You are standing on the ocean, looking at the endless expanses, and the thought involuntarily creeps in, and what kind of inhabitants does the water column hide? The fauna of the seas and oceans in humans, in the first place, is associated with whales and sharks, so the question is often heard, and which animals are the biggest in the world?
Let's try to deal with giant water monsters and highlight the most tall inhabitants of the oceans and seas.
Since childhood, everyone knows that the biggest animal on the planet is a whale. According to distant ancestors, three such animals held the Earth on their backs. Well, if we turn to science, it turns out that the largest (of those who were measured) instance of a blue (blue) whale grew to 33.58 meters, and it was a female. The heaviest blue whale (caught) was weighing more than 190 tons. And then, the experts had to weigh the record holder in parts, so the error came out huge. One way or another, the result is impressive. Because 190 tons is the mass of two dozen elephants.
By the way, the blue whale is also considered the most "vociferous" animal in the world. It can make sounds that are heard for 800 kilometers and beyond.
However, to win the palm in the race for the title of the largest animal planet, the whale is not easy. In the dispute, which, by the way, continues today, some more inhabitants of the planet accept. And all of them, oddly enough, marine inhabitants. There are even semi-mythical ones in the list, the existence of which is only guessed at. For example, megalodon. The fact of its extinction, many fans of sensations are trying to put under question mark to this day. There are even witnesses who watched the giant sharks, and they say that it was not a whale or even a whale shark. But it is worth noting the real representatives of the fauna, who are fighting for the title of the largest animal of the Earth. More precisely, to say the longest. This is a giant jellyfish lion's mane or Cyanea. The broadband giant of the water world can grow up to 37 meters (including tentacles). The diameter of the umbrella of this living creature is about 250 centimeters. And if you objectively evaluate these facts, the jellyfish are longer and larger than the whale.
Not far behind the jellyfish and another representative of the fauna of the sea. This is a giant sea worm buttresses. In the 19th century on the coast of Scotland near St. Andrews, after a storm, a worm was found about 55 meters long.Its width was only 10 centimeters. However, scientists did not recognize the giant giant. This is because worms can swell and shrink. Whale shark However, sharks are fighting for the title of the biggest one. And what can call itself the largest and largest fish in the oceans?
Now scientists assign leadership in the size of the body of a whale shark. Experts believe that it is the largest fish known to science. However, disputes on the topic of limiting the size of fishes go among scientists until now.
The record, which is documented, is 14 meters. But not infrequently there is information about the capture of a larger representative of the species. Some sharks grow to 20 meters or more. For example, in 2002, around Chinese Taiwan, fishermen caught a female weighing 34 tons and 20 meters long.

Whale sharkWhale shark
Scientists note that the difficulty in setting the size limits of a whale shark is not only that large specimens are quite rare in nature. In fact, this fish is listed in the IUCN International Red Book and fishing is prohibited on it. Catching an animal is punishable by law.
But this fact rarely stops poachers, since only the fins of this specimen in the Asian markets cost tens of thousands of dollars. And if the fishermen manage to catch the whale shark, then, of course, the catch is hidden from prying eyes and ears, especially scientists. The fish, as a rule, is cut in place, the fins are cut, the most valuable pieces of the body are cut off, and the rest is returned to the sea.
Despite the controversy of scientists, no one denies that the whale shark is the largest of the modern fish that are known to science. By the way, almost nothing is known about their breeding method. Until recently, the shark was believed to lay eggs. Such a conclusion was made after in 1953 at the bottom of the Gulf of Mexico found a huge egg length of 36 centimeters. And he was mistaken for a future whale shark cub. But at the end of the last century, a pregnant female was caught, inside which there were embryos that had already hatched. Therefore, it became clear that sharks breed by way of egg-breeding. Small sharks already appear with a length of 60 centimeters.
Whale shark in the expanses of water
By the way, the biggest shark that man caught is just a whale.She was charred near the coast of Pakistan (near the island of Baba) in 1949. The weight of the giant was 20 tons, while the length was almost 13 meters. The body circumference is also impressive - 7 meters. The fishermen immediately killed the fish, cut it in pieces and sold it.

Giant shark

Another water dweller is not far from the record holder - this is a giant shark. It is known that the size of such fish reaches 11 meters. And information about the capture of a larger individual (up to 15 meters) is available, but it is not documented. It is worth noting that the giant shark and the whale shark are almost not dangerous for humans. They feed only on zooplankton. And man as a prey does not interest them at all.
Giant sharkGiant shark
And they are dangerous because with one movement of the caudal fin they can break a man’s spine or cause another serious injury. Therefore, in the immediate vicinity of the monster fish you need to behave carefully.

Big Shark

Large-sized sharks, a rather rare species of underwater predators, also grow fairly large. The maximum recorded size of a large shark is 7 meters. But who knows, suddenly larger individuals swim in the depths of the ocean
Big shark

White shark

In 1978, in the Azores, near the harbor of San Miguel, with the help of dozens of harpoons, a 7-meter great white shark was caught. Today it is a record. The White Death, as it is also called, put up resistance to the fishermen and killed two people. One she broke the spine, and the second bit in half.
By the way, there are cases when the white shark was caught on the bait. So, in 1959, the Australian Elf Dian caught a cannibal on a steel fishing line on a small motor boat in the ocean. Predator weight was 1207 kilograms, and the length - a little more than five meters.

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