Silicone spray for cars: the use of lubricants, types and reviews

Surely every motorist has heard such an expression: "the car loves affection and lubrication." Strange as it may sound, it is. A car with regular maintenance will certainly thank for its long and uninterrupted work. Everyone knows what oils are used for. But not everyone heard about silicone spray. We will talk about this product of auto-chemistry today.


Silicone sprays are a clear lubricant. They are based on two components. It is a thickener and silicone. The main advantage of this product is its ability to adhere reliably to the surface without harming other materials and without reacting with them in a chemical reaction.

silicone lubricant sprays

Another feature that has a silicone lubricant spray, is water resistance. Due to the presence of silicone composition is not afraid of the effects of water. Therefore, many motorists use silicone spray for auto seals.As they say reviews, this product really works and the doors do not freeze to the elastic bands. Among other advantages of this composition can be identified:

  • Durability. Lubricant serves at least one season.
  • High adhesion. In order for the product to work normally, it is not necessary to rub it carefully into the surface. Just press the button, and the spray will evenly distribute the composition over the surface.
  • Bioinert What it is? This property by which the product prevents the development and reproduction of harmful bacteria.
  • Spray is a good dielectric. The product does not miss the strain. It has a beneficial effect on antistatic properties.
  • Corrosion protection. The silicone layer repels water well. Therefore, the metal will not corrode for a long time. This is especially true of places in the lower edge of the door, where moisture is constantly accumulating, eating away at the paintwork.
  • Resistance to alkaline materials and salts.
  • Environmental friendliness. The composition is completely safe for the body. It does not emit a pungent smell, you can not use any protective gloves when working with it.
silicone sprays and their price

Another positive factor is the ability to preserve properties andcharacteristics at different temperatures. Silicone spray for the car does not thicken in a hard frost and does not evaporate in the summer. All you need is to apply the composition in a thin layer on the surface. Where is such a composition used? The scope of silicone spray is quite extensive. Below we consider the most popular areas where this product is in demand.


Apply silicone spray to handle plastic and areas that are most susceptible to friction. Partially performs the function of noise insulation. If you put it in the gap between rubbing plastic, you can get rid of obsessive squeak. Also, thanks to silicone sprays, you can update the appearance of the panel and other plastic parts. The surface will have a more saturated and brilliant color.

Tire covers

No, silicone grease is not used as a tire primer. But it is perfect as a preservative during long-term storage of car tires. So, the rubber material will not crack and crack. Silicone is able to prevent premature aging of rubber.

Door locks

Often, after washing a vehicle, owners face the problem of jammed door locks.It is simply impossible to open the car, because there is not enough electric motor power to lift the button up. And this happens even when washing was done in a warm room. Part of the water still gets into hard to reach places, where it then turns into an ice crust.

silicone machine sprays

But that is not all. Sometimes the keyhole itself freezes. And then it is impossible to open the door even with a key. How not to become a hostage to this situation? In order not to break the lock and the door, as well as reduce the load on the electric motor, on the eve of winter it is worth treating the larva with a silicone spray.


In most cases, these sprays are purchased specifically for seals. After all, the castle is only half the problem. It can be defrosted with a special tool ("Antiled" or something like it). But to open the door, frozen to the seal, is not an easy task. Therefore, experienced motorists use a spray to lubricate the rubber seals.

silicone sprays application

This should be done before the onset of cold weather, in October-November. And as much as possible to keep the gum in its original form, you can process them with silicone all year round. In this case, they will not crack and provide maximumcompaction.


There are several types of silicone greases:

  • Aerosol.
  • Liquid.
  • Thick
  • Pasty.

Which is better to choose? The most popular product is an aerosol silicone spray. The price of one bottle ranges from 100 to 350 rubles, depending on the volume and manufacturer.

silicone sprays for cars

For one year enough bottle with a capacity of 200 milliliters. This spray is enough to handle door seals, trunk, as well as some plastic elements in the cabin. For the preservation of tires, it is still better to buy a second, spare bottle. Apply silicone in an aerosol very easily. But there is a minus. So, the part of structure gets to unnecessary places. Then you have to delete it.

As for liquid silicone, it is applied to the surface with a wipe or microfiber. This is a convenient option for processing seals, as it pollutes a minimum of the surface. In addition, liquid silicone penetrates well into hard to reach places.

Now about the thick foods. They are available in the form of a gel. They are universal solutions and are applied in the same way as in the previous case. But there is a lack of gel. This composition does not penetrate into the hidden cavity.Therefore, they can not grease door locks and salon plastic.

silicone grease spray

Paste-based silicone is the hardest form of all. Used only for door seals. Very thick and difficult to penetrate hidden cavities. But this option is cheaper from all of the above.

How to use silicone grease spray for cars?

There are no difficulties in applying this product. First you need to decide on where to put the silicone. If you creak door, you need to spray the composition on the hinges. If there is a squeak in the cabin, find the place of contact of the plastic parts and process this gap. When using the spray, it is important to close the unwanted area with a piece of paper or cardboard. It will be easier than eliminating greasy traces. And the spray is sprayed on very large areas - note the reviews. This is characteristic of all products that are sold in liquid form. Additionally, you do not need to do anything. After applying to the site does not necessarily rub the composition. It is so well absorbed into the material (especially if it is a door seal).

How to remove traces of grease?

If, however, you notice that part of the silicone did not go there, you can clean it. But it is not enough to use dry rags. It will only increase the area of ​​the silicone film.For effective removal of silicone at the site can be applied:

  • Vinegar. This is in every house and apartment. It is better to stop the choice on a 70 percent solution of vinegar. In it we drop a clean cloth, which is then rubbed on the problem surface. After half an hour, wipe the composition with a dry cloth.
  • Alcohol solution. This may be ethyl or denatured alcohol. You can also use regular vodka. It perfectly cleans greasy traces, including silicone products. The application process is similar to the previous one. However, after processing, the surface can be wiped dry immediately, without waiting for 30 minutes.
  • Acetone. This is also an effective cleaner. But it is worth noting that it is not suitable for all plastic parts. There are frequent cases when motorists erased some of the paint from the decorative inserts in the cabin. Therefore, acetone can only be used to remove grease from metal surfaces or in places where it will not be noticeable.
silicone sprays for compactors
  • Means for washing windows. It also contains an alcohol solution, so it easily fights against fat deposits. After spraying the composition on the surface, wipe it dry with a clean rag.Plus of use that such means is completely safe for any kinds of furnish.


So, we found out what silicone sprays are. As you can see, this is a very useful thing for a motorist. With it, you will forget about what are frozen locks, doors and badly descending windows. Also, with the help of grease, you will save the factory appearance of tires during their long-term storage. This is especially true of the rubber that is in an unheated room. But for such purposes you only need to buy sprays. Hard silicone for the wheels is not suitable. The cost of silicone sprays is low, so every car owner can afford to buy such a tool.

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