Shaping - what is it and what is it for?

The fashion for a slim female body is increasingly forcing the fair sex to exhaust themselves with diets or hunger strikes, to get up on the scales every morning and measure waist volume. Needless to say, what a disappointment brings the lack of a "minus"? The article will discuss how to effectively tidy up the body, trying shaping. What is the essence of training and the difference from others? But the main thing - how effective is shaping?

shaping what is

Shaping - what is it and how does it work?

Over the past twenty years, shaping has become one of the most popular methods for weight loss and body shaping. At its core, it is an intensive gymnastics, aimed at working out individual parts of the body and the formation of beautiful outlines of a female figure (shaping was created for women). In the system of exercises, there are two types:

  • anabolic load, which helps build muscle;
  • catabolic stress, when emphasis is placed on weight loss.

The effect of training in shaping depends on the number of repetitions of the exercise for a particular muscle group until fatigue or burning appears in this area.


Origin of shaping

Although the name itself is foreign (translated from English means “formation”), the very approach to physical activity and the creation of a system of exercises belongs to domestic physiologists under the guidance of I. Prokhortsev. Back in the 80s of the last century, they noticed that many women in the pursuit of a slim figure go from exhausting diets to completely ineffective exercises. All the approaches of sports trainers existing at that time were not adapted to the peculiarities of the female body.

The lessons of shaping began after 9 types of female figure were singled out in a scientific way. Based on these parameters, we also created shaping models to which an individual woman can aspire. Thus, the shaping technology is designed to work with the individual physical characteristics of the figure of girls: to work out those parts of the body that need correction, with the right sports exercises.

shaping lessons

Fitness, aerobics or shaping: what to choose?

All these areas are a system of improvement and improvement of appearance. But in different degrees are directed on this or that effect.

So, aerobics is a set of exercises that more helps to raise the vitality of the body, eliminates the risk of disease and is included in the complex of procedures during rehabilitation. It is indicated for diseases of the nervous system, physical inactivity and its consequences, various stages of obesity, diseases of the heart and blood vessels. But for intensive weight loss, it is not as effective as other sports.

Fitness is aimed at the overall tightening of the body - uniform fat burning and endurance training of all muscles. At the same time, the body becomes more slender, but problem areas may remain insufficiently developed.

But in order to adjust a separate part of the body, and resorted to shaping. As mentioned, it is aimed at exploring those places that are "weak links". For example, a convex lower abdomen and fat accumulation on the sides with fairly slender hips and legs. In addition, shaping, like nothing else, helps to get rid of cellulite at different stages.

home shaping

Shaping with an instructor

What kind of training involves shaping, what is aerobic and anaerobic exercise, and how it is associated with the desired effect, will help to understand the specialist instructor in this area. It is up to him to ask for advice before starting home workouts.

The coach will help to assess the initial parameters, identify problem areas, calculate the percentage of body fat, which can be eliminated without harm to the body. This is necessary in order to choose from the variety of exercises precisely those that will correspond to the goals of a particular woman. After all, shaping has many directions:

  • Classic - for the correction of the figure for a certain type;
  • therapeutic - for people with obesity, osteochondrosis and other diseases;
  • "pro" - to improve posture and gait;
  • "Uni" - for children and teenagers;
  • shaping for those over 50.

Great importance in the classroom has food. The coach is able to help in the selection of products for those who have chosen shaping. What is proper nutrition for such workouts? This is a rejection of all your favorite sweets, baking and other products made from premium wheat flour, fatty and fried foods.The basis of the diet consists of fresh vegetables, unsweetened fruits, cereals, vegetable oils, herbs, nuts. As for proteins, it is not so simple. From them should be kept in the days of training on the catabolic type. A small amount of lean protein foods can be eaten on anabolic exercise days.

shaping at home

Shaping at home: preparation

When the principle of shaping became clear, the diagnostics of his own body was carried out and instructing was received on the technique of performing the exercises, you can begin to work at home. To do this, you need to acquire suitable clothing (a form made from natural fabrics with the addition of synthetics) that will allow air to pass through and stretch well, get small dumbbells and a mat.

Home shaping often begin to perform on video tutorials. But even in this case one should be attentive to one’s own state - watch the pulse (no more than 130 beats), do warm-up carefully (at least 10 minutes), do not forget about breathing (muscle relaxation - inhale, tension - exhale), during exercise drink water.

Homework: what to consider?

Shaping the house will be effective if during the exercise you feel the load in those muscle groups to which it is directed. If this does not happen, then the exercise is performed incorrectly and should be postponed so as not to be injured.

Training of one muscle group is carried out for at least 4 minutes - 2 at an intensive pace, 2 in slow or stretching. The total duration of training is about 60 minutes (again, taking into account personal endurance and physical fitness).

At home, often perform a set of exercises aimed at correcting:

  • upper body (shoulder girdle, arms, chest);
  • waist and press;
  • hips and buttocks;
  • lower legs (calf muscles and feet).

A separate group are exercises for the flexibility of joints and stretching. One workout involves working on a specific part of the body, such as the gluteus muscles, the inner and outer thighs.

house shaping

What is the result of classes?

Shaping classes give a number of positive results:

  • intensive fat burning;
  • the formation of a beautiful silhouette figures for the female type;
  • training of muscle mass and endurance;
  • losing weight loss;
  • development of joint flexibility;
  • stimulating the transport of oxygen in the body, improving the work of the cardiovascular system, the brain;
  • an increase in lung volume;
  • getting rid of cellulite;
  • getting rid of stress and improving mood.

In shaping, as in other systems of physical activity, it is difficult to achieve results without effective motivation. Here those methods that have the greatest impact on an individual person will do: be it the right music or a photo of a toned-up girl on the fridge. The main thing is to believe that with every movement you become better!

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