Subwoofer active: description

A high-quality audio system shouldreproduce the whole range of frequencies that a person is capable of perceiving. This can not be achieved with a single speaker. Therefore, the system should have several types of acoustics, the task of each of which is the reproduction of the phonogram in the frequency range allocated for it. To play low frequencies requires a subwoofer speaker, which has a large area of ​​the diffuser.

subwoofer active

Multimedia systems also require the presence of a subwoofer in the car, as in its absence, many exciting moments lose their dynamics and liveliness and become simply uninteresting.

Models on the market are divided intothree groups: active subwoofers, passive subwoofers and woofers. In order to understand the differences between these groups, it is worth decomposing into the component audio system.

In any audio system, the path for playbacklow frequency consists of connecting cables, head unit, woofer and amplifier in the acoustic design. The problem of selection of connecting cables and head unit, as well as the choice of certain brands is simpler, but in other components it is worthwhile to understand more.

active subwoofer

The active subwoofer consists of an amplifier,fixed outside or inside the box, and the woofer that is in it. The active car subwoofer is a ready-made device, all installation tasks are limited only to cable routing and connection. This option is suitable for undemanding to full accuracy of the compositions of listeners. At the same time, he has an important advantage: a subwooferActive, as a rule, is small.

active car subwoofer

Deciding to make an active subwoofer with your own hands,you need to understand what you need to get and choose,proceeding from this, the type of acoustic design. It is also necessary to determine the appearance of the box. On the LF-head with a diameter of 10 inches, on average, about 23 liters, on the 12-inch - about 30.

It is necessary to determine the optimal locationsubwoofer in the car. The simplest version is a trapezoid box, which is located directly in the middle of the trunk. In the back of the rear seat rests one of its walls. This option is convenient for its unpretentiousness, it is easy to calculate, and also to collect a box. But such a subwoofer in real operation can somewhat interfere. For this reason, the active subwoofer is preferable to install in the corner of the trunk, using, if possible, the internal volume of the wing. This design is called stealth due to the fact that the internal volumes of skins in some cars allow the subwoofer to completely hide. This option is convenient both from the side of acoustics, and from the side of the layout. Installed in the corner of the subwoofer - active, it is able to develop a greater sound pressure.

There is another curious installation optionsubwoofer - in the floor of the car. The entire floor level thus rises by ten, and sometimes more than a centimeter, and the volume of the spare wheel disk is applied. This option is not so practical, but more original.

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