British scientists advise to contact like-minded people through the Internet.
Employees of the Imperial College in London shared their interesting research at a summit dedicated to a healthy lifestyle. As it turned out, the most popular social networks all over the world, in which people from different countries and different ages communicate, actively contribute to the process of losing weight. Moreover, to get rid of excess weight is more successful for those people who have accounts on Facebook and Twitter. These social networks are very popular, and there are a great number of communities and subject groups that combine people who want to remove excess fat from their hands or adjust their hips. According to statistics from the country's Ministry of Health, every fifth UK child suffers from obesity. Every year the country invests over 4 billion pounds to involve people in a healthy lifestyle. However, no significant results have so far been reported.

Users share experiences with each other.Users share experiences with each other.
British scientists at Imperial College have found an easy and costly way to lose weight. They compared the results of 12 studies that analyzed the impact on Internet users of social networks of various kinds of thematic applications. It turned out that the latter are significantly reflected in the human body mass index. 1884 volunteers who participated in the experiment demonstrated a decrease in the index by 0.64. This is not much, but it was with social networks that a new direction of work in the field of weight loss was opened. And you need to work hard on it, given its perspective.
Find like-minded peopleFind like-minded people
Weight loss has become the topic of a large number of special sites on the Internet. Many of them contain such a useful thing as a calculator calorie foods. It instantly, online, calculates the amount of proteins, fats and carbohydrates the body needs. Using them is easy and simple, but the result of losing weight when trying can be stunning.
Lose weight in the companyLose weight in the company
“The Internet is a great way to lose weight. For example, in social networks you can get expert advice, just sitting at home in the chair.Doctors are able to serve multiple clients at the same time. And it has long been proven that losing weight in a big company is much easier from a psychological point of view. And here there are plenty of those who want to, ”the doctors say.
Social networks - for weight lossSocial networks - for weight loss
The editors of recommend that users who want to lose weight, look at their accounts on social networks and find like-minded people.

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