Sights Valdai and surroundings

Valdai is a very old city in the Novgorod region, and, as a rule, the older the settlement, the more attractions it has. The first mention of the settlement falls on the end of the XV century, and only in 1770 it received city status. National Park, lakes, monasteries, temples, cathedrals, museums, monuments - in this town there is something to see! And if you are going to go to the Novgorod region, be sure to stop by in this amazing city to see all the sights of Valdai.

Valdai National Park

This is the main pride of the Novgorod region. In total, there are 2 reserves and 2 national parks on the Valdai Hills, one of which is called “Valday”. The lake-forest complex here is unique; in the 90s of the last century, it was decided to organize it, since it was necessary for the development of tourism.

There are a lot of various land animals, such as bears, foxes, wild boars, elks, hares, beavers, etc. A huge number of species of fish.And, finally, the species listed in the Red Book of Russia: Golden Eagle, Peregrine Falcon, Serpent Eagle, Black Stork, Eagle Owl, European Black-throated Loon.

Not poor and the world of flora. Arriving in this beautiful park, you can stroll and breathe the air, saturated with pine needles - ancient spruces and pines grow, or rather entire forests of them. There is a birch forest, ash trees, meadows and marshes. Also, the park is not deprived of the representatives of the flora listed in the Red Book of Russia, for example, coral-shaped blackberries, slippers, sword grass. Such sights of Valdai will be interesting to nature lovers.

Valdai National Park is under the control of UNESCO. Nevertheless, everybody who wishes can have a rest with beautiful, cleanest lakes, and no one will interfere with it. Enjoy the beauty of nature? A national park awaits you!

sights of ValdaiValdai Lake

Another natural attraction is the lake. It covers an area of ​​almost 2,000 hectares, and there are several large islands on it. Here, among the pristine nature, untouched by human hand, you can spend time in any season: in winter - skiing or ice-boats, and in summer - swim, sunbathe and even ride a catamaran (or horse). Tourism is also developed here, so almost everyone will be able to find something to their liking.A recreation center has been built near the lake for those who want to spend a few days in nature. The prices are relatively low, but the time spent on the Valdai Lake will be truly unforgettable!

sights of Valdai and its environsHoly Trinity Cathedral

The Holy Trinity Cathedral in Valdai was built a long time ago (it already existed in the 17th century), but the exact date is unknown. Previously, it was wooden, like all other churches in Russia. He survived many rebuildings, he was repeatedly closed, but in the end the cathedral not only remained active, but also attracted locals and tourists. Painted in pale pink color, this temple is very beautiful, majestic, despite the fact that he had to go through more than 200 years of existence. Going to see the sights of Valdai and the surrounding area, you should definitely look into the Cathedral of the Holy Trinity.

 history and sights of Valdai of the Novgorod regionIversky Monastery

Sights of Valdai are diverse, but the most important is the Iversky monastery. Originally it was also wooden. The construction of the monastery began in the summer of 1653. Gradually, it developed and grew, at different times there were workshops, a museum, a recreation center and a hospital. He also experienced closure, but was reopened.Only in 2004 it was completely restored, and today we see what the architects managed to achieve. Arriving at the Iversky Monastery, you can not only visit him, but also visit the Museum of the History of the Monastery and Russian Orthodoxy, located on its territory. The centuries-old history and sights of the city of Valdai of the Novgorod region allow you to plunge into a completely different world, briefly returning to ancient traditions and customs.

from Moscow to Valdai by car attractions

Bell Museum

Many travelers come to Valdai primarily for the Museum of Bells. He is the only one in Russia in which such a huge collection is collected, from large to small, from singing to speaking. Guides will show all kinds of bells Valdai, will tell legends, talk with you about their history, bring some interesting facts, show the skill of ringing. The building itself, in which the museum is located, is also shaped like a bell. Around him - a park area for recreation and children's games.

County Museum

While exploring the sights of Valdai and its environs, you should definitely visit the Museum of the county town. In this beautiful mansion, built in the XIX century, before that just was not, from the military presence to the noble guardianship.In short, the social life of the town was concentrated here. Visiting this institution, you can touch its history, look at how people used to live here, in this unique province.

The museum is filled with photos of people who have a particular attitude to the development of the city, some of the things from their homes, interior decorations, household items, postcards. A visit to this museum gives a unique opportunity to get acquainted with the county Valdai, to visit the past, where everything was simple and without any fuss.

Holy source "Treyunok"

On the territory of this source there is a chapel and fonts. Water “Tecunka” is saturated with silver ions, due to which it is considered healing, and there is even an opinion that it is possible to cure eye diseases. By visiting the source, you will be able to check on your own experience whether it is actually healing.

Manor Mountains

Previously, it was the most luxurious in Valdai. The Duke of Leuchtenberg bought it for 2 million rubles in the late 1800s. Located at the lake Borevno, it offers a stunning view of the reservoir and green spaces. Several manor buildings made of stone today are on the verge of destruction, in particular,because of the damage caused by him during the revolution, but meanwhile the view of the manor is fascinating, and especially its beautiful surroundings. Sights of Valdai, despite the destruction, retained their beauty and personality.

Manor Musin-Pushkin

This building, like the previous one, belongs to the monuments of Valdai’s architecture. In the photo of the 1930s, it is majestic, luxurious, huge, beautiful, which cannot be said about its current state - the estate is abandoned. However, the Church of the Holy Trinity was restored not long ago on its territory, and at the moment it is in operation. The territory is surrounded by a park, so it is very beautiful here, even despite the poor condition of the building. It, by the way, is on sale. Perhaps, someone will restore the historical structure.

sights of Valdai and its surroundingsThe sights of Valdai and its environs open the door to the past. Valdai is a city of great variety in Russia. But each of them stands out for something special, that is only in it. And Valdai is no exception. There are places for recreation, and for exploring the history, as well as beautiful nature and unique reserves. Not so far - a little less than 400 km - go from Moscow to Valdai by car. The sights of the city will help to forget about the everyday bustle, plunging into a completely different world.Great opportunity to have an interesting weekend!

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