The best fortune telling for pregnancy: features and effectiveness

The nature of a woman is such that she constantly pushes her to be curious about her future. Absolutely any methods are suitable for these purposes. The simplest is fortune telling. Here restless women can ask all their questions. Especially a lot of anxiety causes the topic of pregnancy and determining the sex of the unborn child. Therefore, fortune telling on pregnancy is in demand even in this age of high technology. They are trusted by more than half of all the fair sex, and this already indicates that not all of them are a hoax. Whether you believe in fortune telling or not, they can reveal the truth about the future baby much earlier than the advertised pregnancy tests. Try it yourself, and perhaps the result will surprise you a lot.

Will pregnancy this year divination

Divination Rules

Even if you treat fortune telling as entertainment, you should not break the rules that our ancestors observed from time immemorial.Divination should not be carried out with frivolous intentions, the result should really worry a woman. Also it is impossible to carry out fortune telling on church holidays and under severe stress. Some lunar days are also forbidden, fortune-telling during this period will be inaccurate, and may even harm the girl.

It is best to guess alone and in a relaxing atmosphere, you can light candles and turn on light music. Before asking the question of interest, it is necessary to clear your head of extraneous thoughts and fully concentrate on your problem. Only after that you can proceed to various types of fortune telling.

When is the best time to perform divination?

Experts advise to conduct divination on the full moon. During this period, the female energy sector is particularly active; during divination, any questions related to the woman’s purpose can be asked. They will be given a complete and comprehensive answer.

Christmas fortune telling

Christmas is also a great time to find out your destiny. Christmas fortune telling on pregnancy is almost always confirmed. But it is better not to spend them alone. According to the laws of the world of subtle matters, it’s too great an opportunity to hurt oneself and bring trouble into the house. Divination in a circle of friends will save a woman from such problems.

Guessing a pregnancy: will she?

Many women turn to the wisdom of their ancestors, it is not without reason that there are more than five thousand types of divination related to the definition of pregnancy. The most frequently asked female question comes down to whether there will be a pregnancy this year. Divination, of course, can not give a reliable answer, but the assumptions made on it are often correct.

The most popular is the fortune-telling on the coffee grounds. Even women who have never come into contact with the world of magic can cope with it. Before starting divination, make coffee and pour it into a white cup. Coffee must be drunk with sugar, and the whole cup should be emptied in fifteen minutes. Shake up the sediment on the bottom and only after that turn the cup in the direction away from you. Let the sediment dry out a little and lift the mug. Do not forget that while the precipitate is drying up, you need to think about your future pregnancy and mentally ask your question about the day of conception. The form of coffee grounds can determine the onset of pregnancy:

  • circles and points inside;
  • fish swimming up;
  • egg;
  • silhouette of a woman with a baby in her arms.

All these signs indicate that a woman will become pregnant this year and give birth to a healthy child.

Guessing tarot pregnancy

Another popular type of fortune telling involves the use of a glass of water and needles. To determine the date of the future conception, it is necessary to insert a white thread into the needle and lower it into the water three times. Next, you need to bring the needle to the open left palm. The movement of the needle indicates an imminent pregnancy, but if there are no fluctuations, then the conception of the child is not expected.

How to determine the sex of the unborn child?

Of course, modern medicine can determine the sex of a baby with almost 100% accuracy. For this purpose, ultrasound is used, but it is possible only at certain periods of pregnancy. And future moms want to know the sex of their child almost from the very first days of pregnancy. To help them there are popular beliefs and special fortune telling for pregnancy.

The very first way to determine the sex of the unborn child is the appearance of a woman. If she looks worse than usual and has a round tummy, then it is worth preparing for the birth of her daughter. The blooming appearance of a pregnant woman indicates that she is carrying a son. These beliefs are already several thousand years old, but they are very rarely mistaken and have 90% accuracy.

Guessing on pregnancy cards

Quite a common fortune-telling on a wedding ring. For him, you should hang up your wedding ring and hold it over your stomach for a few minutes. Movement in a circle indicates a daughter, oscillations of the ring back and forth imply the birth of a son. Very often, women in the villages used fortune-telling by key. Before the pregnant woman, they secretly put the key and asked her to transfer the object to someone from the others. At this point, everyone carefully watched how the key would be taken. If a woman took him in the hands of a sharp end, then you need to wait for the boy. A round edge in the hands of a pregnant woman indicates a girl.

Use of playing cards in guessing about future pregnancy

Guessing on pregnancy cards was very popular a century ago, but even now it is often used by women in the circle of their girlfriends. The main thing is to use for divination a new deck of cards. It can be just bought in a store or for a long time in an apartment. It is important that through these cards never played the game. For divination fit deck with any number of cards.

Before starting a fortune telling deck to shuffle and ask the right question. The wording of the question should imply the answer is "yes" or "no."After the question is asked, the woman should draw a card. Black suit means a negative answer, red - a positive one. It is also good when the cards of the heart suit often fall out. They are always associated with the female energy and childbirth. The most promising card is the queen of hearts. Peaks and clubs promise trouble and a problematic pregnancy.

Divination Tarot for pregnancy

Tarot cards have been used by mankind in various divinations. They can predict many events, but fortune telling with the help of these cards turn out to be very true. For this purpose, it is necessary to take the Major Arcana and, mentally asking your question, spread out the twelve cards in a circle. Each card symbolizes the month of possible conception, the symbol of the future pregnancy are the cards with the image of the Moon, the Hanged Man and the Empress. Which account of one of these cards will fall out, in this month a woman will become pregnant.

Fortune telling

Professional fortune tellers in addition to information about the conception on the layouts of cards can tell about the course of pregnancy and the upcoming delivery. Some are even able to identify the diseases of the unborn child.For this you need to know certain combinations and combinations of cards.

Christmas is the best time for divination

Guessing at Christmas for pregnancy has a special power. According to popular belief, two weeks after the seventh of January are intended for different types of divination. During this period, you can find out the whole future, determine the date of the wedding or the name of your betrothed. In the old days, girls gathered in villages for gatherings with fortune-telling, these evenings turned them into a holiday and did not let the men on them.

Guessing at Christmas for pregnancy

Christmas fortune telling on pregnancy are carried out in different ways. The simplest is fortune telling with the ring. At the bottom of a smooth glass of water you need to put the ring removed from the hand and put the glass on the street. After the water freezes, you can determine the result:

  • the bumps on the surface of the ice predict the imminent birth of a boy;
  • pits promise a girl;
  • smooth surface eliminates pregnancy in the coming year.

Wax divination for Christmas for pregnancy is also well known. It requires melting white candles and pouring wax into a flat saucer. Before pouring the wax into the water, the woman must mentally ask a question about the birth of the baby.According to the shape of the cooled wax, you need to try to guess if pregnancy is possible in the near future.

Also among the popular fortune telling can be attributed guessing figures in the shadows of the burnt paper. Such fortune-telling is more like entertainment and suitable for a party in a noisy friendly company.

Runes as a way to guess pregnancy

Many women try to guess at the future baby with the help of runes. It is worth noting that this method can bring an unskillful fortune-teller a lot of trouble. Runes are very wayward helpers, and you need to be very careful with them. There is a special layout of runes for pregnancy, but this should only be done by professional magicians. In this scenario, each rune is interconnected with the other and carries a deep meaning. A good sign is the loss of the three following signs:

  • Algiz.
  • Berkana
  • Dagaz.

Dropped in one scenario, they guarantee mother and baby health.

Guessing a pregnancy will she

Of course, fortune telling is just a timid attempt to look into the future. But, as practice shows, much of the predicted tends to come true.

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