Soy milk: benefit or harm?

Little about the properties of soy milk

Soybean milk contains high-value proteins and vital minerals. It is rich in proteins and various vitamins. The ballast substances contained in the milk quickly saturate and normalize digestion. Soy milk is also rich in polyunsaturated and unsaturated fatty acids. It has twenty useful amino acids that our body needs every day.

soy milk

Soy milk: benefits and harm

It is better to eat exactly the soy milk that was produced at home, because it absolutely does not contain preservatives, gluten and other additives. You can add sugar or syrups to milk, drink it cold or warm. The main thing is to keep the product fresh. For people who do not tolerate lactose, soy milk is an excellent substitute for cow milk. You can use it as you like: bake pancakes or pancakes on it, cook soups, bake bread and sweet pastries, pies. You can make milkshakes from soy milk, beat it with ice cream or add it to coffee.

soy milk benefit and harm

Dietary properties of soy milk

When dieting, it is good to diversify the diet with soy milk.It is very nutritious, but does not cause heaviness in the stomach, since the high-value proteins contained in it are quickly and easily absorbed. Soy milk has no effect on blood sugar levels and has a good effect on the health of the whole organism. One glass of soy milk is quite capable of replacing a light breakfast or dinner.

Use soymilk moderately!

In addition to the benefits, soy milk can cause harm to the body if consumed in large quantities and too often. Scientists have found that the active daily consumption of soybean increases the risk of Alzheimer's disease. It is also possible the emergence of such a phenomenon as early brain atrophy. Usually, this problem concerns older people, but it was found that in men who lean on soy products, this process begins earlier than usual and proceeds faster. In addition, it was found: phytoncides that make up the beans contain a hormone that regulates fertility. It is obvious that excessive consumption of soy products can lead to a decrease in human reproductive functions.

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Note to moms

The most important thing to remember about young mothers who want to add soy milk to the infant's diet is that the harm can be quite serious.Soy milk in no way replaces the mother, moreover, it contains too much protein, which are not absorbed by the growing body. Try not to use products that contain soy for feeding young children - this can lead to early puberty and disruption of the sexual functions of the body. Remember that the use of soy products, in particular, milk, has its limitations: soy milk can also harm the body.

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