Slimming rice. Brown rice for weight loss

Who has not tried rice for weight loss? Surely such a minority, because all those who are passionate about losing weight, do not miss the new opportunities to squeeze into your favorite clothes. And the glory of this grass, as an assistant in the fight against extra pounds, is absolutely deserved. It allows you to cleanse the body, get rid of excess weight and get the perfect figure. In addition, it is quite inexpensive.

slimming rice

What grade can I use?

Rice for weight loss fit any, but still white (refined, purified) has lost a lot of useful in the process. For comparison, we give figures, brown (brown) or black rice contains almost 30 times more nutrients. This avoids the lack of vitamins and nutrients, which is often found in various mono diets. And yet, speaking about what kind of rice for weight loss is best suited, nutritionists tend to believe that these are unpolished varieties. They are less beautiful, differ in taste, but choosing between taste and benefit, you need to give them preference.

The composition of rice grain

Of all the cereal rice for weight loss is not chosen by chance.Of all the cereals, he alone does not contain gluten, and therefore does not cause allergies. Almost 8% of the grain consists of proteins that are vital to our body. Complex carbohydrates - this 78% of the composition provides a long flow of energy. With such a powerful "battery" you can shoulder any achievements. This is another reason for which often use rice for weight loss. Other monodiets sin by the fact that after a few days impotence comes and begins to feel dizzy.

This cereal contains a lot of potassium, this unique element is necessary for the heart, and also allows you to remove salt from the body. It is very useful for cores, hypertensive patients and people with kidney disease. Fiber is more abundant in uncleaned varieties; it is practically absent in ground, white rice. In addition, it contains phosphorus, zinc, calcium, iron, iodine and vitamins of group B. The complete absence of fat provides an easy loss of kilograms, but this is what forces you to limit the time of the diet. Animal and vegetable fats are also necessary for our body.brown rice for weight loss

The benefits of rice

Brown rice for weight loss is used much more often than all other varieties.This is a unique product that contains a lot of healthy fiber and little starch (unlike white rice). All trace elements and vitamins are contained here in full, these are vitamins B, folic acid, selenium, potassium, magnesium, and zinc. It reduces the level of bad cholesterol in the blood and helps cleanse the body of toxins.

Another good news: brown rice for weight loss can be used as a product for mono-diets for 3-30 days, and this is without harm to health. Enough to supplement the menu with plenty of water and fresh juices. If you suffer from cardiovascular and gastrointestinal diseases, you need to adjust the menu with your doctor.slimming rice reviews

How to use brown rice?

It’s better to start small. For a start, it will be good to replace them with all the side dishes, leaving unchanged the portions of meat, fish and vegetables. Even this will already be enough to feel the changes. The next step will be to reduce portions, the body itself will tell you that this quantity is much, because rice gives a lot of energy, and you will not have time to get hungry for the next meal. When you fully adapt to brown rice, you can actually go on a diet. It will be optimal to withstand 7 days, it is more than effective.

Sample menu for the week

A serving of rice is about 60 g of the finished product. So, breakfast will equal portions of rice and one of the complementary products. It can be an apple, a spoon of sour cream, a pear, a fruit salad, a little almond, 4 walnuts and two dates, an apple with a pear and a glass of yogurt. Each of the seven additional products must be used once.Is rice possible for weight loss

Lunch is a portion of brown rice, a portion of vegetable broth and steamed vegetable salad or vegetables. For dinner, a portion of rice and vegetable broth is used. Usually, a person does not experience hunger with such a menu. Perhaps that is why rice has become so popular for weight loss. Reviews confirm that during the day there is a surge of strength, and every day only improves the condition of the gastrointestinal tract, hair, nails and skin.

How to cook rice and keep it good?

It is simple, under the force of every teenager, and even more experienced hostess. It is necessary in the evening to wash one cup of rice and soak in cold water. In the morning bring water to a boil, pour the cereal into boiling water and cook for 10-15 minutes. It’s not worth keeping the stove for a long time, otherwise the rice will lose its taste Be sure to check the expiration dates, namely the presence of natural oils reduces the "life" of cereals to 6 months. People often ask if it is possible to replace rice with other grains for weight loss.It is definitely difficult to answer, each of the cereals has its own beneficial properties, but it will be difficult to find another one with the same high nutritional value, low calorie content and a huge amount of useful trace elements.

what rice for weight loss

Out of the diet

The harder was the diet (one rice) and the longer it was observed (maximum 30 days), the smoother the output should be. The first time you can not get involved in dairy and meat products in large quantities. Ideally, if the products prohibited in your weight loss program are used only for breakfast. Well, if the dinner will consist of vegetables with meat or fish, and dinner for some time, replace the rice. So the achieved result will remain for a long time, and you will enjoy your reflection in the mirror.

Let's sum up

Brown rice is well suited for various programs to reduce weight and cleanse the body. This is a natural antioxidant and a source of many useful substances. By carrying out a three-day unloading every two weeks, you can maintain an optimal weight and not worry about your figure. Do not forget that if the hard limit option is not suitable for you, you can create an alternative diet, including vegetables, fruits, steam fish.The process of losing weight will slow down somewhat, but it will become much more comfortable. And the slower and more stable the weight goes, the greater the chance that he will not return.

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