The film "Hello and Farewell." Actors and roles

Soviet paintings about the village - it's absolutelyA unique genre of domestic cinema, in which the drama and comedy are concisely combined. The film "Hello and Farewell", the actors of which perfectly conveyed the atmosphere of rural life of the 70s of the last century, certainly will appeal to all lovers of good Soviet films

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From the film, we learn the history of a woman's life,the shoulders of which unexpectedly fall the whole burden of caring for three children, as her husband, in search of a better life, left his native village and completely forgot about the family. But soon a new person appears in the village. He is appointed district police. This man is gradually becoming a native person for the main character. Between them, love is born. But suddenly the prodigal husband returns unexpectedly and now the happiness of lovers is under threat.

The actors of the film "Hello and Farewell"

In the picture we see the best actors of the domesticCinema: Lyudmila Zaitseva (Shura Yarmolyuk), Oleg Efremov (Grigory Stepanovych Burov), Mikhail Kononov (Mitka Yarmolyuk), Natalia Gundareva (barman Nadia), Victor Pavlova (Vaska Senor), Alexandra Demyanenko (collective farm chairman), Borislav Brondukova (Rakov) .

It is thanks to their talented play, so touchesheart story of life and struggle for true love, told in the movie "Hello and Farewell." The actors performed their roles perfectly, giving their characters a characteristic trait, thanks to which they are remembered by the audience.

Hello and Farewell Actors

Lyudmila Zaitseva (Shura Yarmolyuk)

The actress was born on July 21, 1946. Place of birth is Eastern, Krasnodar Region. The family lived not rich. Parents were hereditary peasants, they worked day and night in the field and taught their daughter to work.

After finishing eight classes, Lyudmila was transferred toevening school. During the day she worked, and in the evenings attended training sessions. Even then the young girl dreamed of becoming an actress. That's why she decided to go to Moscow. There she received an offer to work in the Ryazan Youth Theater. Lyudmila agreed. Having worked in Ryazan until 1966, the actress has accumulated enough experience to enter the Theater School. Shchukin.

Film debates took place already in 1967, when Lyudmilawas a student. She played an episodic role in the melodrama of A. Konchalovsky "The story of Asya Klyachina, who loved, but did not marry." But the real rise of popularity occurred when the famous drama of S. Rostotsky "And the Dawns Here Are Quiet ..." appeared on the screens. Then the unconditional success in the role of Shura Yarmolyuk in "Hello and Farewell." The actors of this film (all without exception) performed their roles perfectly. Lyudmila Zaitseva is an ornament of a picture, an embodiment of respectability and dignity, morals and beauty.

Hello and Farewell Actors and RolesActress and now many are removed. If we talk about recent works, it can be seen in such films as "Agitbrigada", "Witch Doctor", "Tender May".

Oleg Efremov (Grigory Stepanovych Burov)

The artist was born in Moscow in 1927. Famous Arbat yards and corridors of a huge metropolitan commune were for Oleg Oleg a place to play all his childhood. In 1945, the future artist entered the acting department of the Moscow Art Theater School, graduating which for seven years he pleased young audiences on the stage of the Central Children's Theater.

And in 1956 he organized his own theater "Contemporary", where the thinking viewer could see the masterpieces of dramatic art, each of which, thanks to Efremov's talent, became a "theatrical hit".

In parallel with the work in the theater, this greatthe artist periodically appeared in the cinema. His rare organic, mischievous temperament and rich imagination allowed to give each character a special uniqueness, thanks to which all his heroes became idols of millions of spectators.

And in 1970 he headed the Moscow Art Theater, at that timeThe theater was in a state of deep stagnation. He was able to give him a second life, putting on the stage such grandiose performances as "The Copper Grandmother" based on L. Zorin's play, "Seagull" A.P. Chekhov, "Possible meeting", etc.

Hello and Farewell to Actors and RolesOleg Yefremov was married several times. His eldest daughter Anastasia was born in a civil marriage with Irina Mazuruk. And from Alla Pokrovskaya, with whom he lived several happy years, was born the son of Mikhail, at the moment he is one of the most popular actors of the national cinema.

Oleg Efremov died on May 24, 2000.

Mikhail Kononov (Mitka Yarmolyuk)

Mikhail Kononov played the role of a negative heroin the film "Hello and Farewell." Actors, sometimes, become hostages of one image. Mikhail Kononov before the role in this picture was considered a specialist in lyrical characters. However, the brilliantly played role of the prodigal scoundrel Mitka proved the versatility of his acting talent.

This great actor, at the end of his life forgottencolleagues and friends, was born on April 25, 1940 in Moscow. After graduating from the theatrical school. Shchepkin, he became a member of the Maly Theater troupe, which he played until 1968.

The film debut took place in 1961, whenyoung Misha played the role of Vitka in Ivan Pyryev's painting "Our Common Friend." He filmed a lot. Where was he shot? "Hello and Farewell" is a picture that changed the view of the audience about Kononov. Before that, he played, as a rule, simple-minded simpletons, and then appeared as a negative character.

where he was removed hello and goodbyeWith his wife Natalia, the actor lived for 38 years. The couple did not have any children. Mikhail Kononov, who played so many roles, appeared less and less on screen since the mid-1980s. He often refused offers, believing that one should not waste time on trifles. Agreed only to participate in those paintings that he considered worthy of being seen by the viewer.

The last years of Mikhail Kononov passed in poverty: there was not enough money for basic human needs. Perhaps that is why the pains that have been so long in his heart that have troubled him so quickly led to his death. He died on July 16, 2007 in one of the capital's hospitals.

The film "Hello and Farewell": actors and supporting roles

Actress Natalia Gundareva played the role of barmaidHopes that can not find happiness in any way. He takes courtship Vaska and has far-reaching plans for him. And Vaska, played in the film by Viktor Pavlov, is proud of his clean passport and is not going to marry.

An activist of the public activist Rakov, who strove to marry Shura his brother-accountant, was played by actor Borislav Brondukov.

Undoubtedly, among the ageless Sovietfilm can be attributed and the film "Hello and Farewell." The actors and roles that they performed allowed the audience to see from the inside the life of the village people, where everyone lives his dramatic destiny.

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The film Hello and Farewell. Actors and roles The film Hello and Farewell. Actors and roles The film Hello and Farewell. Actors and roles The film Hello and Farewell. Actors and roles The film Hello and Farewell. Actors and roles The film Hello and Farewell. Actors and roles The film Hello and Farewell. Actors and roles The film Hello and Farewell. Actors and roles The film Hello and Farewell. Actors and roles The film Hello and Farewell. Actors and roles