Tatyana Lazareva, actress: biography, personal life, filmography

It was she who for several years appeared on the stage of KVN, being one of the brightest actresses in the team. It was she who was one of the leading stars of “33 square meters”, a guest star in the TV series “My Fair Nanny, Voronin” and “Not Born Beautiful” She has been the host and co-host of television games and popular shows for the past six years. Surely many have already guessed who will be discussed in this article. So, we get acquainted, Tatyana Lazareva.

Biographical information. Beloved parents

One of the most smiling women of Russian television was born in July 1966 in Novosibirsk. Her parents do not belong to the scene or to television. Her mother, Valeria Alekseevna, was a teacher of literature, and her father, Yury Stanislavovich, taught history at the same physical and mathematical school. Older sister Olga grew up in the family. She now lives with her family in Malaysia and works in the clinic of alternative medicine.

Parents of both girls loved their profession very much.Their acquaintance took place long ago, when they were still studying at the Pedagogical Institute. Yuri Stanislavovich lost his sight at the age of 16. But, having become disabled, he did not despair, this did not prevent him either in work or in his personal life. Tatyana told that the father was always very independent and active person.

Biographical information. Childhood

The childhood of the baby was held in Novosibirsk, in Akademgorodok. Little Tatyana Lazareva was a very polite, kind and obedient girl. She always tried to help the old lady neighbors, if she needed help in carrying bags or heavy bags to her house. Both in school and in her own backyard, the girl had many friends and girlfriends. But with studies, things were not going so smoothly. Parents dreamed that the girl followed in their footsteps, but Tanya did not like to learn. She was a solid triad. I enjoyed playing the piano, violin and guitar, and the girl sang well.

Tatyana Lazareva

While still a schoolgirl (Tanya was then in the 8th grade), she becomes a member of the AMIGO group. And she was the only minor in the team. The first time the future actress Tatyana Lazarevaplayed the violin, later became a soloist and even the author of several compositions. This group often toured the country at that time.

Life after school

Having received a school certificate, the girl worked as a typist in the university newspaper for a whole year. Only after that she decided to enter the vocal department in the capital. But nothing happened there, so Tatiana had to return home. But here, too, disappointment awaited her - she failed twice on admission. When she passed the vocal exam, she was the only one from the whole group of applicants who received two points. Then, in order to please parents, Lazareva Tatyana Yuryevna becomes a student of the faculty of foreign languages ​​of the Novosibirsk Pedagogical Institute. But she suffered exactly two years. When she was denied characterization for the tour with her group in the dean's office, she takes the documents on emotions.

 Lazareva Tatyana Yurievna

Now she works as a regular lab technician at the state university of her native city, while at the same time she is actively participating in skits. Once she managed to very accurately show a parody of Laima Vaikula. Soon after, Tatiana was invited to the KVN team at Novosibirsk University.

Life in KVN

Now Tatyana Lazareva, whose biography interested the public practically after her first appearance on the KVN stage, began a completely different life. Very soon the whole country recognized the sparkling Siberian. In parallel with the performances, she continued her studies at the Institute of Culture and Art in Kemerovo. The girl went to the "red diploma", and yet, studying in the fifth year, she left this institute. After Lazarev, she often said that KVN had become her university.

Actress Tatyana Lazareva

In 1991, she became one of the KVN team of the NSU, speaking for three years with the female team “Only Girls In Jazz”. She was twice called Miss of this wonderful game. She also was a member of the KVN team of the CIS.

Her telecarrier: those same meters

Came the year 1994. Tatyana Lazarevaand her game colleagues are invited to work on television in the once-a-week humor program. She agrees and moves to Moscow. At first, she was the host of small programs, and in 1996, comrades of KVN peo came up with a new program - OSP-Studio, which went on the air for almost five years. For Lazarus, it was not just a success, it was a sensation.

Tatyana Lazareva biography

Until 1998, at the same time with this project, she was the leading culinary program "Yum Fingers". And then they and the team came up with another pretty successful project - a humorous series about the most ordinary Russian family of Zvezdunovs called “33 square meters”.Tatyana Lazarevawas invited to the role of a caring mother and the wife of a too restless family - Tanyuska. Her future spouse Mikhail Schatz was on the same film set with her.

Her TV career: life is also possible without humor

A little bit later, since 2004, she, together with Mikhail and Sasha Fur, led “humorous fights” in the rating program “Good Jokes”. This went on for several years. But then Lazareva decided to try her hand not in the arena of laughter, therefore, when she was offered to become a co-host of the Two Stars project, she gladly agreed. Then she worked for two years on a program for children and their parents on the CTC channel “This is my child”. And since 2011, Tatiana went on the air in the program “Subbotnik”. According to the scenario, the presenter comes to visit famous people who share with the viewers some details of their life.

Tatyana Lazareva filmography

Despite such employment on television, Tatyana Lazareva, whose filmography is a matter of the respect of her colleagues, appears quite regularly in movies. There are several interesting works in her piggy bank - “Dandelion Blossom”, “Europe - Asia”, “Middle Age Crisis” and others. She tried herself in the voice of an animated cartoon.

About personal ...

Her first great love was when Tatiana turned 20 years old. It was her age-mate Dima. But when the first enthusiasm subsided, the girl learned that her chosen one had several other girls along with her.

A few years later she decided to get married. The first husband of Lazareva was a friend of her parents, and she was only 8 years old - Alexander Drugov. At that time he was considered an enviable bridegroom: an apartment, a car, wide opportunities ... He even brought a wedding dress from the capital. But this marriage was not to last for a long time - just a few months.

In the summer of 1995, about a month before her next birthday, Lazarev gave herself a royal gift - she gave birth to her son Stepan. The media called the alleged name of the father, but Tatyana herself said that at that time she did not care from whom to give birth to a child.So much she wanted to be a mom. Even in such a situation, Tatyana Lazareva turned out to be very strong. Her personal life, however, did not end there.

 Tatyana Lazareva personal life

For several years, Mikhail Schatz was secretly in love with her - yes, yes, that same colleague and KVE man. But at first he did not dare to approach her, having decided to wait. And when they had a joint tour of Samara, Tatiana suddenly understood everything herself. They merried. In 1998, they had a daughter, Sonya, and in 2006, a daughter, Antonina.

Lazareva always has a family priority. And even when she is offered a more than profitable project, she first of all ensures that this does not disturb their family idyll.

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