Biography of Alexander Feklistov

Alexander Feklistov is an actor, in the filmography of which you can easily find a huge number of wonderful roles. During his career, he starred in comedies, action films, dramatic films, as well as in films of other very different genres. Such versatility has made our today's hero a popular and respected actor. And at the same time - the main characters of our new biographical article.

The early years, childhood and the family of Alexander Feklistov

Alexander Feklistov was born on December 7, 1955 in the city above the Neva, which at that time was called Leningrad. In childhood, he was the most ordinary child. And his only distinguishing feature was his passion for acting. He loved theater and loved movies. That is why our today's hero began to dream about the career of a professional actor very, very early.
Alexander's father was a military man, so the family often moved.And my mother worked in the library. Soon the family moved to Moscow. The boy attended school number 773.
Dreams of a successful career in the world of art led a young guy to the studio of a famous actor Vyacheslav Spesivtsev. In this place he studied and worked at the same time. This state of affairs persisted for six years.
Alexander Feklistov from childhood dreamed of becoming an actorAlexander Feklistov from childhood dreamed of becoming an actor
Leaving the Spesivtsev Theater Studio, our today's hero decided to immediately get a job in some more prestigious theater. Feklistov knocked the thresholds, often went to auditions, but everywhere and everywhere I heard the same thing: “Thank you, we will call you.” However, calls after this, of course, did not follow.
The young actor was slowly losing faith in himself, and with her, precious time. As a result, Alexander Feklistov decided outright tried to enroll in some theatrical university. But here, too, he began to receive rejections one by one. As a result, he lost a whole year, during which he was interrupted by odd jobs.
Only in the next introductory campaign did Alexander Feklistov manage to finally enter the Higher Educational Institution.Such was the prestigious Moscow Art Theater School-Studio, where the young actor began to study on the course of Oleg Efremov. By the way, one of the most beloved actors of Feklistov, Andrei Myagkov, was an acting teacher here. It was during this period that our today's hero forgot all the past and began to think that all this was destiny!
Alexander Feklistov and Lyudmila Artemyeva - No Cool
The young actor was happy to be among the recognized masters, and therefore in all classes laid out with particular diligence. While studying at the Moscow Art Theater, Feklistov was remembered as one of the most ambitious students. He tried to change the approach to theatrical roles, and therefore very soon became a prominent person in the whole theater.

Career of actor Alexander Feklistov, theater and filmography

Our today's hero received a diploma of graduation from the Moscow Art Theater School in 1982, after which he was immediately accepted into the Moscow Art Academic Theater. On the local scene, Alexander Feklistov performed a great many wonderful roles. “Days of the Turbins,” “Leaving, look around,” “Ball by candlelight”, “Ghosts among us”, “Pikwick Club” - all this is not a complete list of the roles of a wonderful Russian actor.In addition, throughout his career, Alexander Feklistov often played in entrepreneurial performances, and also appeared on the stage of some other theaters. Such versatility made him a prominent personality in theatrical environment. And also brought him many prestigious awards.
In 1993, Alexander won the Crystal Rose Award, which was awarded to him for his role in the play Nizhinsky. After that, he also received the Golden Mask for staging Bashmachkin, and then the Chaika Award for his role in Hamlet. In addition, his collection has the Smoktunovsky Prize, as well as some other awards.
No less vivid was also the career of Alexander Feklistov in the world of cinema. Among his best works, played at different stages of his career, there are such tapes as “Love with privileges”, “Year of the Dog”, “Moscow Nights”, “In August 44th”, “Fall Up”, as well as some other tapes. In addition, great actor fame also brought roles in various TV shows. Among those, we will highlight the television projects Imperia Under Attack, Katya: Military History, as well as the three seasons of the successful comedy series Swat, where our today's hero played with Fyodor Dobronravov, Tatiana Kravchenko and Lyudmila Artemieva.
Boris Pasternak "On the Passion" - reads Alexander Feklistov
Among the best screen works of a talented Petersburg actor, the stand-alone film Chekhov and Co., in which Alexander Feklistov managed to realize himself not only as an actor, but also as a screenwriter and director, is particularly worth mentioning. The project received quite high ratings. Warm reviews also received the work of our today's hero. However, despite this, Alexander Vasilyevich did not work more as a director and screenwriter. The reason for this decision is not known.

Alexander Feklistov is currently

Currently, the talented Petersburg actor continues to work in the field of Russian theater and cinematographic art. He plays in entrepreneurial performances, and also often appears on television screens.
Alexander Feklistov and Lyudmila ArtemyevaAlexander Feklistov and Lyudmila Artemyeva
Among his most notable works from the last period are the fantastic film “The Inhabited Island”, the lyrical drama “Not Like All”, as well as the popular series “The Last of the Magikians”, “The Diary of Doctor Zaitseva”, “Yalta-45” and some other projects.At the time of writing this article, the last work in the career of Alexander Feklistov was the sixth season of the "Swat" mentioned above. On the new works of our today's hero, while nothing is known.

The personal life of Alexander Feklistov

Relatively little is known about actor’s family relationships. Feklistov is married to a woman named Elena. The spouse of Alexander Vasilyevich works as an economist on Russian television. He has three children and a grandson, who gave him the eldest daughter. In addition, the family has a favorite dog - Nyosh's pooch.
According to the family of the actor, in life he is a real intellectual. To communicate with him is very nice. Therefore, a huge number of friends always hover around Alexander.

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