"Skyrim": crossbow. Where can I find it?

The creators of the game The Elder Scrolls have done simplytitanic work. From year to year, with a certain periodicity, we were met by ever more global and interesting projects. The last of them was already the legendary "Skyrim". A crossbow with bolts of different kinds, a bow of dragon bones, glass armor, hundreds of thousands of monsters, dozens of complicated dungeons - all this you can find on the expanses of the northern lands.

A little bit about the variety

skyrim crossbow

In general, the game was famous for its volume. Of course, her world was a bit smaller than in some previous parts, but it was much more diverse. At each turn, we could meet some terrible enemy, the bandits prepare an ambush, and the traveler ask for help. Our protagonist constantly got into dangerous troubles, undertook the most terrible tasks, and dragons that want to kill us throughout the game, will not let us get bored of a long journey. A powerful role-playing component, division into classes and specializations - these are the distinctive features of the game "Skyrim". A crossbow and bows, for example, was preferred by a ranged warrior. He was able to slow down the time a little, "close" the look, as well as deal crushing blows from those places where the enemy does not exactly see him. Swords, two-handed axes, shields - amateur preferences to crush the skull from near distance. Finally, there was magic, here we will be met by several magical schools and a lot of spells.

Add-ons for the game

skyrim fashion for crossbows

Since the release of the original part has already appeareda lot of additions to it. So, for example, Dawnguard added a new kind of weapon to the game "Skyrim" - a crossbow. It was used mainly by members of the Order of the Guard of Dawn, the only vampire hunters in this part of the world. In the game, we were invited to join this order, in order to clear the local places from the impending threat. True, we ourselves could become a vampire, and even achieve good success in this regard. However, the addition was much more global, it introduced many new tasks and gave other shades of life in Skyrim. Mod for crossbows, if you like, you can find and without buying / installing this add-on.

By the way, more about new weapons. Such changes have long been suggested in the game and fit into it well. The crossbow has a serious force of defeat and is able to easily overwhelm even armored opponents. Of course, it was extremely difficult to launch a shell from it to a long distance, but, for example, it would be as good as possible in narrow corridors of dungeons.

Methods for obtaining a crossbow

Skyrim Dwemer Crossbow

In addition Dawnguard to "Skyrim" crossbow can bewas obtained in several ways. True, they were all associated with the Order. For example, for joining the ranks of the mentioned Guardian of the Dawn, one copy was issued. In addition, if you are good at pocket theft, you could simply steal it from members of this order. In "Skyrim" a crossbow could be obtained by simply strolling through the fortress of the Guardian, there is a lot of this good, so you can pick up the one you like the most. Finally, it was possible to kill one of the members of the order by slinging a gun from his corpse or creating it, if you are sufficiently proficient in forging craft.


In the game there are several types of crossbows, notas many as bows, but enough. Of course, even from conventional weapons, you can do something legendary, if you impose on him the necessary charms. Thus, even the most common in the game "Skyrim" Dwemer crossbow could turn into something special that damages fire, expels the undead, slightly freezes the enemy, draws from him vitality and much more. Not without the nominal representatives of this weapon, which is in the game in a single copy. These are issued for special tasks or knocked out of special NPCs, and, optionally, that he will be hostile to you.

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