Silverweed shrub. Most popular varieties

The perennial woody spinyweed of the species Pentaphylloides fruticosa is known in special and practical literature as Kuril tea and five-leaf tea. The ability for long-term flowering, undemanding to soil, drought resistance and winter resistance are the hallmarks of both upright and ground cover shrubs with beautiful leaves divided into 3 or 5 parts.silverweed shrubThe plant feels better in well-lit areas with moist and fertile soil. Because of the slightly hairy, pinnagous leaves, the plant Kapchatka Shrub has acquired another name, which is often applied to shrubs in Europe. There it is called dasifora (from the Greek words "Dasys" and "phoros", which translated means "bearing thick hairs"). The shoots of a compact upright or creeping shrub throughout the summer are thickly dotted with attractive single flowers 2.5 to 5 centimeters in diameter.

Potentilla color variety

Just cultivated a little over 130 varieties. The color of stellate flowers - white, yellow, bronze-orange, cream or red - depends on the variety of the ornamental plant. If you like the yellow flowering of the crown, it is advisable to opt for the varieties Sommcrflor, Klondike, Kobold and Elizabeth. These are low-growing shrubs from 60 to 80 cm in height. The bushes of the varieties “Jackman's Variety” and “Goldstar”, as well as the 1.5-meter variety “Katherine Dykes”, reach a greater height (up to 1.2 meters).silverweed shrub varietiesThe most low-growing varieties of Potentilla with yellow flowers are Primrose Beauty and Goldteppich. Shrub Potentilla varieties "Abbotswood" looks perfect next to the trees and in the frame of multi-colored flower beds, complementing their decorative snow-white flowering countless flowers. Falkenburg and Tilford Cream varieties are creamy white, Princess and Glenroy Pinkie are pale pink. Silverweed shrub varieties “Royal Flush” from spring to mid-autumn pleases with the elegance of dark pink flowers. Rich and bright red-orange and bronze-orange flowers bloom on the bushes of the varieties Red Ace and Tangerine. The combination of varieties with different color of the inflorescences can be used to create color diversity in the garden plot.

Varieties suitable for growing in our climate.Some features of care for potentilla

shrub potenchatkaThe following varieties are grown in central Russia: Nana Argentea, Dart's Golddigger, Coronaitin Triumph, Donard Gold, Longacre, Goldfinger, Abbotswood, Farrer's White, Elizabeth and others . Gardeners who are attracted to the shrubs with silver-green foliage, from the winter-resistant varieties choose "Dart’s Golddigger", "Longacre", "Goldfinger", "Kathrine Dykes". Potentilla shrubs winters under snow, but a number of low and tall varieties require shelter in the harsh Russian frosts. To preserve the decorative compact look, it is recommended to trim the shrub once every three years. Usually this procedure, which the shrub tolerates well, is carried out in April or September.

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