Steel baths: the advantages and choice

At present, materials such as acrylic, steel and cast iron are used to make baths. Each of them has its pros and cons. Many people who have decided to change the plumbing, can not understand which bath is better to buy. In this article we will consider all the pros and cons, as well as the nuances of installing and using steel baths.

Steel baths and their advantages

What advantages have bathtubs from steel in comparison with pig-iron and acrylic? Read about the advantages of such baths below, and decide which one you need after all.

  1. The biggest advantage of such baths is their low price, which distinguishes steel from acrylic and cast iron, because not all people can afford expensive purchases.
  2. The bath heats up quickly (especially families with small children are happy).
  3. High hygienic enamel coating - in the enamel almost no pores, which hinders the development of fungi. In addition, steel baths are easy to clean.
  4. Looking for an unusual bath? Then choose the one from steel.Such products can be of any shape, size, configuration and color. A wide range of models and designs allows steel baths to become more and more popular in the plumbing market.
  5. Face a choice - acrylic or steel bath? Know: steel is much lighter than acrylic by weight. Such a factor as weight is especially important when installing plumbing on the upper floors of apartment buildings. Yes, and the installation of a light bath will be faster, you can cope with it alone.

steel baths

The disadvantages of steel tubs

Of course, like any material, steel and baths from it have their drawbacks. But are they so significant? Let's figure it out together.

  • If the walls of the steel bath are not thick enough, then the product will be prone to rapid deformation. This leads to damage to the enamel, its cracks and chips.
  • The high thermal conductivity of the material leads to the fact that the water in such a bath cools rather than cast-iron or acrylic. If you like to bask in a hot foam bath for a long time, be prepared for the fact that you have to add hot water to the tank to maintain the temperature.
  • When filling the bath, the jet of water produces a very loud and loud sound (however, this problem is solved).
  • Grounding is required, otherwise there is a high risk of electric shock.
  • It is necessary to clean steel baths accurately, without using at the same time abrasive means.

How to choose a steel bath?

When choosing a bath of steel in the first place, pay attention to the thickness of its walls. The minimum wall thickness should be 2.5-3 mm. If it is smaller, then do not expect longevity from the bath. If the thickness is not indicated on the label, then use a little trick - try to lift the product by the edge. Thick-walled bath usually has a lot of weight, and so just you will not lift it.

steel baths reviewsNext you should check the walls and bottom of the bath for any irregularities. Check the quality of enamel - it should not be scratches and paint fluxes. Feel free to ask the seller for documents and certificates for the product.

How to deal with the noise when typing water in a steel bath?

If you bought an inexpensive version of a steel bath, you might be embarrassed by the too loud sound from a falling stream of water. Only the steel bath, the price of which is high, is provided with excellent sound insulation. Most people cope with the problem on their own using ordinary foam.Just flip the product, attach the legs and glue over the building tape the places where the drain will be attached in the future. Degrease the surface, apply a special glue on it, and then very carefully on the entire surface - mounting foam in several layers. Before applying the next layer, wait for the previous one to dry. You can also soundproof steel tubs with polyethylene or technical plugs that are glued to the back of the product.

acrylic or steel bathIf you find such works on bath pasting seem too complicated to you, you can soundproof steel even easier. Get a stand made of styrofoam (a material that resembles the usual foam plastic) and place them in the right place. This insulation is quick, simple and does not require complex and accurate work on pasting the bathroom.

Steel bath price

Prices for steel baths can vary greatly depending on the wall thickness of the products and their quality in general. Also, the cost depends on the color, design and complexity of the model, that is, it is clear that the ordinary form of a white bath will cost less than a non-standard model of steel.Ergonomic handles and headrests further increase the cost of the product. Naturally, it depends on the manufacturer, brand. The more famous and reliable the manufacturer of the bath, the more expensive it is. Most often, it can be purchased for about 150-500 dollars.

steel bath priceSteel bath reviews are mostly pleasant. To ensure that your feedback on this product was so, choose a bath with knowledge of the matter!

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