The best beaches of Goa

A small staff of exotic India is attracted toits coast a lot of tourists from year to year. The best beaches of Goa like and couples, and fans of extreme sports, and youth. Everyone can choose their own rest.Best Beaches of GoaThe main directions are the north or south of the state. What beaches in these places deserve attention?

The best beaches of Goa in the north

Lists of special places for seaside holidaysnecessarily include Anjuna beach. This is the heart of the state, once popular with rastamans and hippies. The spirit of freedom and music is alive here and now. The local market is full of exotics and colors, and along the coast you can relax in a variety of bars for every taste. It's only in the sea that you need to bathe carefully - there are coral reefs here.

Those who want a more calm and measuredleave, it is better to go to the beach of Arambol. This place also has the right to be listed on any list listing the best beaches of Goa. The reviews devoted to Arambol celebrate the creative, inspiring atmosphere. Here you can practice yoga on the cleanest white sand in the mornings, and in the evening dance in the open air. To live in these places is best in guesthouses - they are located at the first line of the beach. Nearby is the fresh lakeBest beaches of Goa: reviewsSweet Lake, who grows a banyan, known for meditation under his crown of all the famous fours of the Beatles.

Fans of youth recreation can go tobeach Vagator: here are quite low prices and a varied night life. In addition, the place is very picturesque, surrounded by rocks and famous for its beautiful sunset.

Looking for the best beach in northern Goa for holidayswith small children, pay attention to Mandrem. Fine sand, silence and clean water are ideal for families with any budget. Colorful neighborhoods will not let you get bored by adults, and children can start gathering sea stars on the shore.

The best beaches of Goa in the south

In the southern part of the state there is Palol beach, famous for the absence of waves.Best beach in northern GoaSurrounded by coconut palms beautiful bayIdeal for families with children. If you want, you can hire a kayak or a boat and go to visit the dolphins. In the evening there are cafes and bars on the coast.

For a romantic retirement, it's worth going tothe Varka beach. Here the cleanest white sand, warm water and silence. For living, you can choose either a democratic bungalow or a five-star hotel. Of course, the prices here are quite high, but this is typical for the entire southern coast. Listing the best beaches of Goa, it is also worth mentioning such as Cavelossim, Colva, Utord and Majorda. These places are similar to the Varka beach with its privacy and a wide choice of places to stay.

Finally, the pearl of the south is the Kola. A small bay, surrounded by hills, looks extremely picturesque. The river flowing into the ocean creates a blue lagoon, a quiet and secluded place full of magical landscapes. Here there is only one restaurant and several hotels. But there is a drawback - big waves. Therefore, swimming with children will not be very convenient, which means that it is better to choose another beach for family rest.

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