The most interesting ways to cook pork liver

Offal is very varied list of both everyday and festive dishes. We will not mention costly "details" like language or absolutely completely base types of udder and abomasum. However, the habitual liver can decorate the table for everyone, as it is possible to prepare the liver (pork, chicken, beef) in many different ways. And every time we get an amazing and consistently successful result!how to cook pork liver

Features cooking pork liver

It is considered tougher and less tender than chicken, so some chefs neglect it. And it is in vain, because there are tricks that contribute to "softening" of her character. Just before you cook the pork liver, you can, first of all, soak it in milk. In half an hour she will not yield anything to the chicken. Secondly, salt the liver should be just before removing from the stove - salt under the influence of temperature makes it less plastic.Thirdly, no longitudinal cuts - we cut only across the fibers. And fourth, it is necessary to fry the liver very quickly. Perederzhal on the pan - got the sole.

Experienced chefs do not recommend abusing spices when “talking” to the liver. Her own taste is quite pronounced, but unobtrusive, bright seasoning will kill him.liver pork recipes

Just fry

One of the most popular ways to cook pork liver is to fry it. It is also the fastest and least time consuming. To make it tasty, it is better to soak the liver for an hour and a half in cold water, wash it and cut it into small, long pieces. The grated carrot and medium-sized onion, chopped with ringlets, are fried almost until ready in sunflower oil (about four minutes). They put the liver and roast until thick brown. Then water (possibly, with the addition of sour cream or mayonnaise) is poured in such a quantity that the liquid covers both the liver and vegetables. When it boils, stew until the roast pork liver is soft. It is necessary to interfere during frying and preferably - when extinguishing. Salt, of course, must be at the end of cooking.fried pork liver

Pork liver under sour cream

Among all the options how to cook pork liver, one of the most successful is the use of sour cream. What is good about this method is that it is not necessary to soak the liver in milk for a long time. Beforehand it is necessary to fry the rings (or, if the heads are large, half-rings) of the onion. Peeled and salted slices of prepared liver crumble in flour, laid out directly on the onion and quickly fried. When the pieces become a beautiful brown color, fat sour cream is added, the container is covered with a lid and stewed for another five minutes. Shortly before switching off, it is nice to add dill or other herbs that are not too bright-smelling.

Liver chops

If someone does not know - they are very well obtained from pork liver. However, before you cook the pork liver in the form of chops, it must be well washed, remove the film and put in half an hour in milk. His 350 g of liver will need about half a liter. Each piece of offal after “milk aging” must be carefully, without agiotage, beat off and dip into batter. It is made from two eggs, beaten with salt, pepper,four spoons of milk and the same amount of wheat flour. Soaked in batter slices are fried in a hot frying pan to a beloved curvy crust. Chops are juicy, soft and very "liver".pork liver pate

Liver Casserole

However, roasting does not exhaust the methods by which pork liver can be cooked. Recipes can be implemented and other culinary activities. One of them begins (but does not end there!) With boiling the liver. Her 200 grams are laid in boiling water, in which carrot, cut into quarters, salt, lavrushka and allspice-peas are added. When the liver is cooked and slightly cooled, it is cut in small pieces. These slices should be laid out in a pan, greased with butter (and not vegetable!) Butter. On them are exactly laid out plates of 2 cloves of garlic. You can also pepper if you wish. From above, the future “cake” is sprinkled with breadcrumbs and baked in a well heated oven.

Liver paste

Most often it is made from chicken offal. However, the pork liver pate is also very tasty and easy to prepare.For its production, a pound of liver is taken, which must be coarsely chopped, put in a pan with cold water and cooked. Please note: pork liver cooks pretty quickly, and in the digested state loses its taste. Therefore, readiness is checked regularly. A pair of large onions is chopped into 4-6 parts and fried in sunflower oil. First, through a blender (or through a meat grinder, but this is worse, it will have to be used twice) only the liver passes, then onions, seasonings and 100 g of butter are added. If desired, you can add garlic, but many people don’t like it in the pate. All components are again passed through a meat grinder or blender - and you can smear the pie on bread.

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