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Stevia: sweet but NOT harmful

First of all,stevia unlike sugar is safe. Its sweet taste is due to the presence of steviosides. If you use the plant in large quantities, there is a bitter taste.Stevia is 10–15 times sweeter than sugar, but not caloriesand its use does not have negative health effects. Therefore, stevia instead of sugar is indicated for obesity, diabetes and other metabolic disorders, as well as to strengthen the immune system.

Currently, many products, beverages and drugs are produced in which stevia extract replaces sugar. These products are recommended in the diet of diabetics and those who control weight. Stevia leaves for weight loss can also be brewed and drunk as tea.

The benefits of stevia leaves is not only low in calories.Stevia is also effective because it cleanses the body of toxins and slags.

Since stevia has a tonic and tonic effect, it is recommended as an additive to the diet for athletes, as well as during strong mental and physical exertion.

There are many ways to use stevia. Stevia as a substitute for sugar can be used in the form of an extract, infusion, syrup. You can also buy a sugar substitute from industrial stevia.

The use of plants to solve health problemsIt is considered in several aspects:

  • Stevia and pancreas (restores its function).
  • Stevia and stomach (protects the mucous membrane, prevents fermentation).
  • Stevia and thyroid gland (improves performance).
  • Stevia and allergies (including diathesis in children).

In folk medicine, this sweet plant also has many uses. The use of stevia in Japan is very wide and varied. Stevia in folk medicine is recommended not only as a natural sweetener, but alsoto lower blood pressure and increase immunity.

Stevia is used in cosmetologyto solve skin problemsfor example, to get rid of age spots.

Stevia is harmless, there are practically no contraindications. Admission is not recommended for pregnant women and patients with gastroenteritis. It is used with caution in hypotension.

Be healthy and body and spirit!

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