer, the assistant director.He took part in the creation of the programs “The other day”, “Results”, “To press”, “Press rating” and others.
For the “Today” program, the reporter filmed reports in hot spots, was injured, was captured. Subsequently, in an interview, he enthusiastically spoke about the war, called it "male entertainment" and refuted the existing belief that participation in hostilities, the proximity of death leaves an imprint on the psyche and makes people "crazy."
Timofey Bazhenov began with reports from hot spotsTimofey Bazhenov began with reports from hot spots
The TV reporter considers Vladimir Kulistikov, the general director of the NTV television company, Tatyana Mitkova, the chief editor of the Information Service of this channel, Oleg Dobrodeyev, the general director of the All-Russian State Television and Radio Broadcasting Company Radio Company, to be their teachers.

Timofey Bazhenov and animal programs

Since the mid-2000s, the journalist has devoted himself to the creation of television programs and documentaries about animals. Since 2003, for seven years in a series of programs on the NTN Wild World, he has provided television viewers with the opportunity to observe the life of birds and animals. For example, to see how a bear sucks its paw, a bear feeds cubs, a newborn lynx is born.
The fascinating video allowed the Russians to witness the expedition's stay in the wild, to enjoy its beauty, untouched by civilization, to receive recommendations for survival in extreme conditions. Each of about 300 films produced during this period told about the fauna of various parts of our Motherland.
Timofey Bazhenov in the Wild World programTimofey Bazhenov in the Wild World program
At the same time, until 2010, Bazhenov led the author's project for children, The Tales of Bazhenov, which also enjoyed continued popularity among many viewers. His heroes were wounded animals, which he brought from expeditions to his dacha. There he was engaged in their treatment and training.
The scenarios of fairy tales were written by Tatyana Ivanova, Timofey's mother. After the program was closed, the majority of animals were transferred by the journalist to the zoos, but Tim Vay left the raven, who can imitate his mother's voice.

Personal life of Timofey Bazhenov

The journalist is not married. He explains the reason for the absence of a stamp in the passport by the fact that he is very freedom-loving, and is recognized in the existence of frequent “rotation” of women in his life.
Timofey Bazhenov is not married yetTimofey Bazhenov is not married yet
Due to the employment of Timothy in his relationship with the chosen one, there is usually no period of courtship and romantic dates. He prefers to go straight to physical proximity.
And the novels he gets only with beautiful, educated and intelligent female representatives, but not necessarily - younger than him. According to Bazhenov, a woman may be ten years older than him.
Timofey loves to repair cars, do wood carving, and tattoo. He believes that tattoos make it much more attractive, increasing many times the number of beauties who want to sleep with him.
The whole truth about tattoos Timofey Bazhenov
In the future, he intends to link his fate once and for all with a woman who will meet certain criteria. Their content he chose to leave secret.

Timofey Bazhenov now

In 2010, the journalist ceased cooperation with NTV and returned to the All-Russia State Television and Radio Broadcasting Company, where he continued his career as a leading adventure adventure, full of extreme, educational program “Rating Timofey Bazhenov”
Rating Bazhenov. Alone with a pack
TV show, positioned as a dangerous game for adults,It includes 6 cycles of films devoted to the issues of human survival, experiments on the human body, interaction with dangerous animals, in particular, with the viper, man-eating tigers, polar bears.
The author of the project demonstrates various unique, life-threatening tricks on himself, doing incredible experiments like walking on hot coals, freeing from a suspended state or a closed tank, surviving in the forest, explaining the mysteries of nature from a scientific point of view, striking the audience with its capabilities and numerous tattoos on tele.
Timofey Bazhenov’s “Could Be Worse” transmission cycle - for thrill-seekersTimofey Bazhenov’s “Could Be Worse” transmission cycle - for thrill-seekers
In October 2015, Timofey attended the opening of protein feeders at the VDNKh, which are designed to help increase the population of these animals. He spoke with their first guest, a little squirrel, told the audience about products that squirrels like, like other rodents: lard, meat, cottage cheese, honey.

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