The concept and meaning of the word "order". What is an order?

The richness of the Russian language can be puzzling not only foreigners, sometimes it is necessary to clarify the meaning of words or expressions in order to prevent misunderstanding and discrepancies. For example, the word "order" seems very simple. Practically every person can say what an order is, but it can be difficult for many to figure out how to go there. Teachers of Russian literature note that half of the difficulties with the study of classical works are associated precisely with the rapid changes in the language.

order what is

Meaning of the word

If you turn to academic dictionaries, then most often it is indicated that this is an authoritative order of a person with an appropriate measure of power, according to which he can make volitional decisions that are obligatory for execution by subordinate persons. In this case it is necessary to separate written and oral orders. What is really oral instruction? In some cases, it is impossible to verify the conformity of the result, nor to confirm its correctness.Exceptionally “my word is against the word of the boss,” even the presence of witnesses to the conversation may turn out to be insignificant. It is necessary to rely on compliance with administrative standards.

Definition in the legal framework

Officially, we are talking about a document that is called an order. What is an order in administrative law and how does it differ from an order? In administrative law there is such a thing as an “act of management”. That is, this is an act, duly executed in writing and registered, signed by an authorized person or group of persons, stamped.

value of court order

The order has more weight than the order, despite the fact that between these concepts often put an equal sign. For example, it is quite enough order to solve any internal issues of the organization or institution. An order would be an excessive manifestation of bureaucracy. Thus, an order is a document to be executed.

The colloquial meaning of the word "order"

In everyday speech, more often than not, a document is meant, administrative code is remembered much less often.Conversation is formed under the influence of numerous factors, and art plays an important role here. The enormous popularity of films, books and songs on military themes, the romanticization of war, Vladimir Vysotsky convincingly glorifies the clash of war chariots, the meaning of the attack and the secret of the word "order." What is an order from this point of view?

The commander outlined the task, and the subordinates selflessly performed, even if it cost them their lives. Failure to comply with the order - a crime, betrayal, a terrible act. And only recently have they begun to look back on the fact that orders can be criminal, they can and should be questioned, not executed, ignored, and so on. That is, in accordance with the academic definition, the authoritative order must be within the framework of the legislation and the constitution.

meaning of the word order

Synonyms and the relevance of their use

The definition itself already contains a semantic synonym, which cannot be called unambiguous. The order is called an order, command, decree, even a requirement, although this is not entirely true. But here we have to take into account the influence of the context.For example, the value of a court order is absolutely clear; any attempts to insert synonyms will be inappropriate and violate the meaning of the document, its form and compliance with legal norms. In this case, we are talking about the power "order" to the bailiffs from the body that has the full measure of power in the situation in question.

Synonyms are appropriate in artistic speech, to make the text more diverse and convex, to avoid tautologies and unnecessary repetitions, to achieve harmonious sound. In versification, synonyms make it possible to achieve an ideal rhyme or size while maintaining a common meaning.

explain the meaning of the word order

Obsolete and derived words, their meaning and usage

In the classical literature can be found such an expression as "went to the order in the service." Most often, events occur in the XVI or XVII century, and it refers to a government agency that manages a particular industry. So the teacher's request to “explain the meaning of the word“ order ”is intended to make sure that the student understands the meaning of the read.

But the clerk, though an outdated word, is a very popular profession to this day.Only now it is called "manager" - this modern specialization is closest in meaning to the essence of the work of the clerk. The salesmen called the sellers in the shops, the landlords hired clerks to the estates - in this case, the assistant, housekeeper, manager was meant. At the same time, the “executor” is the person responsible for executing the orders expressed in the will of the deceased.

You can also find the word "order", which fully corresponds to the concept of "order" in the sense of a volitional order, mandatory for subordinates. But this is an outdated form of the word, in modern speech is extremely rare.

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