The meaning of the name Melissa for a girl

Parents who pick up the name of their daughter, faced with a huge list of names. Many of them are very worthy, noble and beautiful, and therefore the choice is truly complex. This article will be devoted to only one option from this grand list - the name of Melissa.

meaning of the name Melissa

Origin and meaning

There are a great many names, whose origins are so ancient that it is truly unknown when and where they appeared. The name Melissa is not one of those. About him it is possible to say with certainty that his homeland is Greece. The literal meaning of the name Melissa is "bee." However, there is no way to limit it to one translation, without explanation. To adequately understand the meaning of the name Melissa, you need to tell a little about who the bees were for the ancient Greeks. And they were none other than the embodiment of the nymphs. Therefore, they were treated as sacred creatures. Melissa was also called the mother-progenitress of all bees and revered as a deity. This pagan meaning of the name Melissa played a significant role in the history. In Islam and Christianity, it is practically not common.The only exception is Turkey, in which this word has the only correlation with the plant of the same name. Therefore, in the Islamic culture of Turkey, the name Melissa is considered legal. Often, by the way, this name is called pets. However, the meaning of the name Melissa for a cat, even red and similar to a bee, comes down simply to a beautiful nickname and no more. Still, this is a human name.

meaning of the name melissa for a girl

Characteristics of the child

The meaning of the name Melissa for a girl is already evident in the very early years and it lies in the fact that the baby is an extremely sociable, charming and mobile girl. She is very emotional and even somewhat impulsive, which makes her sometimes hot-tempered. So, if she does not like something, she will demonstrate it very vividly and declare her opinion. Among the girlfriends Melissa is the soul of the company and a small "lighter". And in relationships with parents, he demonstrates exemplary obedience and humility. The meaning of the name Melissa is also revealed in a special manner to interact with older people - she will never be capricious and demand something from them, on the contrary, she always has a constructive dialogue and understands the word "no."Of particular importance in the girl's life is her mother, who becomes for her the most important guideline in life and an example to follow. The negative side of this closeness is that Melissa, without thinking, copies not only the good, but also the bad features of her mother. Therefore, parents should be very careful and always be aware of what they are doing and what they say. The meaning of the name Melissa for a child is also manifested in the fact that once she becomes accustomed to a certain kind of action or thought, she will be faithful to her chosen style for the rest of her life. That is why it is very important in childhood to lay the best qualities and concepts in the character and temperament of a girl. This will save her from many mistakes and troubles in the future. Otherwise, that is, if the baby absorbs something bad, it will be incredibly difficult to correct the situation.

meaning of the name melissa for a child

Youth, youth and maturity

Having matured, a girl named Melissa turns into an extremely assertive and goal-oriented person with an iron grip. Her behavior is rather extravagant, atypical, and therefore she almost always stands out from the crowd.The significance of the name Melissa at this age is also manifested in the fact that the girl is very friendly and always inclined to provide new people with considerable credibility in her life. Appreciates such qualities as sincerity, sincerity, good nature and cheerfulness. All this she herself fully possesses. Melissa would never allow herself to use people as improvised material for any selfish or selfish purposes. On the contrary, always trying to build relationships and communication on the basis of mutual sympathy and respect.

Of great importance for the life of the girl plays an active part in public life. She is always an active participant in events, and you can meet her anywhere - from a nightclub to a scientific conference, from a friendly party to a museum and a theater. And everywhere she will be in the forefront. Such a pulse of life, a frequent change of scenery, an inexhaustible stream of new impressions is extremely important for a girl. Without all this, she will wither and fall into a depressed state. Therefore, her surroundings also consist of emotional, sociable people of an extrovertive type.She loves big companies and gladly makes new friends and girlfriends. However, the choice of a close social circle fits quite responsibly and simply does not allow people into it. To become an attorney for Melissa, you must pass the test of time and circumstances that would allow her to verify the reliability of a person. Only after that will she be able to uncover the hidden corners of her soul. However, she is not one of those girls whose number of best friends is close to one or two - she has much more of them. Every relationship Melissa sincerely values ​​and tries to maintain them, despite the time and distance.

meaning of melissa in islam

Character pluses

On the positive side, the meaning of the name Melissa is manifested in the fact that the girl is optimistic by nature and always looks to the future with hope. This gives her the strength to confront all the vicissitudes of fate in a difficult time. Melissa’s hands will never fail, and the word “despair” is unknown to her. The girl is a very reliable friend, comrade, who can both rejoice in the happiness of loved ones, and actively help in case of trouble. For weaker people, Melissa is always ready to become a support and consolation.She will never be exalted over anybody by any social status or any other advantages and superiority. On the contrary, always and with everyone tries to keep on an equal footing and help those who need help. Even in the event of a conflict, Melissa tries to spare the person’s self-esteem and very rarely, at the very least, falls into insults and personal transitions.

meaning of the name melissa diminutive

Cons character

The main minus of Melissa is her self-confidence. All other defects identified by name are, as a rule, its projections. This means that a girl should not only give out her advice and pester people with a proposal to help, but also weigh herself more soberly and, if necessary, turn to others for help.

Personal relationships

In love, as in life, Melissa is a man impulsive and emotional. The storm of feelings, figuratively speaking, loss of head and a very strong tendency to make mistakes - this is the meaning of the name Melissa. The diminutive sound of the name “Mila” also characterizes the girl in love well. She is really very nice, but, building her love, she too rarely turns to reason and too often forgets about common sense.

meaning of melissa for cat

A family

After marrying, the girl tries to hide in the shadow of her husband, giving him a place of leader and placing the burden of making important decisions. She herself arranges life, taking care of the emotional harmony and material comfort of her household. He does not like conflicts and by all means tries to avoid them.

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