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What is the Ukrainian polyadvitsa or Belarusian and Polish polyandvy? This is not only an amazingly tasty dish. This term refers to the part of the pork or calf carcass, which is made from meat delicacy. It is located in the area near the ridge of the animal, but is devoid of bones. On the other hand, fat there is also a minimum amount. It’s safe to say that on par with the ham, a half-egg is the best part of the carcass. It is used to prepare not only the dish of the same name, but also chops and schnitzels. In this article we will tell you how to prepare a delicious polndvitsa. The recipe at home, step by step photos and small tricks of experienced chefs are listed below.Recipe for homemade sweetmeats

Meat delicacy cooking methods

There are radically different methods of cooking. And it’s not even that they use different kinds of meat for him - pork, veal, even horse meat and poultry. Polendvitsu salted ("wet" method), baked in the oven, smoked, dried.And in each case it turns out very tasty. Dried polenk dvitsa - a great snack that fits both beer and as a cold dinner. Salting is also a very good way to make a delicacy. Therefore, in fact, we will consider not one recipe for half-witts at home, but several. Dish it does not require a lot of effort from the chef. But patience eaters should stock up. After all, you can enjoy tasty meat only in a week.Polendvitsa at home recipe wet

How to pickle a little candy at home: recipe step by step

A kilogram of pork fillet thoroughly washed. Then carefully dry them with a paper towel. Rub a piece of meat with salt (at least two tablespoons). We place in a bowl, and from above we put oppression. So the polndvitsa should stand in the refrigerator for three or four days. During this time, she will allocate juice. We take out a piece of meat and remove excess moisture with a napkin. Now prepare the spice mix. Squeeze five cloves of garlic in the bowl, crumble two bay leaves, add a pinch of black pepper, a tablespoon of granulated sugar and a half tea leaves of cumin. Rub this mixture of meat. You can change the composition of spices at your discretion.We wrap a piece of meat with double gauze folded so as to block access to it by flies and other insects. Hang it at one end and leave it in a well ventilated, but warm place. We dry the polish at least a week. The process may take longer. The middle of the meat should remain slightly moist. The finished dish should be stored in the refrigerator in parchment paper.Recipe salting polandvitsy at home

Polendvitsa at home: recipe "wet"

As you might guess, this method involves soaking in brine. With its preparation we will begin the description. In a half liter of water we pour a quarter cup of stone (not iodized!) Salt. Put the pan on the fire and add the following spices: three carnation tricks, half a teaspoon of crumbled bay leaf, mustard seeds and dill. Again, you can change the composition of the spices to your taste. Bring the brine to a boil and cool it. We put in it a half kilogram piece of pork tenderloin. We clean in a cool place (balcony, cellar) for six days or a week. Five teeth of garlic squeezed through a press, mixed with a spoonful of grated horseradish, a pinch of sugar and 50 grams of dried dill and parsley.Remove the meat from the brine and rub with a new mixture. Leave in the same place to marinate for another day. Spread poland on a sieve. From above we establish oppression. When excess moisture is drained, wipe the meat from the spices, wrap in cheesecloth or cloth and hang for drying. After about ten days you can enjoy a delicacy.

Faster cooking method for dry jerky

One and a half kilograms of pork tenderloin with one piece of mine and dry. If there is a small layer of fat, do not cut it off. In a bowl, mix: one and a half tablespoons of salt, a little sugar, dried dill, ground coriander, cumin, dry mustard and ground black pepper. Add and four skipped through the garlic cloves. With a mixture of spices, we thoroughly rub the meat - first with our hands, and then rolling it up so that the seasonings stick to it. Next, the recipe for homemade dinner requires us to put the meat in a container and cover it so that the air passes to the pork. So leave for three days, twice a day turning the piece. We take out, wipe off with a pinch of salt and, tightly wrapped in gauze, hang over the oven. On the fifth day we try to see if the pork is well loosened.How to pickle a sweet homemade recipe

Baked half pastry in soy-mustard sauce

We have already said that this part of the carcass can not only be salted and dried, but also subjected to heat treatment. This will speed up the process of cooking meat. Starting a recipe for homemade dandy at home is also suggested by salting one and a half pounds of pork. Separately prepare the marinade. For him we mix: 25 ml of vegetable oil, 50 ml of soy sauce, a generous pinch of black pepper, two tablespoons of grainy mustard and four garlic cloves passed through a press. Put the salted meat in a container and pour the marinade, turning over several times so that the tenderloin is evenly soaked. Leave in the fridge overnight. Two hours before baking, take out the meat. From a sudden change in temperature, fibers can deteriorate. To our polndvitsa had a neat shape, we tie it with a culinary thread. The oven is heated to 220 degrees. Clean three onions, cut them into quarters, put them on the bottom of a deep form. Put the meat on top. Fill with a glass of broth or water and the remains of the marinade.Polendvitsa at home recipe with photos

How to bake meat

The recipe for home-made sweetmeat prescribes cooking pork first at high temperature, sometimes turning it over.After about twenty minutes, when the meat is covered with a ruddy crust, we reduce the heat from 220 to 180 degrees. So bake another forty minutes. At finished polndvitsy with a prick with a fork should be clear golden juice. Turn off the fire, but do not remove the meat from the oven. It should be cooled gradually, subject to residual heat. Then we shift the poland on the grate, and put the form with the juice on a small fire. Boil it to the consistency of the sauce. Remove from the stove and add butter, stirring to add a cream flavor to the sauce.Polendvitsa recipe at home photo step by step

Ukrainian recipe for jerked jerky

According to this prescription, we rub a half pound piece of pork with a mixture of half a glass of salt and half as much sugar. Sent in the fridge for 15 hours. Wash, dry and rub with salt again. Put in a container and ship to the fridge. At this time, the recipe for salting dandy at home suggests waiting a day. After that, wash the meat again and wipe dry. Five cloves of garlic finely chopped. Mix it with paprika, black and red pepper, coriander, cilantro peas and other spices at your discretion.We rub this mixture of this mixture with this mixture and put it in the refrigerator for another day. And only after that we put the meat in a clean stocking, which we hang in a dark, cool (up to + 180C) and well ventilated area. A polndvitsa must wilt from five to ten days.

The fastest cooking method

Cooking the marinade using salt, sugar, water, wine vinegar, ketchup, spices and herbs. Meat is often punctured with a thick needle. Pour marinade and leave in the fridge for two days. We shift the polandwitch to the baking sleeve. We put in preheated to 180aboutWith an oven. Cooking half an hour. Cut the sleeve and let it cool. Now you know what you need to do to make a tasty and juicy pomeranian at home. The recipe from a photo shows that there is nothing difficult in preparation.

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