Intrigue around Hollywood star Mel Gibson is twisted more brutally than in films with his own participation. Yesterday, all the media wondered who the mysterious Russian Oksana, the English tabloid, put forward his hypothesis, according to which the name of the new passion is singer Oksana Pochepa (creative pseudonym Shark).

Intrigue around Hollywood star Mel Gibson is twisted more brutally than in films with his own participation. Yesterday, all the media were guessing who the mysterious Russian Oksana, for whom the famous actor had abandoned his wife after many years of marriage, risking going bust by as much as $ 20 million. How many editions - so many versions. His hypothesis was put forward by the English tabloid, according to which the name of the new passion is singer Oksana Pochepa (creative pseudonym Shark). In an interview, the girl confirmed: Mel - her current gentleman, writes "Moskovsky Komsomolets".

- Unfortunately, British journalists caught me off guard, which is why unverified data and frank rumors were published in online publications. Yes, I do not deny that I have a relationship with Mel.But I don’t want to talk about it in detail yet.

- You are now on tour in Germany, are you going to concerts with America?
- Yes, right now negotiations are underway with the organizers of concerts in America. I especially want to go to the United States, because there are so many things that connect me to this country: I lived in America for several years, and I still have many friends, working relationships and just pleasant memories. I think that the tour may well turn into a long-term stay in this country.

- Did the financial crisis affect your creative financial affairs?
- I can not say that the crisis hit me hard. I continue to tour, I have regular concerts. I think that the crisis situation in the country and in the world is greatly “bloated”, therefore I personally treat this with a share of irony and even sarcasm. Compared to World War II, the current crisis is nothing, so I don’t see any catastrophe here. (Laughs)

- Summer is ahead, hot time for vacations. Are you going to go to the sea?
- Not yet decided. Concerts are already planned for the summer, so there probably will not be holidays as such. If we talk about what I prefer,then I tend to secluded relaxation somewhere in the vicinity of Goa. For me, rest is not associated with crowded beaches and amusement parks. Rest is time to be alone with myself, which sometimes I just need ...

- What kind of swimwear do you prefer?
- Swimwear? I prefer those models that correctly highlight the advantages and hide the flaws. I go to the solarium, but not to prepare for the summer season, but simply to maintain the appearance.

- What are your preferences in clothing?
- I love the clothes in which I am comfortable. Today I can wear jeans and a t-shirt, and tomorrow a comfortable evening dress and stilettos - and in that, and in another version, I will feel comfortable. My choice of clothes depends primarily on the mood, and then - on the circumstances.

- Do you agree with the statement of Max Factor that makeup cannot be considered successful if it is visible on the skin?
- A little different: “Love is the best cosmetics”.

By the way, Pochep's friends characterize her as an extraordinary girl, but “not one of those who like all men in a row. As far as we know, of the serious admirers, she had only one, and that American.He suggested that the girl leave for the United States. ” In an interview with British journalists, Pochep is more frank when it comes to the Gibson. “We are all serious,” the British publication The Sun quotes the words of the singer. - I hope that our union will be really strong and long. Mel is an adult and he knows what he wants. I also know what I want. ” According to the newspaper, Oksana decided to get out of the shadow after information about the new girlfriend Gibson was leaked to the press.

“American sources reported that she is a certain musician from Russia,” reports The Sun. “All at once decided that this is 31-year-old Oksana Kolesnikova, but as it turned out, this is not so.” By the way, Kolesnikova herself did not hide her indignation with such unexpected news for herself.

“I am very saddened by this mistake,” she told The Sun. “I don’t understand how this could have happened.”

“At the same time,” writes the British edition, “there is an opinion that more than one girl may be involved in this matter.”

US sources say that in the scandalous pictures from Boston, Gibson was not with Oksana, but with another blonde. Recall that these photographs hit the magazine and provoked the divorce proceedings of the film actor with his wife Robin. It is known that the couple have been married for 28 years, and during that time they had seven children.

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