The project does not open after a computer crash.

Comp hang tightly (this particular computer hangs every time you insert a flash drive). Well, I pressed the reset (after a minute before it was saved), it used to help - it rebooted and then I work. And then - when the Prime Minister opened the project, the error “the project cannot be opened for it seems to be damaged” (my free translation). Other projects open normally, and this weekly work around the clock. So I looked that the projects of the premiere are a regular hypertext file that contains tags that carry information about each clip, that is, such a project file can be opened with a notebook or any other text editor, which I did. If in a "healthy" project the file is complete - there are all opening and closing tags, then in this (bit) squares after a certain place have gone ... The file itself takes about 25 MB but the text in it is not more than 100 KB (well, something like an empty premiers ’project) Probably it means that the rest is irretrievably lost? Now the actual questions: This is the end :-( ? Is it possible to somehow restore such a project (importing this project into a new one does not help)? Maybe there are some special utilities, namely for APPro to restore project files? To resort to the help of standard data recovery (such as EasyRecovery)? I have not yet resorted, because after them nothing can be precisely restored. Maybe Premier somewhere saves any backup, old version or avtoseyva? (I still managed to click the Save button) If so, how to get it? Does the prime minister save everything in one file, or maybe there are files for each time-file somewhere? (actually timelines interest me the most) Again, then how to find and open it? Sorry, please, for the amount of text and, perhaps, stupid arguments about the nature of the première project, but I know from experience that it is necessary to get to the bottom of such details - it can help or push the adviser to what reflections ... I would be very grateful for any advice or just an idea ... You see, how important it is ...
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Answered on October 10, 2015 11:36
1) Do not write anything more to disk! 2) Do you remember any words from the missing part? Type the name of the clip, etc.? If so, then run dskprobe.exe (available in all Windows - just start-> execute -> ...), select the logical drive and search for a keyword by sector.(Typical tags from the project file can be used as a keyword). The file is plain text, so it will be easy to assemble from the pieces. If the disk was slightly fragmented, then most likely the missing pieces will go in a row. 1) Menu Drives-> Logical Volume 2) double click on the drive letter, then press the [Set Active] and [OK] buttons 3) in the icons you press the magnifying glass, put a daw on "Exhaustive Search" (it will search for a long time, but it will not miss it). CharacterType leave ASCII. 4) in the bottom line you write the text from the project (better - English, with Russian letters is not very clear ...) 5) If the disk is big, go to bed ...)) 6) Found it - write down the sector number in order to search further from it, and not from scratch. 7) Menu Sectors-> Read set the found sector and below: 4096 (how many sectors to read, 4096 is the maximum of the dummy buffer) - this is 2 megabytes! 8) read several sectors with buttons> and> | - read the last one. 9) if this is the same infa, then click the floppy disk and write all the read sectors into the file (the proposed extension does not matter - then change it to .txt) We repeat the procedure, increasing the offset of the sectors, until we find everything. If you're lucky, and all the info went in a row on the disk, then after the first long search, the whole procedure will take 5-10 minutes.Well, and then - glue the files, view completely on the subject of garbage pieces from unnecessary sectors in the middle. If you scrap a huge file, you can give it the extension .xml, then it will open with Internet Explorer, which will show all the errors with tags inside the file. Then, of course, change to .prproj if it doesn't work out, then use the Project Repair Toolbox utility. Good luck.

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