"The Pool" (Sokolniki): reviews from photos:

One type of entertainment that is nowis experiencing a renaissance - a swimming pool. Sokolniki in Moscow became one of the first who succumbed to a new trend. In the park on the site of the former "Dolphin", the territory of which has been abandoned for a long time, an ultramodern complex has been created, functioning only in the summer.

"The Pool"

basin falconers

Previously, there was an openpool. Sokolniki were famous for their "Dolphin", which in summer formed around itself a beach area for recreation. After the collapse of the Soviet Union, the territory came to desolation and for a long time was not used. The leadership of the Eastern District of the capital recently decided that such a large amount of space should not be lost.

As a result, the "The Pool" appeared here,which included just two large swimming pools, clubs for yoga and aerobics, play and sports zones. In addition, there are cafes, showers, changing rooms - in short, all the necessary infrastructure for recreation. There is also a veranda, which can accommodate about 200 people.

Working hours

pool in the falconers

It is worth noting that the pool in Sokolnikiworks only in the summer season, in winter the coast freezes, and therefore is suitable except for fishing. But in the summer here you can visit daily from 9 to 22 hours. Since the number of seats is limited, visitors are invited to visit the pool and the surrounding area on a specific schedule: from 9 to 12 pm, from 12 to 16 and from 16 to 22.

You can visit a cafe with a veranda free of charge, andhere the entrance to the territory of the beach area still have to pay. If you are planning to rent a chaise longue and come here on a weekday, you will have to pay 400 rubles. If it is a weekend, the price of the visit will be 600 rubles. You can also take advantage of the special offer - the "Comfort" zone. The cost of recreation here on weekdays is 500 rubles, and on weekends - 800.

If you plan to visit the outdoor pool,Sokolniki is the best option, because it is here that one of the most modern artificial reservoirs is located. You can buy a ticket for the whole day for 1000-1400 rubles on weekdays and 1700-2100 rubles on weekends. For children the cost of the visit will be 500-600 rubles. If you take your child to 12 years old and do not plan to rent a chaise longue for him, rest on the beach will cost 150-200 rubles.

Rent of other equipment

If you plan to enjoy a first-classrest, but you do not want to go far from Moscow, it's best to visit the pool. Sokolniki work daily, trying to receive all their guests. In addition to renting sun loungers and entrance fees, visitors can rent additional equipment here at relatively low prices. For example, renting a ball for playing beach volleyball will cost 150 rubles per hour.

The cost of playing table tennis is about400 rubles for one hour. An hour of playing badminton, frisbee or backgammon will cost only 200 rubles. A towel and mattress for a chaise longue can be rented for 200/300 rubles (a session / all day). When renting any equipment, you will need to deposit a deposit that is from 300 to 500 rubles, depending on the service you have chosen. All funds are returned to the client after the equipment is returned in proper condition.

Why is the pool so popular?

"The Pool" in the park "Sokolniki" annuallyis filled with visitors who come here not only from Moscow, but also from the Moscow region. The main reason is availability and cleanliness. As of 2015, this recreational area is the only institution within the precincts of the capital, which has a beautifully organized recreation area by the pond.

Another fundamental difference of this basin -To enter, you do not need to provide a medical certificate, unlike many other institutions. In fact, to visit other basins, local administrations require from their visitors a certificate of absence of various diseases that can be transferred to other guests of the institution. Such a document can be prepared in advance at a polyclinic at the place of residence, you can also go through a medical examination right in the pool and get a certificate there, but it is more of a fictitious nature.

Guest Reviews

the pool in the falcon park

All those who visited the pool in Sokolniki,speak about it positively. The guests of the establishment especially highlight heating, which is included inside artificial ponds when the water slowly heats up under the open sky. High-quality cleaning systems work here without interruption, providing tourists with clean water, which, according to the visitors, is one of the advantages of the object under consideration.

The place where the super-modernThe swimming pool (Sokolniki), according to the guests, has a number of shortcomings. The main one is that there is a limited number of tickets for so-called "sessions" - not many people can be on the beach at the same time. The management of the complex explains the low throughput in that the beach needs timely and quality service, and if you increase the number of guests to perform all the necessary activities for this will be very difficult. In the future, the complex is planned to expand, but exact terms are not yet known.

And what else?

Rest zone «Z Pool» (Sokolniki), photowhich is presented on the page, is only part of the park, and its main task is to compensate for the lack of water bodies in the territory of the recreational institution. In addition to heated pools, here everyone can find for themselves something individual, interesting only to him.

On the beach and the whole complex worksWi-Fi, which is very important for those who always need to be in touch for work, as well as for those who like to publish photos from their holiday in social networks. Almost every day there are parties organized for the younger generation who gather here in the evenings, but they all end at the moment of closing the complex, and this is also partly a reason for discontent among the guests of the institution.

Sokolniki Park and swimming pool

z pool falconers photo

"The Pool" in the park "Sokolniki" has so farA small story, in contrast to the territory that surrounds it. In the 16th century, in its place was a forest used by Ivan IV the Terrible and Tsar Alexei Mikhailovich for hunting. Then in the fun it was customary to use falcons, hence, presumably, the name of today's park appeared. Another autocrat, Peter I, cut through a clearing, where festivals and festivities were often held, today it bears the name of Maysky prosek.

The pool itself appeared here soon afterGreat Patriotic War. The exact date of its construction is not, because it was erected in several stages. At that time the reservoir was built for various competitions on the water, but later on the idea of ​​the park management had to be abandoned - it was too much for the locals.

How to get there?

pool falconers address

Many guests of the capital are interested in the openswimming pool in Sokolniki. How to get to it? This question is especially urgent for those who have never been to Moscow before. The answer is simple: first you have to get to Sokolnichesky Park, and it's most convenient to do it with the help of the Moscow metro, you just need to get to Sokolniki station, located on the line with the same name.

You can also use electric trains,plying in the Yaroslavl direction. It will be necessary to reach the station "Malenkovskaya" or "Moscow-3". Next to the park there are tram lines №№ 4, 11, 25, and also buses №№ 40, 75, 122, 140, 239, 265, 783.

It should be remembered that the area in whichthere is a swimming pool (Sokolniki), a park and nearby attractions, is located near the Riga railway station, so you can use any transport from which it is the final destination. Accordingly, the services of holidaymakers and underground, you need to get to the station "Rizhskaya" Kaluzhsko-Rizhskaya line.

Where else do these objects exist?

 pool falconer park

Area in which the swimming pool is located - Sokolniki- is not the only one on the territory of Moscow, where there are similar recreation areas. However, all other reservoirs do not enjoy such popularity due to outdated infrastructure, poor quality of services provided, as well as unwillingness to change and meet their own guests.

In 2014, a number of newpools, which Muscovites and guests of the capital can also use at any time. It's about Luzhniki, Fili, Admiral and many other institutions. The cost of visiting each of them is best determined in advance, because it can vary in both large and small side.


"The Pool" (Sokolniki), whose address: st. Sokolnichesky Val, 1, page 1, does not work in winter. It is planned that in the summer of 2016 he will again open his doors to all comers. The district administration notes that, unfortunately, prices can not be avoided, but all because of the serious economic situation in the country. However, the management still plans to do without sudden tariff hikes. In the winter of 2015/2016. the administration plans to make a detailed analysis and calculations.

outdoor swimming pool in the falconry

It is planned that the complex will begin its work in thebeginning of May 2016 and will function until the end of September, but everything will depend on the climatic conditions. A rapidly changing climate can surprise residents of the capital, as happened in November 2015, when the air temperature rose sharply to a positive level, and for several days it was pouring rain. In 2016, the administration plans to increase the number of tickets for "sessions" and carry out a "rearrangement" on the territory of the complex, using absolutely all available areas. All the services offered will be accessible to visitors. Next to the pool there is also a fitness club where you can improve your health under the supervision of professional coaches-athletes.

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